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Venini Monofiore Vases

Venini Vases | 1970
Venini Monofiore Vases are the result of the blown glass that is worked by hand with the traditional balloton glassmaking technique in which a metal mold is employed to achieve an effect in crossed relief.

“It looks soft, but it’s not; it’s glass. The optical illusion of Venini Monofiore Vases lies in its name: Balloton, a special technique that lends a unique matelassé effect to the surface. The piece is handcrafted using traditional metal molds and adorned with a hot-applied line in contrasting colours on the top of the narrow neck, for a finishing touch that makes a difference.”

What makes Venini glass so special are the many colours with which the Venetian glass manufacturer produces its high-quality Murano glass. Achieving the superior colouring of Murano glass, demands the utmost precision of the Venini glass blowers when putting together the various constituents. These traditional techniques of glass manufacture represent a skill no longer learned by many glass blowers today.

Choosing Venini is an unforgettable experience.
Venini glass inspires emotions, revives memories and puts you in touch with your innermost desires. It brings your dreams to life and creates lasting moments of passion and magic.