Puiforcat 4 Piece Tea Coffee Set Phi Silver Plated with Tray


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Puiforcat 4 Piece Tea Coffee Set Phi Silver-plated with its perfect proportions is an exclusive sumptuous set that is able to accentuate with simplicity and supreme elegance any coffee and tea  ceremony.

The large tray is made entirely in american wallnut as well as the handles of Coffee Pot and Tea Pot.

Gift box included.

Designed by Normal Studio.


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This Puiforcat 4 Piece Tea Coffee Set Phi Silver-plated includes 1 each of:

  • Coffee Pot: H: 8 in (20,32 cm), Ø 6.1 in (15,494 cm), C.ty: 80 cl;
  • Tea Pot: H: 5,8 in (14,732 cm), Ø 7 in (17,78 cm), C.ty: 70 cl;
  • Creamer: H: 3,1 in (7,874 cm), Ø 2,2 in (5,588 cm), C.ty: 12 cl;
  • Sugar Pot: H: 2,7 in (6,858 cm), Ø 3,1 in (7,874 cm), C.ty: 16 cl;
  • Large Tray: L: 17,1 in (43,434 cm) H: 0,8 in (2,032 cm) , W: 7,3 in (18,542 cm).

The PHI collection is named for the letter of the Greek alphabet that represents the golden ratio – perfectly balanced proportions, a notion dear to Jean Puiforcat.

With its pure and fluid lines, the PHI tea pot is made from silver-plated brass fashioned and assembled by hand in Puiforcat’s workshops, while the finial & handle are crafted in American walnut. The piece also features a strainer at the base of the spout to filter the beverage while pouring.