Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas

luxury gift for wedding

Luxury Wedding Gift Ideas

A wedding is one of the most memorable and exciting events in a person’s life. That is why it is very important to choose appropriately a luxury wedding gift. It is better to give something functional and original at the same time.

Luxury wedding gifts are a wonderful way to share your happiness with couples on their special day. Here below your will find an amazing selection of where

When choosing a luxury wedding gift, first of all you should think about comfort of the couple in their future house. It has to be a perfect mix of functionality and beauty that will satisfy all their demands.

It’s better to avoid any kind of essentials for their basic needs and opt for some interesting that can become a décor accent at their new home.

One of the options can be of course a vase. Whether you will prefer to choose some vase in crystal like the Eye vase from Baccarat collection or Lalique centrepiece bowl Champs-Elysees or again a porcelain vase Prestige Gala Le Bleu from Versace Maison, each of these options will be undoubtedly appreciated.

baccarat eye crystal vase white
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Eye Vase Rectangular White Small

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    Baccarat Eye Vase Rectangular White Small symbolizes excellence and exceptional beauty. Gift box included.

  • Prestige Gala

    Versace Prestige Gala Le Bleu Vase 26 cm by Rosenthal

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    The Versace “Prestige Gala Le Bleu” 26 cm Vase comes with a refined gift box.

    The flamboyant gold acanthus foliage and a gold Greek key twine around the delicately flared platinum and bright turquoise vase.
    The vase is a triumph of different shades of mat and brilliant golds.
    An oriental gold frieze frames a luxurious urn shaped vase and two imposing lions clinging from the mesmerizing and flowing drapery.
    The two black Medusa medallions inserted in the circular frieze add the iconic Versace touch to the Prestige Gala collection making the striking vase a unique gift.
    The collection is inspired by the iconic Versace print “Le Vase Baroque”.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Heritage Pontil crystal Vase

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    Baccarat crystal Héritage Pontil vase with red gift box.

    This round modern vase features a recessed concave circular cut in the clear crystal which creates an kinetic optical effect typical of the period. The vase is a tribute to the original Georges Chevalier’s design.

  • Lalique

    Lalique Champs-Elysees Clear Oval Bowl

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    This emblematic artwork was designed in 1951 by Marc Lalique.
    Clear crystal
    Dimensions: H 19 cm x L 46 cm x W 19 cm (H 7.48″ x L 18.11″ x W 7.48″)
    Weight: 7,50 kg (16.53 lbs)
    Handcrafted in France

A candleholder is another great option as a luxury wedding gift.

This romantic accessory can create a special solemn and mysterious atmosphere with its flickering and pendent lights.

Whether you prefer a crystal candlestick like the Mille Nuits double flame chandelier by Baccarat or Versace Medusa Rhapsody Candleholder, each of these lighting accessories can become an element of the décor that can give light, warmth and a real touch of grandeur to home ambiance.

saint louis tommy hurricane candle holder

A porcelain or crystal figurine can be another wonderful luxury wedding gift.

For example, porcelain figurines from the Spanish brand Lladro can become not only great decorations for home, but they convey as well a special message.

A large selection of stylistic solutions allows to find luxury wedding gift for absolutely every couple. It can be a sign of eternal love, family comfort or a symbol of a future motherhood.

Lladro figurines combine a very delicate work on the smallest details, a realistic image, and unexpected bold decisions. Spanish professionals have gone to great lengths to create and decorate these small pieces of art in a perfect manner.

lladro the mother figurine

The lighting is a great option as a luxury wedding gift as it seems to be created properly for an intimate atmosphere and home comfort.

Table lamps, ceiling chandeliers made of Murano glass or crystal, floor lamps of unique design will become a bright accent in the interior of the future home of the new couple, bringing an atmosphere of luxury and high style.

The variety of lighting design solutions opens up endless possibilities in the design of living space and will become the missing accent at their new home.

venini gio ponti chandelier 8 lights

The picture frame is an excellent luxury wedding gift. It became not only a décor accent but it conveys a hidden meaning inside. It brings back the pleasant emotions of past events in the people to whom it is given.

A variety of styles and many finishes allow you to choose a luxury wedding gift picture frame that best suits your lovely couple.

If you prefer crystal, an extraordinary play of light of the Eye frame in clear version from Baccarat will be the best option.

And if you like porcelain, then the captivating design of the Rosenthal Versace frame in finest white porcelain with its beautiful golden baroque elements create a fantastic visual effect, passing on a reflection of unforgettable memories.

baccarat milles nuit lamp

When thinking about luxury wedding gifts for couples, why don’t you opt for something useful but extraordinary even for their everyday life?

Taking into account that the gift should last a lifetime, choose from the great variety of cutlery.

Christofle Mood in silver-plated version will be a perfect luxury gift that will delight your couple.

Essential look and the style elegance will help to reach the perfect harmony.

Christofle Mood 24-piece silver plated flatware set is a flatware for sex people.

Smooth metal, the pureness of its regular lines and geometric shapes, its mirror shine won’t leave your happy couple apart. It will definitely become a glamorous luxury wedding gift.

christofle mood 24 silver plated flatware online

If you don’t want to give flatware, you can choose porcelain.

What could be better than a luxury wedding dinner set for two?

If you prefer something simple but elegant at the same time, then you’d better choose Balcon du Guadalquivir as a luxury wedding gift, an exceptional artistic fusion of Hermès.

If you prefer something more opulent, then opt for dinner set from Rosenthal meets Versace collections that will be not only wonderful but definitely useful luxury wedding gift.

Luxurious details, its style and elegance will help to delight even the most discerning audience. The décor harmoniously enriches Versace chic in every single detail.

hermes passifolia dinner set

If you decide to choose a set of crystal glasses, you should know that this gift is extremely beautiful and also very practical and useful.

The original and creative design of the glasses will please all the couples.

Elite glasses from the Baccarat brand at once attract anyone’s attention. Talented French craftsmen managed to create a real artwork of pure and amazing beauty.

Whether it will be a time-tested classics or original and modern shapes, each of them are perfect at any time of the day for the couple to enjoy their favourite drinks.

The set of crystal glasses is a perfect luxury wedding gift chosen with love and taste that will fully please any happy couple.

baccarat everyday les minis set in crystal

Another wonderful luxury wedding gift for a lovely couple can be a set for tee or coffee.

In this case you can opt for some exclusive sets in porcelain from the French brand Hermes or  Rosenthal meets Versace or in sterling silver from Puiforcat.

The bright shades of highly qualified porcelain are combined with the vibrant colors of the beautiful hand-painted motifs. A wide range of colors will give to a happy couple the right energy to pass their day.

The mix of simplicity and elegance make this important luxury wedding gift absolutely perfect, a real touch to the laconic perfection.

hermes mosaique platinum tea cups

Another excellent idea can be to give something unusual that you personally adore and that will add a special touch to dining routine of the groom and bride.

You can choose one of the proposes from  Puiforcat Granville new collection like the Salt and pepper Mill set made in sterling silver with walnut elements or maybe a sumptuous etagere from Prestige Gala collection.

A block of 5 knives from Berkel with a case in genuine leather can be another extraordinary and useful luxury wedding gift idea.

puiforcat granville collection

If you know for sure that a lovely couple is a great nature and animal lover, you can choose as a luxury wedding gift one of the accessories related to animals.

Original décor items and home accessories with animal images will certainly captivate their attention.

For instance, the crystal panther by Lalique or the one in porcelain proposed by Lladrò show the character of this amazing and graceful animal and will be perfect as a luxury wedding gift for all the animal lovers.

Or again, a outstanding lion in amber crystal from Daum or an owl mask from Lladro will surely delight your happy couple.

daum crystal lion amber
  • Daum

    Daum Crystal Sand Lion Amber Limited Edition

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    Limited Edition of 500 Pieces

    Daum Crystal Sand Lion Amber Limited Edition is an outstanding crystal creation perfect to become a colourful accent at your home.
    Gift box included.
    Size: 33 × 10 × 23 cm
    Weight: 5,5 kg

  • Lalique

    Lalique Zeila Panther Large Sculpture Black

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    Nimble and sensual, she approaches stealthily, preparing for her attack. Her slim silhouette is enhanced by powerful muscles covered with crystal fur sculpted by thousands of luminous spots. Designed by Marie-Claude Lalique, the Zeila Panther embodies the feline strength and grace.
    Black crystal
    Dimensions: H 4.33″ x L 14.37″ x W 2.95″ (H 11 cm x L 36,5 cm x W 7,5 cm)
    Weight: 5.73 lbs (2,60 kg)
    Handcrafted in France

  • Lladró

    Lladró Panther Figurine black matte

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    Lladró Panther Figurine black matte. Gift box included.
    Designer: Marco Antonio Noguerón
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 50 cm, Length 12 cm

    Matte porcelain sculpture by Pantera with a geometric approach, inspired by Japanese Origami art, which consists of shaping objects through continuous folding of paper. It has a black decoration with the unique touch of color in the eyes, but in a glossy finish.

  • Daum

    Daum Crystal Panther Black Limited Edition

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    Limited Edition of 1000 Pieces

    Daum Crystal Panther Black Limited Edition is an outstanding crystal creation perfect to become a colourful accent at your home.
    Gift box included.
    Size: 10 × 42 × 13 cm
    Weight: 4 kg

But what if the couple is a design maniac?

Even if it is not easy at all to find something for design lovers, especially if you don’t share the same interests, you can satisfy their demands by choosing one of the certain design proposals.

Of course, it’s better not to give a simple and banal present.

Therefore, your design gift should be not only original and aesthetically beautiful but also practical and functional.

For example, a Geopablo vase created by Jaime Hayon special for Bosa is one of that perfect luxury wedding gift proposals for design lovers.

bosa geopablo vase theatre hayon
  • Bosa

    Bosa Geopablo Vase Theatre Hayon

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    Bosa Geopablo Vase Theatre Hayon in ceramic is designed in glossy white glaze with black, green and lustrous gold precious details.

    Designed by famous artist and designer Jaime Hayon special for Bosa.

    Size: L 30 x H 31 cm ( L 11.81″ x H 12.20″)

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Zoo Elephant Sculpture

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    Baccarat Zoo Elephant Sculpture. Gift box included.

    Height 10.2 in
    Numbered Edition
    Designer JAIME HAYON

  • Lladró

    Lladró Tiger mask Fierce Portraits

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    Lladró Tiger Mask – Fierce Portraits
    Size: Height 38 cm, Width 30 cm, Length 23 cm
    Designer: José Luis Santes

    A piece of glazed porcelain, decorated with a bold design of black lines on a white background and details of golden luster. The mask is loaded with symbolism and expressive force and is perfect to give or decorate all kinds of environments.

  • Venini

    Venini Yemen Vase


    Venini Yemen mouth-blown and hand-crafted Murano glass Vase, gift-wrapped.
    1 pc – Ø 25 cm, h 30 cm (9.84″D – 11.81″H)

    Yemen is a vase designed by Ettore Sottsass for Venini. Hand blow glass. Different shapes reflect one in the other, like magical memories of distant lands. In “Yemen”, emotion takes precedence over function.
    Signed at base.
    Murano glass.
    Wipe clean with soft dry cloth.
    Made in Italy.

    The Venini Yemen Vase was designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1994, the Italian-Austrian artist whose storied career touched everything from furniture to typewriters.

    Sottsass sought inspiration during his numerous travels around the world. The photos would be of architecture, houses, doors, people and situations involving dwellings and, in more general terms, the presence of humans on the planet which he then transposed into his works of art.

    The Venini hand blow glass vase with its different geometric shapes, circular shaped body and triangular neck and base reflect one in the other, like magical memories of distant lands. In “Yemen” vase, emotion takes precedence over function. Sottsass’s glass masterpieces are always complex organisms, designed as if they were characters. The artist-architect shatters the technical boundaries of the objects using different materials, in this case glass, bringing them to life. They are beings made of many elements that create a lively yet imaginary world emphasized by quirky colours and childlike forms.

    The technique used is Opal overlapping transparent coral red, milk-white, black and light green colours to the Milk-white one. Perfect for indoor home decor as container or strong statement piece.

And if you are looking for a very special luxury wedding gift, unique and extraordinary, you can choose from a great variety of limited or numbered edition series.

For example, Venini Hourglass Clessidra in mint green and rose Murano glass or again Venini Four seasons together with Sommersi can be those luxury wedding gifts you were looking for.

Uniqueness combined to extraordinary design will add that extra value to your special luxury wedding gift and will leave your happy couple glad with the choice you made for them.

venini limited edition hourglass

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