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Hermes HTS Cutlery

Hermès HTS Cutlery tout simple! A piece of cutlery for each day: the stainless steel has been transformed on the HTS collection to create a new elegance produced by the subtle combination of deep matte and a mirror polish.

HTS cutlery by Hermes is not for everyone. Some will think it’s too simple. Instead, those who love design and those who love to dare, will be able to discover its immense beauty, not easy and not accessible to everyone.

Hermes HTS cutlery is a flatware difficult to find, simple in its straight and rounded shapes, recognizable and unmistakable. The peculiarity comes not only from its shape never seen before, but also from the way in which steel is treated: it has its own particular finish.

Details & Care:

Dishwasher safe, do not mix metals. Knives need to be faced blades down, Non-industrial dishwasher. No acidic (citrus) detergent. Recommended to hand wash on first use.

Let we see the measures of the cutlery pieces:

dinner knife 9 1/2″
dinner forks 8 1/2″
dinner spoon 8 1/2″
salad/fish forks 7 3/8″
dessert spoons 7 1/4″
flat handle butter spreaders 5 1/2″
fish knives 8 1/4″
mocha spoons 4 3/4″
large serving fork 10 1/8″
large serving spoon 10 1/8″

An exquisite dining experience begins with the perfect place setting. Each set of dinnerware has been curated to maintain the highest levels of quality craftsmanship. You’re sure to find a set to match any discerning design aesthetic.