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Lladró porcelain

The Lladro creative team started out by adapting styles from past eras, but it was not long before certain characteristics appeared that would soon shape what was to become the unique Lladro style. Lladro is famous for changing Life into Art.

Hence collecting Lladro porcelain figurines is a culture, it is a way and style of life. You start, and you won’t be able to stop it. The family and motherhood collection are stunning keepsake gifts for ladies of all ages. A true celebration of  women’s glorious role as bearers of life  and guardians of  future generations.

The exquisite hard paste porcelain figurines in mat or glazed finish with their silent language of forms and shades speak of the sweetest emotions related to the essence of family life where the pillars are reverence, guardian care, contentment and unconditional and deep love.
The emotional impact a Lladro porcelain figurine inspires is overwhelming and Motherhood statues are among the most representative with their tender expressive facial features and gestures. The bond between a mother and her yet to be born child, her new-born baby or her playful off-springs is portrayed in delicate and mesmerizing details.

Lladró is also light. These lamp designs offer the warm, evocative glow of light filtering through porcelain.The unique quality of light filtered through porcelain is coupled with its decorative wealth. Perfect for reading at night, for studying or long chats with family and friends. Lamps that lend warmth to the home.
Intimate light sources emitting a soft glow and featuring contemporary designs. The refinement and romanticism takes on a decorative and functional format that stimulates the senses.