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“Hermès porcelain is a touch of poetry and luxurious happiness to your iconic table settings which will capture the heart and eyes of your guests.”
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Hermes porcelain combines a variety of enchanting styles. Minimalistic contemporary design, modern sophistication, threads of equestrian and saddle motifs, shades of Greek classicism, flavours of faraway Asian culture, Spanish flowering curves and stunning wild life run through its iconic patterns. The latest Hermès tableware is Soleil d’Hermès which seems to light up your table as only the Mediterranean sun does.

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Soleil d’Hermes

Soleil d’Hermes is a brand new tableware released by Hermes in 2022 that is fully inspired by the sun and its amazing sunshine. It conveys us into the warmth of summer, under a Mediterranean sun with its intense blazing lights that transform the outlines of architecture and objects.

The spontaneous nature of Soleil design elevates yellow in subtle shades that give the color strength and depth. The fine line of the contours and cross-hatching reinforces the intensity of the sun.The Soleil d’Hermès tableware deploys a graphic illusion focused on radiating light, curves, and abstraction to create a kaleidoscope of shapes and rhythms. Soleil d’Hermès is a true ode to summer and cheerfulness.

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Passifolia Hermes Porcelain

Paris, January 2020.
If you’re looking to add more greens to your table, Hermès has just released a new dinnerware collection inspired by the Garden of Eden. Realized on thin Limoges porcelain, the range promises to turn your table setting into an edible landscape, where fruits and leaves are consumed from unfurling fronds, ferns, and flowers. A true ode to the beauty of flora, Passifolia is the fruit of an artisanal adventure and an exploration of innovative know-how. Plates, platters and cups spread out across the table and form landscapes that invite contemplation.

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Cheval d’Orient

This iconic Limonge Hermes porcelain dinnerware with its plates, bowls, tumblers, tea and coffee sets and serving plates is richly evocative of the rich textiles of the 15th century Persian Art resulting in a ceremonial pattern worth of an emperor. The joyful horses, draped in striking bright and pure colourings, gallop and fly with no wings in all their glory against the iridescent background which alternates white bare landscapes with multi coloured gilded hills.
Your guest will be stunned with Cheval d’Orient porcelain tableware! They will be follen in love with its level of details and the extremely vivid array of colours present along the rims of each porcelain piece where the artist has managed to capture, through fine lines of hand painted and burnished gold and striped designs, the remarkable animation in the scenes. The majestic Arabian horses according to the typical Persian style are depicted sideways, individually or as part of a cavalcade, hence giving prominence to these fiery creatures unique features like the high tails, the large eyes, the short backs and arched necks. The superiority of this breed and its endurance perfectly reflects the characteristic of this refined tableware which will embellish your table settings for decades to come.

hermes porcelain cheval dorient

Balcons du Guadalquivir

This gorgeous red collection captures the moment of the beautiful wrought iron Spanish balconies overlooking the Gualdalquivir river in the sun drenched Andelusia region. The visual strength of the bold graphics in a vibrant rich red colour combined to the more classic arabesque flowering curves against the sparkling white background brings to your noble table the perfect interplay of the lace and thin ribbon- like patterns of the balconies and the fiery energy of the Great River. The Hermes porcelain collection Balcon du Guadalquivir offers a variety of porcelain pieces but regardless the shape the effect is always wonderful.
The ardent impetuous arising from the flaming square and round plates, oval and rectangular platters, rectangular trays, ashtrays and vide-poche, covered vegetable tureens and coffee mugs will journey your guests back to the heart of the remarkable miradores where they will be seized by the scents of jasmine and orange blossom and by the variety of colours which fill the streets to the rhythm of flamenco music.

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Carnets d’Equateur

Hermes porcelain tableware collection with an exceptional exotic flair which depicts a spectrum of majestic fierce yet fragile animals in the wild, sometimes playful and affectionate other times stalking their pray through the jungle. A return to an earthly paradise made possible by the sketches of the wildlife artist and naturalist Robert Dallet who started his longstanding collaboration with the French brand back in 1985.
Traveling across the globe he was able to study the animal kingdom and approach the animal illustration with scientific precision expressing his markedly boundless admiration for the beauty of the big cats which according to the artist were Nature’s greatest success. The depth of Carnets d’Équateur porcelain set conveys a profound empathy for the harmonious and fabulous animal kingdom with a desire to capture and preserve its soul on a refined table top.
The extensive tableware ranging from butter to presentation plates, bowls, tea sets and vases brings to life on the white porcelain canvas the stunning black and white sketches portraying the wild cats together with an array of other wild creatures some well-known like jaguars, lions, tigers, elephants and toucans and others more unique like the Mazama, the capuchin monkey and the woolly monkey.
The final result is a tableware which offers a warm and cool composition through the perfect combination of all Robert Dallet’s techniques stemming from charcoal, pencil, or ink wash to colouring in gauche which render vibrant each detail of the grey-blue foliage and of the feathers and fur crafted on the celadon porcelain and trimmed with 24 carat matt gold.
Your guests will relish looking into the creatures eyes, whether golden or cool blue, and perceive they are truly lifelike hence consolidating Dallet’s dream made possible by Hermès to endow with immortality this world he melancholily cared for and wanted to safeguard from the blindness and cruelty of man.

hermes porcelain carnets

Mosaique au 24 Gold

Hypnotic and tantalizing Mosaique au 24 Gold Hermes porcelain dinnerware is the brand’s calling card, a true homage to the ochre and gold scheme of the original store in Paris at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré and specifically to the sandstone floor mosaic at the heart of the boutique which dates back to 1926. The painstaking combination of minute geometric Greek mosaics and friezes, in shades of grey and ochre splashed with touches of brilliant gold, create striking patterns which rim each item of the table setting and lime lighting in a majestic yet natural way the house’s signature emblem, namely the open drawn royal carriage and the silhouette of its standing driver with his elegant top hat.

A traditional  five piece setting combination including a Dinner Plate, Dessert Plate, Bread and Butter Plate and Tea Cup Service will bring to your table the rich history and culture of great ancient civilizations interlocked to sophisticated Art Deco design and will attain a stunning effect. Indeed the collection offers luxury in every use and shape given that even the simplest of objects whether it be a Coffee Mug, a Small Box or a Creamer are elegantly enhanced to a higher level through the wonderful woven effect of the detailed mosaics.

hermes 5 piece place setting mosaique au 24 gold

Mosaique au 24 Platinum

The mosaic carpet, with its shiny and matt minute tesserae, reproduces throughout the luxury tableware collection the Greek motifs and evokes the rippling fluid movement of shimmering water and waves. The matt grey tones, enhanced by the platinum touch, play with the light on each table piece and seem to vibrate as one, encapsulating the stylized full Hermès porcelain emblem, the Duc carriage and the silhouette of its waiting groom with his elegant hat. This signature, which recalls the drawing done by the painter Alfred de Dreux “Le Duc Attelé”, resonates today at the heart of this dinnerware collection as an expression, not only of the brand’s great affection to the equestrian universe and to its humble origins as a saddler, but also of its heritage as a whole, lavishing your table top with classical sophistication.

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H-Deco Hermes Porcelain

Tableware which evokes the wrought iron friezes inside the original Hermès flagship store in Paris at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Each individual piece reproduces with pulsating black and white drama the bold and striking iron work present throughout the store but in particular in the grills that enclose the majestic lift, the entrance doorway, the handrails and bannisters. The designs create black and white spirals that gradually enclose the double entwined H initials at the core of each porcelain table piece. The double H monogram represents three crucial concepts: the Hermès Logo, the emblematic motifs inside the Rue de Faubourg store and also the marriage in 1900 of Emilie Hermès, grandson of the founder Thierry, and Julie Hollande, daughter of a respected specialist in exotic woods. The design has the effect of a delicious trap into which the guests let themselves slide attracted by the pulsating H heart at the centre of each porcelain piece.
This collection clearly expresses that the key to success is strategically based on the cult of quality and beauty without bending to fashion trends of the moment.

hermes porcelain h deco

Bleus d’Ailleurs

Bring together daily life and the imagery of travel on your table with a graceful nomadic blue! A story of “white and blue” on Hermes porcelain made up of endless journeys between Europe and the Orient. It takes inspiration from the traditional Ming porcelain and from the array of shapes seen in nature. Honeycombs, blooms and petals, outlined in black so as to give a modern spin to the traditional porcelain design, combine brightness and simplicity yet with a sense of depth and heritage. Geometric patterns create a sense of peace and relaxation in our mind because they connect us with nature, something that nowadays we find ourselves more and more in need.
All the pieces of the Bleus d’Ailleurs collection are made in France from Limoges porcelain, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

hermes 5 piece place setting blue bleus

Hermes celebrates audacious and renewed creativity through a pure combination of creation and expertise, a mix of craftsmanship and ancient skills, with no compromise on quality.
Hermes wants to romance its followers through an aura of uniqueness and exclusivity with ultra-premium luxury products lulled by a strong sense of allure and by the distinctive mark of magic craftsmanship.
Hermes is a human experience enabling you to reconnect to your humanity while capturing the presence of the artist who crafted the object, yet at the same time feeling pleasure through the awaking of the senses the masterpiece kindles.
Hermes guarantees with the mix and match technique the creation of pure or dynamic multi-layered settings which will enable you to fulfil your quest for excellence and to be outstanding in welcoming your guests.
Hermes porcelain has made all this possible over nearly two centuries of family passion and heritage. Established as a harness shop in 1837, the company’s renown was first based on the crafting of exceptionally high quality harnesses, bridles and saddles to serve the needs of European noblemen. Throughout the XXth century Hermès porcelain built up a cave of wonders and colours extending from house ware to fashion, creating a long lasting and patient tradition of refined Parisien style elegance the whole world envies.