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Hermès Passifolia

Shop online Hermès Passifolia, new pattern 2020.

A true ode to the beauty of flora, Hermès Passifolia is the fruit of an artisanal adventure and an exploration of innovative know-how.

The service offers an immersion in a universe that is both dreamlike and incredibly real, with floral and other more foliage-based compositions. Plates, platters and cups spread out across the table and form landscapes that invite contemplation.

Imagine ferns and hibiscus cohabiting, chestnut flowers and banana leaves intermingling, and rich tones of green on palm leaves. This collection was created by merging botanical traditions and art, and the line derives its name from passion flower — Passiflora Incarnata — an incandescent bloom that embodies all things rich and vibrant.

This new tableware employs an exceptional range of 32 colours — there are three shades of green-yellow in a single stem, five green-blues in one leaf, and several brown-hued contours. Adding to that is the gold filet painted by hand, which encircles the plates and platters like a halo.

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