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Luxury Brands

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Hermès wants to romance its followers through an aura of uniqueness and exclusivity with ultra-premium luxury porcelain products lulled by a strong sense of allure and by the distinctive mark of magic craftsmanship.

Hermès is a human experience enabling you to reconnect to your humanity while capturing the presence of the artist who crafted the object, yet at the same time feeling pleasure through the awaking of the senses the masterpiece kindles.

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faberge turquoise clover egg pendant surprise locket


Fabergé is the world’s most iconic artist jeweller that creates extraordinary artworks, timepieces and objets d’art, as well as bespoke commissions for a discerning international clientele.

Founded in 1842, Fabergé has been the most revered name in jewellery ever since Peter Carl Fabergé became official goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court; the house created exquisite jewels and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious Imperial Easter Eggs.

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Baccarat Crystal

The city of Baccarat gave its name to the crystal that has been manufactured there since 1764. This marvelous crystal has conquered over time the major European and world courts, having its affirmation with the French court of Louis XVIII.

Immediately afterwards he managed to establish himself as incomparable up to the Ottoman Empire, passing through Russia, India, Japan and the Arab countries.

christofle mood


Founded in 1830, Christofle is the most renowned name in French flatware.  Whether contemporary or classic, whether its contours are rounded or architectural,  Christofle flatware is a luxury lifestyle brand manufactured to exacting standards.

Every piece of Christofle silverware, produced at its workshops in Yainville in Normandy, must pass through 52 people, an impressive process known as “100 hands.”

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new daum sweet garden vase


Discover Daum Crystal with almost a century and a half of the history, a true chronicle of the evolution of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics of several eras.

The innovative style of the brand defined fashion in the crystal world for a whole century and made a tangible contribution to the history of all art of the XX century.

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herend apponyi pink


For two centuries, Herend porcelain creations have been exclusively hand-painted by more than 800 painters, using more than 1000 colours and around 400 different types of decorations, thus showing a remarkable artistic ability.

They have come to symbolize beauty, elegance, style and they have become part of Europe’s Cultural Heritage.

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lalique crystal vase mustang


Lalique crystal has written history since its foundation with its vases and their sensuous curves which always bear a filigree flower. These items are inimitable icons. Some moulds need up to nine months before they are ready and in some cases can only be used once.

Consequently, it is not surprising that only the best masters work in this area of the manufacturing process. It is no wonder that many of the designs can now be found in well-known museums.

logo lladro
lladro owl mask


It isn’t easy to find home decor pieces that are of quality and exude a grandeur of modern design. Every day the luxe living became more important and people are starting to look for art pieces to be displayed in their home.

To find luxury sculptural pieces that fill up a space people turn to Lladró as their sculptural pieces can be easily incorporated into different interior design styles.

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puiforcat phi collection


Puiforcat is a legendary french brand, a real silversmith haute couture that surprises even the most demanding enthusiasts.

Puiforcat silverware became famous not only for its high quality and professional methods of metal processing but especially for its unique style and traditions that have been passed down through many generations.

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saint louis new lamp folia hermes

Saint Louis

Founded in 1586, the manufacture of Saint Louis crystal gave birth to an entire village built and developed around its glass guilds.

In 1767, the highly regarded manufacturers were bestowed with royal warrants and with the name of Verrerie Royale de Saint-Louis, by Louis XV, for the exceptional quality of their glasswork.

logo venini
venini winter collection


Venini is the best of Made in Italy. Venini vases has charmed the lovers of glass art worlwide for more than hundred years. Venini vases stand out for their unique design, dominated by essential lines combining artisanal manufacturing techniques and innovation.

A number of well-known architects and designers have signed for the brand a variety of items that are still imitated all over the world.

logo versace
versace medusa vase black and silver


Twenty-five years ago, Italian fashion powerhouse Versace decided to look beyond what one wore, to how one lived through objects that would give one’s personal space its intangible, iconic aesthetic design.

Gianni Versace began with a line of home textiles and followed it up with a range of fine porcelain dinner sets that resulted from a long-term collaboration with German chinaware maker Rosenthal. Beauty and perfection of the highest standards, Rosenthal signifies nothing more and nothing less.

We are resellers of the best international luxury brands: Baccarat, Saint Louis, Fabergé, Rosenthal, Versace, Hermes, Herend, Venini, Christofle, Puiforcat, Lladrò, Buccellati, Daum, Lalique, Bernardaud … Choose the company that best represents you. Each has a particular charm, sublime details for unique and original styles. All our brands tell a timeless story and represent a strong and unparalleled identity. What are our brands? Discover them all on our site and look for the one you feel most similar to your style!

Romantic like Herend or passionate like Versace? Strong like Baccarat or extrovert like Lladrò? Every single name communicates something of itself to the world, through colors, shapes, decorations, designs and artistic inspirations. A continuous dialogue between patterns, geometric lines and details carefully executed by the greatest artisan masters. Handmade and ancient techniques that have evolved over time, optimizing production times but without neglecting anything. The name is not just a brand or a logo, but it is the mirror of what lives behind a collection, a company, a historic family. Knowing him closely means moving forward in a path of tradition, of feelings and emotions lived over the centuries. This is why we recognize ourselves in an object, because behind the material characteristics of a creation there are all the positive impressions born from the stories of these parent company.

Choose a special object for yourself, to admire live what defines us. Or, even better, choose a precious gift to be delivered into the hands of the person we love, whom we particularly care about. So as to seal a love, a friendship, an relation. But also to impress the memory of a special occasion on something that lasts forever. Feelings that find shape in unique and exclusive gifts.

It will be a surprise to find out which Brand approaches your personality, to communicate who you are to the world …