Hermes Teapot and 2 Tea Cups Carnets d’Equateur Gift Set


Hermes Teapot and 2 Tea Cups and Saucers Carnets d’Equateur, Limoges porcelain. Gift box included.

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Hermes Teapot and 2 Tea Cups Carnets d’Equateur Gift Set contains:

1 Teapot Carnets d’Equateur (Capacity 140 cl)

2 Tea cups Carnets d’Equateur (Capacity 20 cl)

2 Tea saucers Carnets d’Equateur

A tableware which offers a warm and cool composition through the perfect combination of all Robert Dallet’s techniques stemming from charcoal, pencil, or ink wash to colouring in gauche which render vibrant each detail of the grey-blue foliage and of the feathers and fur crafted on the celadon porcelain and trimmed with 24 carat matt gold.
The extensive tableware ranging from butter to presentation plates, bowls, tea sets and vases brings to life on the white porcelain canvas the stunning black and white sketches portraying the wild cats together with an array of other wild creatures some well-known like jaguars, lions, tigers, elephants and toucans and others more unique like the Mazama, the capuchin monkey and the woolly monkey.
“Nature is so beautiful that adding to it serves no purpose” – Robert Dallet (1923-2006)