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Hermes Mosaique au 24 Gold


Hypnotic and tantalizing Hermès Mosaique au 24 Gold dinnerware is the brand’s calling card, a true homage to the ochre and gold scheme of the original store in Paris at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré and specifically to the sandstone floor mosaic at the heart of the boutique which dates back to 1926.

The painstaking combination of minute geometric Greek mosaics and friezes, in shades of grey and ochre splashed with touches of brilliant gold, create striking patterns which rim each item of the table setting and lime lighting in a majestic yet natural way the house’s signature emblem, namely the open drawn royal carriage and the silhouette of its standing driver with his elegant top hat.

A traditional  five piece setting combination including a Dinner Plate, Dessert Plate, Bread and Butter Plate and Tea Cup Service will bring to your table the rich history and culture of great ancient civilizations interlocked to sophisticated Art Deco design and will attain a stunning effect. Indeed the collection offers luxury in every use and shape given that even the simplest of objects whether it be a Coffee Mug, a Small Box or a Creamer are elegantly enhanced to a higher level through the wonderful woven effect of the detailed mosaics.

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