Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone

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Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone

Each of us at least once was invited to celebrate with friends or relatives their moving to a new apartment or buying a first house. This occasion is really special cause a gift you will present will be the first step for them to adjust their new home with something special, practical and useful of course.
So how to choose best luxury housewarming gifts? What should it be and how to make it become meaningful and suitable for their needs and new home ambiance? Here below we tried to give you interesting and uncommon luxury housewarming gift ideas for everyone.

“May you always have light through the darkest times.”

It is really important to create a pleasant “weather” inside the house.

So cute and cosy little things like candles will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and will a cherished memory to come back every time they light it.

A stylish and decorative candle from Lalique or an amazing crystal votives from Eye collection by Baccarat will become a lovely luxury housewarming gift for a new home owner. They will instantly feel themselves at home.

lalique scented candle
“May there always be flavour and spice in your life.”

Another idea for luxury housewarming gift can be a salt and pepper mill.

The tradition of giving to a new home owner a salt with pepper dates back many centuries ago. It was a popular custom with a really symbolic meaning.

A salt and pepper mill set from Granville collection by Puiforcat or Versace Salt and Pepper Shaker Gift Set from the newest Barocco Mosaic collection will help you to carry on this tradition and to delight your beloved friends.

puiforcat granville salt and pepper set
“May your life be filled with sweetness.”

As a luxury housewarming gift, you can delight the new home owners with interesting and even rare sugar bowl.

This present is able to please no less, and sometimes even more more.

After all, there is a huge variety of choices from modest and practical like the silver plated sugar bowl with lid from Malmaison collection by Christofle to richly embellished and magnificent porcelain creations like Passifolia sugar bowl with its amazing floral design.

christofle malmaison sugar bowl
“May you always have joy and never go thirsty.”

Thousands of toasts, hundreds of drinks, tens of happy minutes – that’s what the glasses can brig to the new home owners!

You can present a set of crystal glasses, highball or flutes to absolutely any person.

They will be useful to everyone, regardless of age and gender.

By choosing high-quality glasses like Baccarat Faunacrystopolis Tumbler Set or “Wine therapy”, you can make a gift that will be appreciated and will be remembered for a long time.

baccarat faunacrystopolis tumblers
“May this house never know hunger.”

From old times, people wished to each other to be in good health and stay well.

The bread basket is an excellent housewarming luxury gift that that will become not just a decorative element in the kitchen, but every day it will be used with pleasure.

The stylish silver plated bread basket from Puiforcat Normandie collection or the one from Christofle Albi with elaborated design will take the right place in the kitchen of the new home owners.

puiforat toast rack normandie
  • Puiforcat

    Puiforcat Toast Rack Normandie Silver Plated


    Puiforcat Toast Rack Normandie Silver-plated with tray is a truly exceptional item just perfect for your table setting.

    Gift box included.

    Size: L15.5 x W9.5 x H9.5 cm

  • Albi

    Christofle Albi Silver Plated Bread Basket

    Use the coupon code: WELCOMECHRISTMAS

    Christofle Albi Silver Plated Bread Basket Ø 17 cm. Gift box included.

    The Albi bread basket from Christofle offers total all-round and “all-through” perspective. Circles alternate with grooves creating an detailed open-work design ideal to set an elegant and refined table with this Silver Plated bread basket.

  • Puiforcat

    Puiforcat Bread Basket Normandie Silver Plated


    Puiforcat Bread Basket Normandie Silver-plated is a truly exceptional item just perfect for your table setting.

    Gift box included.

    Size: H4.12 cm, ø 20 cm

  • Herend

    Herend Rothschild Oval Openwork Weave Basket 7431 RO


    Herend hand painted Oval Openwork Basket 07431-0-00 RO Rothschild
    1 pc – 28,5 cm x 17 cm h 11 cm (11.22″ x 6.69″L x 4.33″H)

    We are official distributor of Herend Porcelain, that is the world famous Porcelain Manufactory, operating for over 180 years. Herend is synonymous for unique, hand painted, master crafted porcelain. Every piece is hand made, holds artistic value and is the centrepiece of luxury and beauty.
    We are sure you will be amazed by the masterpieces of Herend Porcelain. If you have any questions we would be happy to be at your service.

“May you always be protected from intruders.”

If you are looking for a functional luxury housewarming gift, choose a gift set of knives.

A knife, from ancient times in different cultures and among different peoples, plays an important even a mystical role cause it scares away evil spirits.

This useful and just aesthetically beautiful luxury housewarming gift will just great for a new home owners and especially if they adore cooking.

The set of 5 knives with red leather block rom Berkel or Puiforcat Set of 3 Cheese Knives Couteaux D’Orfevre in stainless steel will be just perfect.

berkel gift block with 5 knives red leather
“May you be blessed with health and well-being.”

Another old fashioned tradition is to give an oil so why don’t you transform this essential item into a stylish statement.

A high quality oil dispenser will accompany your choice and become an excellent utilitarian luxury housewarming gift.

The Puiforcat silver plated Granville Oil Dispenser with a walnut lid will make the daily routine more joyful and amazing.

This luxurious item will definitely add a functional and aesthetic flair to any kitchen.

puiforcat granville oil dispenser
“May you dwell in good fortune.”

There are many items that according to some folk beliefs bring happiness and good luck to their owners.

The crystal lucky butterfly from Baccarat or a cheerful Maneki Neko with an upright paw can become an excellent luxury housewarming gift for new home owners.

These decorative elements are not only coloured and interesting bright accents but they will definitely create an atmosphere of  comfort inside the new house.

lladro lucky hoptoad figurine
  • Lladró

    Lladró Lucky Hoptoad Figurine Limited Edition

    Limited Edition only 3000 Copies

    Lladró Lucky Hoptoad Figurine Limited Edition in gloss porcelain and metallic lustre. Gift box included.
    Sculptor: Francisco Polope
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 19 cm, Length 17 cm

    Frog figurine surrounded by porcelain coins wearing one in his mouth with golden luster and blue and greenish enamels.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Lucky Butterfly Blue Scarabe

    Use coupon code WELCOMECHRISTMAS

    Poised to flutter off, the Baccarat crystal butterfly glints vibrantly with bright color. The wings fan out grandly, echoing the shape characteristic of the Amazonian breed.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Large Sculpture

    Use coupon code WELCOMECHRISTMAS

    Maneki Neko Baccarat Large Lucky Cat Crystal Sculpture. Numbered Edition. Gift box included.
    Height 9.8 in
    Weight 17 lbs

    The feline Maneki Neko creature with cartoonish features is seen beckoning with its right hand a gesture that is said to protect one’s fortune.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Gift Set of 3 Maneki Neko Figurines


    Lladró Gift Set of 3 Maneki Neko Figurines in matte porcelain with metallic lustre. Gift box included.
    Sculptor: José Javier Malavia
    Size: Height 10 cm, Width 9 cm, Length 8 cm each

    This gift set consists of three maneki neko figurines each one with different decorations.

“May your house be built with love and dreams.”

If you were looking for a luxury housewarming gift for couples, than you should opt for something suitable for them both

It could be a set of tea cups and saucers like the gift set from Passifolia Collection or a pair of porcelain mugs like the one from medusa Gala collection.

Personalise the gift adding a beautiful greeting card and this luxury housewarming gift will delight your couple and will give them unforgettable moments to be shared together.

hermes balcon du guadalquivir set of 2 tea cups
“May you be always surrounded by beauty.”

Aesthetics is just important when decorating an interior. So gift that bring beauty to the new home ambiance become extremely important.

If you are looking for such a luxury housewarming gift, then opt for a vase.

Whether you will choose a crystal vase like the Flora gift set of 3 vases, or an amazing Venini Fazzoletto vase made from Murano glass, are unique and extraordinary beautiful products and will become excellent luxury housewarming gifts.

venini fazzoletto powder pink vase
“May a photograph be the pause button in your house.”

A photo frame is a classic gift that never goes out of style. It brings a lot of positive emotions and a sense of nostalgy.

This gift always brings happiness cause it is always pleasant to put near the bed your favourite photo in a beautiful frame. There is so much warmth and love in it and the presence of a dearest person is immediately felt.

The clear crystal one from the Baccarat Eye collection or the silver plated Malmaison picture frame will be a beautiful and versatile luxury housewarming gift for absolutely anyone.

baccarat milles nuit lamp

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