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Hermes Hippomobile

Hermes Hippomobile, new collection inspired by Jockey Silks and a Limousine Horse from a cartoon-world fantasy.

This new line of dessert porcelain has been signed by the Italian artist Gianpaolo Pagni and its motif is relatively unconventional. “I imagined a horse with a long back, which would fit several riders. A kind of horse-limousine, “says Pagni. Thanks to this idea, on Hermes porcelain, one horse winds around a teapot, another spreads directly over three plates … Not even the bottom of the mug is empty. According to Gianpaolo Pagni, he was inspired by the scarves of jockeys from the Hermes archive and the world of comics.

T>his tea and coffee sets Hippomobile adds a playful flair of originality to your every occasion. Ranging from smaller items, namely coffee cups and saucers, teacups and saucers, mugs, creamer, sugar bowls, cake plates, everything from this service is a reinterpretation of the Émile Hermès collection: a monochromatic frame. Each piece involves the stamp manufacturing process in the creation of the decorative designs, leaving behind the slight flickering effect in the line that characterizes this technique. These pieces can also be freely mixed and matched, elevating your mood to the next level of everyday pleasure.

During checkout, you can include a card with a personalized message. A customer can exchange a gift. The gifts are worldwide delivered in packages designed to ensure a safe transportation. All gifts will be delivered in its original gift-wrapped box.

If you have any questions about new Hermes Hippomobile collection, please contact us at logo whatsapp+39 391.345.6441.