Luxury Gift for Him

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Luxury Gift for Him

Sometimes, especially if you want to find the best luxury gift for him, you just have to splurge to get him something he doesn’t already own.

Luxury is owning something that few other people do. It’s being able to show off style and taste, and most importantly, exclusivity.
We’ll guide you through the upper echelons of the price spectrum, though. Whether your idea of luxury floats in the sub € 300 range or inflates itself into the many of thousands, these are 10 ultra-luxe, ultra-unique gift ideas for men that’ll be sure to go over as successes.

We hope that with this guide it will be easier for you to find perfectly fitted luxury gift for him.

Best Gifts for the Man Who Appreciates Real Luxury

Art in a Crystal Glass

The collections of crystal glasses the Baccarat offers are the perfect gift for the man who cares about his drink as much as he cares about the glass it is served in.
Collections like the “four elements” bring a modern and symbolic look to an ancient tradition of crystal glass making.
This collection is the perfect addition to any man cave.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat 4 Eléments crystal Tumblers Set


    Baccarat crystal 4 Elements tumblers set with gift box.
    Size: Height 10,5 cm, Ø 8,2 cm, cont 35 cl

    The Set-of-Four Element Crystal Glasses by Baccarat is rendered in expertly hand-sculptured crystal and features four cocktail tumblers as served exclusively at the Baccarat Hotel in New York.

Limited Edition 99 pieces

This splendid hourglass is fashioned of mouth-blown glass using the “incalmo” technique, where two elements in a sophisticated color combination are joined together while the glass is still hot. Unique gift, italian Murano glass, limited edition.

Majestic Panther Figurine

Luxury gift for him with a wildlife edge. This desk accessory, made by stunning Baccarat crystal, is the only one he needs.

  • Aero

    Pininfarina Aero Stylus Aluminium/Blue


    Pininfarina Aero Blue Inkless Pen Desk Set. Gift box included.

    Design meets technology, tradition and innovation to give birth to Pininfarina Aero. Silverpoint’s modern heir, an innovative metal alloy that “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but precise like ink.

Pininfarina Gift for him

A thoughtful gift for men who enjoy fine objects. Silverpoint’s modern heir, an innovative metal alloy that “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but precise like ink.

Luxury Hermes Vide-poche

Hermes Cheval d’Orient marvelous change tray. Printed Limoges Porcelain accented with three different colored Horses. Rich color and print combination creates a perfect accent piece for his desk. Protected by velvet goatskin on the base. Wonderful luxury gift that he will really appreciate.

If he feels powerful…

An exceptional piece designed by Allison Hawkes and inspired by French history. The legendary horse and favourite mount of Napoleon Bonaparte takes its name from the battle of Marengo and the Emperor’s famous victory. Given new interpretation in midnight crystal by Baccarat, the rearing animal is sculpted in an impressive posture.

Philippe Starck Candleholder

Designed by Philippe Starck, the all-crystal « Our Fire » candleholder, inspired by the celebrated Harcourt set, has become one of Baccarat’s iconic creations. The flickering candlelight is made even more magnificent filtered through the crystal luminescence. Each candlestick has the Baccarat by Starck signature imprinted on it.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Everyday Set of six crystal Tumbler


    Baccarat set of six crystal tumbler Everyday with red gift box.

    Baccarat’s ‘Everyday’ tumbler set is a melding of glittered elegance and avant-garde design with its streamlined detail and modern silhouette. It includes six different tumbler glasses, all crafted with individual patterns for an unparalleled drinking experience.

Luxury Whisky Tumblers

If he loves the smoothness of each sip of whisky and that gentle burning… What brand of whiskey he drinks is only part of the experience; where he sips his favorite drink from is almost as important. A drop of whisky becomes even more of a pleasure from the right whisky glass. Try with a stunning Baccarat set of six crystal tumblers and he will thanks you forever.

Lamborghini Lamp

Lamborghini lamp is the expression of uniqueness coming from tradition and modernity. The result is a harmonious article that exhibits bold, aerodynamic and exquisitely refined style; it is the perfect interpretation of contemporary luxury.

Designer Gift

Baccarat designer’s collections are just the perfect gifts to show a man his importance in your life.
In many countries, the greyhound is a symbol of blessing and luck. In general, dogs are synonymous of honesty, reliability and devotion.
Amongst all the creations he has designed for Baccarat, Robert Rigot remains true to the animal theme developed with his first bronze sculptures. He imagines pieces in smooth and uncluttered forms like his Dog and Cat.