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Hermes Attelage Cutlery

Hermes Attelage Cutlery features the handle boasting an original shape and feel, inspired by the hook of a harness buckle, a piece used in tandem carriage-driving.

This timeless collection is available in gold plated, silver-plated and stainless steel.

Established as a saddlery in 1837, Hermès first gained world renown for crafting exceptional harnesses, bridles and saddles for nobility and to the carriage trade. Throughout the twentieth century Hermes extended their exacting standards into the creation of a full line of beautiful and functional offerings, from housewares to fashion. In the process, it has become an icon of luxury and sophistication.

Luxury Hermes Attelage cutlery has its own enchanting and modern style. Equestrian themed tables can be elegant and rustic at the same time. If you love horses and want to bring an equestrian touch to your elegant table,
the table setting par excellence would be Attelage cutlery.
Your table will be incredibly different, the simplicity and elegance of Hermes Attelage cutlery will make everything unique. The timeless collection will complement any tabletop theme and is guaranteed to awe at gatherings.

Harking back to the origins of Hermes, the Attelage Flatware Collection by Hermes is designed with the tradition of equipping the horse riders with the finest accoutrements in mind and with the tradition of the House of Hermes of always being a leader in contemporary design. The base of each handle in this collection is modeled after a stirrup, while the rest of the items are sleek and modern.