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Our store stands only a stone throw away from the childhood home of the world famous designer Gianni Versace.
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Versace Tableware Collections

Discover all Versace patterns for table setting and home arrangments.

Versace Crystalware & Homeware

Virtus Gala

Virtus Gala Versace dinnerware is one of the latest creations of Versace. Its design shows typical Versace luxurious style and splendour. The plates as well as all pieces from collection have golden arabesque ornaments that emphasize the finest porcelain in black, white or red colour.

versace new tableware 2022 virtus gala

Versace Medusa

Medusa – Ikarus, one of the first dinnerware collections of “Rosenthal meets Versace”, launched in 1993, mirrors the matchless rich, colour intensive world of Versace. The emblematic Versace pattern featuring the glorious gold coloured central Medusa head has a new contemporary look. The new form lends excitement to this classic pattern.

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Medusa Blue

Gianni Versace chose this Greek mythological figure as his luxurious logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back. He hoped his Maison would have the same seductive effect on people. The pulsating brilliance of the lively royal blue, the elegance of the black and the magnificence of the gold: a colour spectrum which dominates the extremely elegant and modern tableware collection and enshrines the sumptuous golden Medusa emblem in a deep blue sea.

versace medusa blu

I love Baroque

The charm of glamorous past epochs blends with the opulent Baroque print, urns, laurels and ornaments and the modern colours like mat black, red and accents of gold. The wonderful Medusa head icon is queen of the collection enshrined by neoclassic designs. According to ancient myths Medusa was one of the three Gorgons which in Greek mythology were sea monsters with gold wings, snakes for hair, and turned anyone who looked directly at them to stone.

versace i love baroque tableware

Versace Medusa Amplified

New pattern 2022, Medusa Amplified is an explosion of colors. The colorful clothing collection was transported in porcelain with a glamorous and tempting result. The Medusa head in 4 bright colors, an incredible play of pink, green, blue and orange, a feast for the eyes and supremacy of pomp.

versace medusa amplified vases

Versace Medusa Lumiere

The Medusa Lumiere collection plays with elegance, sophistication and simplicity. The brilliance and the timeless look, together with the satin finish of the Medusa emblem embellishes the articles of this line enhanced by a glamour which is typical of the Versace style. The high quality crystal glasses are subtly pervious to light, harmonising both with each other as well as with all other sets in the current “Rosenthal meets Versace” collection.

versace medusa lumiere tumblers

Le Jardin de Versace

Le Jardin de Versace is an enchanting fairy tale garden, a romantic porcelain dream in soft pastel shades and an opulent diversity of blossoms, berries, ladybirds and butterflies that delicately rest on the golden intertwined branches. Recollection of the sumptuous gardens in Louis XVI style, the delicate turquoise and deep red, lots of gold, different shades of blue and green all lend the pattern a lightness of being that evokes springtime joyful feelings perfectly.

versace le jardin de versace italian designer tableware set

Medusa Gala

The baroque aesthetics and the Versace’s luxurious richness of the Medusa Gala decòr enriches even further the glamorous Rosenthal Versace collections dedicated to the mythological creature. The Medusa becomes extremely elegant and refined against the dazzling white porcelain background enveloped by the gilded filigree and intricate baroque ornaments.

versace medusa gala tableware collection

Versace and Rosenthal Story

Twenty-five years ago, Italian fashion powerhouse Versace decided to look beyond what one wore, to how one lived through objects that would give one’s personal space its intangible, iconic aesthetic design. Gianni Versace began with a line of home textiles and followed it up with a range of fine porcelain dinner sets that resulted from a long-term collaboration with German chinaware maker Rosenthal.

Beauty and perfection of the highest standards, Rosenthal signifies nothing more and nothing less. The name itself epitomizes contemporary design and art in both porcelain and glass. Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle and a special aesthetic feeling.

A sense of tradition coupled with the avant-garde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading porcelain company. Experience gathered over 130 years of company history.

Versace and Rosenthal, a Sublime Luxury for Your Home

Hence Versace and Rosenthal, two brands synonymous of excellence and high quality blend together creating sublime luxury. Rosenthal, icon of German tradition and innovation, has an international reputation for fine and simple craftsmanship.

Versace, the extravagant Italian Fashion House, has its own world famous and glamorous style where it brings together the historical and the ultra-modern, to arrive at timeless yet totally contemporary designs.

Together they have developed elegant, refined and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration derives from different historical periods and cultures.