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Ginori Oriente Italiano Aurum Collection

The Ginori Oriente Italiano Aurum collection introduces a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. Adorned with Aurum decoration in pure gold, this tableware ensemble creates a lush and colorful tableau reminiscent of an exotic garden in full bloom. It exudes an exuberant and uncommon charm, evoking the spirit of a vibrant party on a sunlit lawn.

Inspiration Behind Oriente Italiano

At the heart of Oriente Italiano lies the boldness to blend two distinct elements from Italy’s rich artistic tradition. Drawing inspiration from the elegance of the lines found in the Antico Doccia Ginori collection and the delicate charm of the Garofano, a floral motif rooted in Faenza ceramics, Oriente Italiano weaves a tapestry of colors that animate porcelain plates, cups, and every item within this exquisite collection.

An Artistic Journey

The Oriente Italiano collection invites you on an artistic journey through a fantastical oriental garden. The explosion of vibrant colors on each piece captures the essence of this magical setting. It is not merely tableware; it is a visual symphony that narrates a story of elegance, tradition, and daring innovation.

Daring Elegance

The Oriente Italiano Aurum collection challenges conventions and invites you to dare. By setting your table with these opulent pieces, you elevate a simple dinner to an extraordinary experience. The pure gold accents add a touch of decadence, creating a dining ambiance that is both refined and audaciously luxurious.

Transform Your Table

Picture a dinner table adorned with Oriente Italiano Aurum, where each piece becomes a conversation starter. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail showcase Ginori’s commitment to delivering tableware that transcends functionality to become a work of art.

Embrace Luxury Everyday

While Oriente Italiano Aurum exudes sophistication, it is designed for everyday use. Embrace the luxury of fine dining on a daily basis by incorporating these pieces into your routine. Elevate your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to a level of refinement that is synonymous with the Ginori legacy.