Baccarat New Products 2023

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Baccarat New Products 2023

Baccarat is a legendary crystal brand manufacturer whose unique products have long been the epitome of French style, both in France itself and far beyond its borders. Baccarat has consistently held a position of unparalleled prestige and artistry.

Highly artistic interior items, created at different times by talented designers and hereditary craftsmen, help Baccarat to maintain its openness to new trends, craving for experimentation and cooperation.

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Baccarat brand continues to amaze with its new products even the most sophisticated of its admirers .
Here below we would like to introduce you a brand new Baccarat 2023 collection.
As we step into 2023, Baccarat unveils a stunning array of new products, each a masterpiece in its own right.
From votive lights to whisky tumblers, this year’s collection is set to captivate and inspire crystal enthusiasts worldwide.
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New Baccarat Collection 2023

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Renewed Baccarat Louxor Collection

New Baccarat Votives: A Dance of Light and Crystal

Baccarat’s votive lights have always been a symbol of ethereal beauty and sophistication. In the 2023 collection, they have outdone themselves once again.

Crafted with the precision and expertise that Baccarat is known for, these votive lights are designed to create a mesmerizing play of light and crystal.

Whether as a centerpiece for your dining table or an exquisite addition to your living space, these votive lights are a testament to the brand’s commitment to elegance.

baccarat new votive light louxor

Louxor Photo Frame: New Art of Framing Memories

The Louxor collection has always been a favourite among crystal connoisseurs. In 2023, Baccarat introduces a stunning photo frame that continues the tradition of Louxor’s geometric brilliance.

With its intricate diamond-shaped cuts and bevelled edges, this photo frame elevates the art of framing cherished memories to a new level of sophistication. It’s more than a frame; it’s a work of art.

New Baccarat Louxor Liquor Glasses, Decanters, and Gift Sets: Elevating the Bar

Baccarat’s commitment to the world of fine spirits continues with the introduction of a set of two liquor glasses, whisky and vodka decanters, and a special gift set featuring whisky glasses and a decanter with a distinctive red cap.

New Bar Experience with Louxor

Each piece in this collection is not just a vessel for your favourite spirits but a work of art that enhances the drinking experience.

The gift set, with its red cap, adds a touch of glamour and festivity to your bar.

New Louxor Black Pencil Holder and Tray: Functional Elegance

Baccarat’s commitment to merging functionality with elegance shines through in their new pencil holder and tray. Crafted with precision and grace, these items are not just desk accessories; they are statements of refinement and taste.

The pencil holder exudes a sleek modernity, while the tray’s crystal bold black clarity elevates even the simplest of objects to a new level of sophistication.

baccarat new louxor black collection

New Baccarat Crystal Vase: A Bold Black Statement

For those who appreciate the dramatic and the bold, the black crystal vase from Baccarat’s Louxor collection is a standout piece.

The rich, deep hue of black crystal provides a striking contrast to the intricate craftsmanship that Baccarat is known for.

It’s a bold statement piece that demands attention and admiration.

Baccarat New Whisky Tumblers Harmonie in Coloured Crystal: A Play of Hues

For those who appreciate a splash of color with their whisky, Baccarat new 2023 collection introduces Harmonie whisky tumblers in colored crystal.

These tumblers are not just functional; they are a celebration of color and light. Whether you prefer a red, moss, a rich amber or a vibrant green, there’s a tumbler to suit your style and mood.

The Baccarat New Zodiaque Collection

As we explore Baccarat new 2023 collection, we can’t help but be dazzled by the celestial allure of the Zodiaque Collection. This extraordinary addition is a testament to Baccarat’s ability to fuse tradition with contemporary design, bringing the mystique of the zodiac into the world of crystal.

Baccarat New Dragon Figurines: Majestic Guardians

The Zodiaque Collection features two exquisite dragon figurines, each a symbol of strength and wisdom. One dragon is adorned with intricate gold details, adding an opulent touch to its regal form.

The other dragon captures the essence of serenity and grace, showcasing the versatility of crystal as an artistic medium. These figurines are not merely decorative; they are guardians of the zodiac, embodying the power and mystique of the dragon.

Baccarat New Bearbrick with Gold Dragon Embellishment: Art Meets Collectibles

For collectors and art enthusiasts, the Bearbrick adorned with a gold dragon from the Zodiaque Collection is a must-have.

This unique fusion of art and collectibles showcases Baccarat’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of crystal craftsmanship.

The gold dragon’s intricate details against the clean lines of the Bearbrick create a striking contrast, making it a true collector’s item.

    Baccarat New Vase in Clear Crystal with Gold Dragon: Elegance Elevated

    Baccarat’s mastery of crystal is on full display with the vase in the Zodiaque Collection.

    Crafted from clear crystal and adorned with gold dragon motifs, this vase are the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

    Whether they grace your dining table or mantle, it’s a visual testament to the brand’s commitment to timeless beauty.

    Baccarat New Everyday Tumblers: A New Take on Tradition

    In 2023, Baccarat reimagines the everyday tumbler with a new set of six.

    These tumblers, while more accessible, do not compromise on quality or design.

    Baccarat’s dedication to excellence ensures that even the most common objects in our lives are elevated to a new level of refinement.

    Each sip becomes a celebration of craftsmanship.

    Baccarat New Candy Light Nomadic Lamp: Illuminating Artistry

    The Candy Light Nomadic Lamp in white and red is a captivating addition to Baccarat’s lighting collection.

    This nomadic lamp combines functionality with artistry, creating a dynamic interplay of light and color.

    Whether it graces your bedside table or adds a touch of warmth to an intimate gathering, this lamp is a testament to Baccarat’s commitment to illuminating artistry.

    Baccarat New Harcourt Talleyrand Edition

    Harcourt Talleyrand is an outstanding collection born from the alliance of the powerful Harcourt lines with the lightness of Talleyrand, enriched by new icons reinterpreted by Philippe Starck.

    Talleyrand, which takes its name from Napoleon’s able head of diplomacy, recalls the Age of Enlightenment, a century marked by new values and the pursuit of happiness.

    Phillipe Starck: a Legend of Industrial Design

    designer phillipe starck

    If there is a true star and cult figure in the world of industrial design, it is Philippe Starck, creative, versatile and never out of time!

    Over the years of his life, he has created more than ten thousand projects, many of which have become true architectural revelations and hot topics for years to come.

    In creating Harcourt Talleyrand, Philippe Starck was inspired by essential details and strong lines which helped to imagine a collection of pieces which combine tradition and modernity, elegance, strength and poetry.

    Baccarat New Glassware Harcourt Talleyrand

    The Harcourt Talleyrand collection added to the immense Baccarat crystal world a couple of outstanding creations.

    Philippe Starck revisits the Talleyrand design and creates two poetic, almost surrealist flutes and a set of two coupes that easily transform a tasting experience.

    The Encore set of two glasses convey a pure elegance with their delicately curved edges.

    Baccarat New Espresso Set For Two Harcourt Talleyrand with Alessi Moka

    Along with the glassware, Phillippe Starck set out to add some tableware that will bring refined luxury into your home. This time he has combined the existing set of Talleyrand coffee glasses with Alessi’s Moka, creating a complete Italian experience when tasting this invigorating drink.

    The new Baccarat espresso set for two is a universal gift and it may be chosen for absolutely any occasion.

    new baccarat coffee set

    Baccarat New Caviar Bowl Harcourt Talleyrand

    caviar bowl baccarat new

    “Come de l’or noir” is another amazing addition to Baccarat Harcourt Talleyrand series. This serving caviar bowl is designed for the most sophisticated and valuable tasting experience. The bowl enhances the elegance and beauty of Baccarat crystal.

    Baccarat New Vases and Home Accessories Harcourt Talleyrand

    As for the home accessories, the Harcourt Talleyrand collection received new entries such as a vase, the bell and the holder for jewellery storage.

    The black vase Éminence grise combines tradition and modernity, strength and delicacy, transparency and darkness. Therefore, the undisputed protagonist of objects for the home with its decisive sculptural lines that seduces and enchants.

    The ring bell S’il vous plaît! attracts anyone’s attention. It is one of Baccarat’s most unusual crystal creations, that will add a majestic touch to your fantasy-filled home.

    At last, the L’Arbre de l’Impératrice holder echoing the Joséphine era is a fascinating crystal object to store your favourite jewels.

    philippe starck for baccarat new items
    new harcourt votives baccarat by phillipe starck

    Philippe Starck adds a bit of charming light to the Talleyrand collection.

    The Unique votive set has refined lines, combining elegance and beauty.

    The set includes two candle holders in clear crystal.

    Baccarat New Everyday Set of Two Glasses Crysta 

    Baccarat Crysta is a brand new set of glasses from the Everyday series, perfect for non-trivial everyday use.

    The comfortable rounded shape of each glass helps keep the richness of the crystal with the harmonious design.

    The Crysta tumbler allows you to admire the beauty of the poured drink whether you prefer still water, cocktail or juice.

    Baccarat New Lamps Bon Jour Versailles Limited Edition

    The new edition of Bon Jour Versailles lamp by Phillippe Starck reveals itself in a multiplicity of facets, offering intriguing optical effects. The original design born from a collaboration between Baccarat, Flos and Philippe Starck in 2015, resolves the paradox between industrial precision and craftsmanship, aristocracy, science and poetry.

    Flooded with light, it changes color depending on the viewing angle and lighting. Crowned by a chrome cover, this creation incorporates an innovative and exclusive LED Edge Lighting technology, developed by Flos.

    This revolutionary system, combined with the elegant lampshade, diffuses a natural and warm light which reveals the spaces thanks to its play of infinite reflections. The lamp is available in two sizes.

    bon jour versialles lamp new edition

    Baccarat New Pink Colour Collection

    This year Baccarat has decided to amaze its fans by presenting one of the softest colors ever created by the brand.

    The pink series of decorative objects for the home includes the crystal figurines of the Lucky butterfly, the Bloom flower, Jaime Hayon’s Faunacrystopolis bird and finally the round crystal vase Eye.

    The new color tone will look spectacular in any interior, setting the right color accents. The details of each creation underline the right atmosphere and your home or workplace will become very comfortable.

    Discover Baccarat Collection 2021

    The perfect expression of Baccarat savoir-faire, the Harcourt glass saw the light in 1841 when King Louis Philippe of France ordered a ceremonial chalice engraved with his monogram. A legend was born.

    Named after one of the oldest French aristocratic families, this icon of craftsmanship and elegance has been a favourite of the most powerful people in the world adorning their tables and transforming each moment into an unforgettable experience.

    Baccarat NEW Harcourt Champagne Coupes

    With its perfect shape resting on a hexagonal base and six-cut crystal facets capturing the beauty of light, it transforms every event into an elegant and refined celebration. lt is eclectic in its adaptability to any taste and style as reflected by its long history.

    The exceptional weight of each piece, evoking power and majesty, makes the drinking experience a unique moment of heightened sensations. The facets accentuate the radiance of the crystal thus giving the colour of wine forever changing nuances.

    Champagne bubbles seem to enjoy the swirling around and upwards in the perfectly proportioned coupe or in the flute.

    In its round the world tour through time and continents Harcourt has mastered the art of entertainment to become a timeless object of desire and prestige for any occasion .

    • Baccarat

      Baccarat Set 2 Coupes Harcourt 1841 NEW

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      With its defined shape, the coupe is the ideal glass to taste champagne or a cocktail with elegance. A true object of desire, the Harcourt coupe symbolizes splendor and radiance!

    Baccarat NEW Jewelry Boxes

    Composed of a crystal cover in the shape of a duck and a porcelain base by Lladr6, the jewelry box revisited by Jaime Hayon displays a unique and quirky style. With its pointed beak and its delicately cut rounded silhouette, the duck brings a little fantasy to your interior. As a small glamorous detail, a few touches of gold applied by hand on the animal’s head provide the final signature.

    Jaime Hayon’s creativity is limitless. Hand in hand with the craftsmen of the manufacture, he continues his exploration of crystal. With its big eyes placed on the top of the head, the funny creature will bring good humor into the house. Composed by a crystal cover and a porcelain base by Lladr6, the animai is delicately gilded and cut to create beautiful reflections of light.

    • Baccarat

      Baccarat Zoo Duck Jewelry Box NEW

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      Numbered edition.

      Created by Jaime Hayon, the Zoo jewelry box in crystal and porcelain is the ideal design accessory for storing your finest adornments and small precious objects.

    • Baccarat

      Baccarat Zoo Frog Jewelry Box NEW

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      Numbered edition.

      Created by Jaime Hayon, the Zoo jewelry box in crystal and porcelain is the ideal design accessory for storing your finest adornments and small precious objects.

    NEW Numbered Edition Harcourt Balustre

    A true icon of Maison Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.  Now you can have it in clear crystal with golden ring. It features the Baccarat sign and its production number engraved because it is made in a numbered edition. This splendid Balustre vase has previously been made entirely in clear crystal or in clear crystal with a red ring.

    • Baccarat

      Baccarat Vase Harcourt Balustre Gold NEW

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      The majestic Harcourt Balustre vase, with its multifaceted amphora shape, is now adorned with 20 carats gold. An exceptional piece for dazzling floral arrangements.

      Numbered edition.

    NEW Numbered Edition Straight Gold Vase

    With its octagonal shape, its cut facets and its architectural style, this vase perfectly illustrates the style and modernity of Harcourt. A true icon of Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.

    • Baccarat

      Baccarat Vase Harcourt Straight Gold NEW

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      An endless source of inspiration, Harcourt pursues its fabulous destiny. Combining heritage and modernity, the large Harcourt vase brings a new interpretation, dressed in 20 carat gold.

      Numbered edition.

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