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Join Scopelliti 1887 and discover all the news about our luxury products and new arrivals. Let yourself be surprised by many exclusive brands and collections. Scopelliti 1887 offers the opportunity to choose from many styles: from the most classic to the most modern and imaginative. So much design and luxury for you!

New Versace Cutlery Me-Deco

The new Versace Me-Deco cutlery is an absolute novelty from the brand. Luxury, functionality, sophistication and contemporary design reflect the essence of this stunning collection.

The series was released in two super elegant versions: stainless steel base with silver plated coating or 24K gold plated gilding.

The assortment of this collection includes the essentials for everyday use: a table fork, a table spoon, a table knife, a tea or coffee spoon and a dessert fork.

For a luxurious look, the item handles are lacquered in an extremely shiny black colour. The cutlery is embellished with a meander band and a model of the iconic Medusa on the handle.

versace cutlery set me deco new

Latest Additions

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New Versace Barocco Tableware

The brand new Barocco collection by Versace is a celebration of brand’s heritage. The  tableware series draws its inspiration from the ready-to-wear collection with the hystoric Baroque pattern and reinterprets the iconic acanthus leaf motifs this time in tone-on-tone colours.

The whole collection stands out for its spectacular design and the central Versace ’90s Vintage logo in pastel shades: pale pink, haze, and teal colours.

Treat yourself or give the gift of a precious object for your home, with refined and timeless elegance.

versace barocco collection new
  • Versace

    Versace Square Tray 12 cm Barocco Teal

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    Versace Square Tray 12 cm Barocco Teal in finest porcelain adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any space, a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

    Gift box included.

    Size: 11,30 cm (4 1/2 inch)

  • Versace

    Versace Tray 18 cm Barocco Haze

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    Enhance your experience with the Versace rectangular tray . Don’t miss out on this exquisite piece – order now and elevate your home experience. Versace Tray 18 cm Barocco Haze in finest porcelain adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any space, a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Small porcelain plate from the Barocco collection with a reinterpretation of the iconic acanthus leaves in tone-on-tone colours. The design makes it perfect as a decorative accessory to display on an entryway or coffee table. Gift box included. Size: 18 x 13 cm

  • Versace

    Versace Square Tray 12 cm Barocco Rose

    Use coupon code: GIFTforYOU

    Versace Square Tray 12 cm Barocco Rose in finest porcelain adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any space, a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

    Gift box included.

    Size: 11,30 cm (4 1/2 inch)

  • Versace

    Versace Square Tray 22 cm Barocco Haze

    Use coupon code: GIFTforYOU

    Versace Square Tray 22 cm Barocco Haze in finest porcelain adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any space, a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Gift box included. Size: 21,60 cm (8 1/2 inch)

New Oriente Italiano Gold Rubrum

Fine Italian porcelain, precious decoration in hand-painted pure gold that stands out on the deep and intense red, enveloping lines that recall the classicism of Ginori 1735’s creations.

The Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Rubrum collection crafted from stunning porcelain in deep red tones and pure gold accents, creates a rich and vibrant picture reminiscent of an opulent garden in full bloom.

ginori rubrum oriente italiano difusser holder vase

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New Oriente Italiano Gold Aurum

The Ginori Oriente Italiano Aurum collection introduces a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Adorned with Aurum decoration in pure gold, this tableware ensemble creates a lush and colorful tableau reminiscent of an exotic garden in full bloom.

It exudes an exuberant and uncommon charm, evoking the spirit of a vibrant party on a sunlit lawn.

ginori oriente italiano aurum collection

New Lladró Hypnotic Collection Lover’s Eyes

The Lover’s Eyes collection is inspired by this fascinating tradition, bringing into the 21st century a series of functional objects that seem to look back at us. This collection is featuring an eye etched in vivid detail on the porcelain.

It is decorated in a combination of intense Saxony blue and golden luster on white porcelain.

lladro lovers eyes vase

New Baccarat Crystal Tumblers Colours of Joy

Baccarat Harmonie Collection is one of the most outstanding series ever created by the brand. The parallel lines and precised cut of the crystal help to better admire the beauty and the transparancy of each object from this collection.

This year Baccarat brand decided to extend the series introducing an absolute novelty in multicoloured shades.

The emblematic set of two tumblers Harmonie were released in four different colours: a deep orange, luminous red, emerald green and radiant moss.

New Jaime Hayon Mask Collection Tribu

Among the novelties of 2023 Bosa exhibits TRIBU designed by famous artist and designer Jaime Hayon.

All the masks are characterised by fantastic shapes in ceramic with addition of colorful details.

The  new masks design reveal the folkloric and surreal inspiration of this outstanding collection.

bosa tribu jaime hayon wall mask

New Venini Murano Glass Vases Collection

This year Venini amazes its enthusiasts with the bright new Magenta pink colour. Outstanding combination of craftsmanship and the brightness of Murano glass makes this creations become a perfect addition to any home interior.

  • Monofiore

    NEW Venini Monofiore Balloton Vase Medium Pink Magenta

    Original price was: 470,00€.Current price is: 400,00€.

    Venini Monofiore Balloton Vase Medium Magenta Pink NEW in mouth-blown Murano glass is an absolute Venini Novelty of 2023. It is executed with the “balloton” technique that features a graduated diamond-pattern in new magenta pink colour glass. Gift box included.

    Size: Ø 18 cm, H 20,5 cm (7″D – 8″H)

    New Collection 2023.

    Designed by Paolo Venini. Signed at base. Murano glass. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth. Made in Italy.

  • Same day shipping

    Venini Veronese Magenta Vase Limited Edition

    Original price was: 2.250,00€.Current price is: 1.913,00€.
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    Venini Veronese Magenta Vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted Murano glass. Limited edition only 99 pieces.

    Gift box included.


New Baccarat Collection

Baccarat brand continues to amaze with its new products even the most sophisticated of its admirers.

Harcourt Talleyrand is an outstanding collection born from the alliance of the powerful Harcourt lines with the lightness of Talleyrand, enriched by new icons reinterpreted by Philippe Starck.

new baccarat coffee set

New Daum Collection

Florida’s resplendent vegetation inspires Emilio Robba who draws on the city’s vibrant green and brings the various pieces of the collection to life. Gold is delicately hand adjusted on one of the vases, requiring almost four hours of gilding per piece, for an exceptional rendering.

The designer presents a new collection, and further enhances his eternal vegetal signature.

daum centerpiece palm beach

Swarovski Signum Tableware

The Swarovski Signum Collection tableware is made in collaboration with Rosenthal, a world-renowned porcelain craftsman.

Swarovski Signum is a fusion of porcelain and crystal, imagined in a range of moreish candy colors – green, pink, yellow, and blue – that deliver pure joy and celebrate the art of setting the table.

swarovski tableware collection

Fabergé Jewels

Fabergé jewels are timeless. Worn today by women of all ages around the world, each of these artworks captures the spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé and creates a legacy for future generations.

Fabergé egg pendants encapsulate the iconic symbol of the brand in a contemporary way. Handcrafted from 18k gold, these pendants are set with colourful gemstones, diamonds and guilloche enamel like in Heritage collection.

faberge jewels

New Hermès tableware – Soleil d’Hermès

What does the new 2022 Hermès “Soleil d’Hermès” tableware look like? It is as if the sun explodes into a thousand pieces, then melts and wraps itself around the range of Soleil d’Hermès tableware by Hermès, inspired by the blinding yellow of our brightest star.

If you have any special requests or require further information about New Hermès tableware collection “Soleil d’Hermès”, Scopelliti 1887 staff will be pleased to assist and advise you.

Call us or send WhatsApp on +39 391 345 6441 or send an email at  and let us know what we can help you with.

hermes soleil

New Christofle Mood Asia

Christofle Mood Asia 24-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Capsule is an absolute novelty 2022 dedicated to Asia gastronomy.

Christofle Mood Asia is a complete set for 6 people and consists of 6 chopsticks + 6 chopstick rests + 6 dessert forks + 6 soup/dessert spoons.

christofle mood asia flatware

Il viaggio di Nettuno – Neptune’s  Voyage by Ginori 1735

Neptune’s Voyage tableware collection, inspired by Luke Edward Hall’s love for Greco-Roman mythology, and in particular Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and his wife Salacia, features an unconventional vision of the art of the table, a dialogue between classic and modern.

The designs of the gods decorate plates, mugs, cups and vases with bold and unexpected colors that infuse strong personality to the tableware. With the Nepute’s Voyage (in italian: Il Viaggio di Nettuno) collection, Ginori 1735 reinterprets the table in a modern way with objects with a unique design that are real artistic installations.

ginori viaggio di nettuno mugs

Venini & Versace Limited Edition

Versace and Venini: their partnership started in 1997 with the delicacy of a blown glass vase and the allure of the Versace label, now reproposed in 2021 with three works of the V.V.V. collection enriched by the Maison Versace’s iconic transparent glass and gold leaf “Medusa”. Discover more about this amazing limited edition!

venini versace vases

New Versace Medusa Amplified Collection

New Versace Medusa Amplified is an amazing brand new collection released by Versace brand. The mainline of the whole collection is of course a tribute to the iconic head of Medusa, the major symbol of the talented Gianni Versace.

new versace vase orange
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