Baccarat New Products 2021

baccarat new candle holder

Baccarat New Products 2021

The perfect expression of Baccarat savoir-faire, the Harcourt glass saw the light in 1841 when King Louis Philippe of France ordered a ceremonial chalice engraved with his monogram. A legend was born.

Named after one of the oldest French aristocratic families, this icon of craftsmanship and elegance has been a favourite of the most powerful people in the world adorning their tables and transforming each moment into an unforgettable experience.

New Collection Baccarat
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NEW Baccarat Harcourt Champagne Coupes

With its perfect shape resting on a hexagonal base and six-cut crystal facets capturing the beauty of light, it transforms every event into an elegant and refined celebration. lt is eclectic in its adaptability to any taste and style as reflected by its long history.

The exceptional weight of each piece, evoking power and majesty, makes the drinking experience a unique moment of heightened sensations. The facets accentuate the radiance of the crystal thus giving the colour of wine forever changing nuances.

Champagne bubbles seem to enjoy the swirling around and upwards in the perfectly proportioned coupe or in the flute.

In its round the world tour through time and continents Harcourt has mastered the art of entertainment to become a timeless object of desire and prestige for any occasion .


Discover Baccarat New Gold Collection!

NEW Baccarat Jewelry Boxes

Composed of a crystal cover in the shape of a duck and a porcelain base by Lladr6, the jewelry box revisited by Jaime Hayon displays a unique and quirky style. With its pointed beak and its delicately cut rounded silhouette, the duck brings a little fantasy to your interior. As a small glamorous detail, a few touches of gold applied by hand on the animal’s head provide the final signature.

Jaime Hayon’s creativity is limitless. Hand in hand with the craftsmen of the manufacture, he continues his exploration of crystal. With its big eyes placed on the top of the head, the funny creature will bring good humor into the house. Composed by a crystal cover and a porcelain base by Lladr6, the animai is delicately gilded and cut to create beautiful reflections of light.

NEW Crystal Candle Holder with Gold

Geometrie lines, golden diamond-shaped eyes, an interplay of sizes and patterns, the bird candle holder embodies the humor and unique style of  Faunacrystopolis Jaime Hayon. A joyful and refined gift to brighten up everyday life! Once again, as in the Faunacrystopolis tumbler collection, the enchanting Jaime Hayon imposes his fantastic style on the Baccarat universe with its collection on the border between design, art and decoration, combining the Baccarat heritage with a modern approach to animal sculptures .

NEW Crystal Clear Bird Bud Vase

Perched on its legs transformed into a pedestal, the bird captivates with its clean lines cut from a single block of crystal. With its serene look, its perfectly cut pointed beak, its eyes and its golden plumage, the little animai is the perfect object to beautify everyday life!

NEW Numbered Edition Harcourt Balustre

A true icon of Maison Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.  Now you can have it in clear crystal with golden ring. It features the Baccarat sign and its production number engraved because it is made in a numbered edition. This splendid Balustre vase has previously been made entirely in clear crystal or in clear crystal with a red ring.

NEW Numbered Edition Straight Gold Vase

With its octagonal shape, its cut facets and its architectural style, this vase perfectly illustrates the style and modernity of Harcourt. A true icon of Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.

NEW Zodiac Collection 2021

Celebrate Chinese New Year and the year of the ox in 2021 with this lovely creation. Bold and ambitious, the ox is popular and would do anything to make loved ones happy!

Created by Allison Hawkes, this crystal figurine makes the perfect gift to honor those born in the year of the ox and to celebrate the new year with shine. The ox figurine is available in clear crystal or glimmering gold.

NEW Numbered & Limited Edition Black Panther

This exquisite panther statuette exudes power, strength and authority. The figure and the base were cut by Baccarat from a single block to form a single piece. It is large 52 cm.

Limited & Numbered edition in only 50 copies.
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    Baccarat Black Panther Heritage Limited edition 50 copies

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    The panther is a solitary and steadfast hunter. Known for its effortless adaptability and acute senses, the wild animal stalks its prey with great agility. The big cat crouches ready for the hunt, poised to spring on her prey. Gift box included.

    Limited edition only 50 copies in the world

    Large 52 cm

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