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Versace Plates & Gifts

Do you know how magic is the world of  Versace plates, vases, glasses and other wondrous items? Our store stands only a stone throw away from the childhood home of the world famous designer Gianni Versace

Twenty-five years ago, Italian fashion powerhouse Versace decided to look beyond what one wore, to how one lived through objects that would give one’s personal space its intangible, iconic aesthetic design. read more...

Versace began with a line of home textiles and followed it up with a range of fine porcelain dinner sets that resulted from a long-term collaboration with German chinaware maker Rosenthal. Beauty and perfection of the highest standards, Rosenthal signifies nothing more and nothing less. The name itself epitomizes contemporary design and art in both porcelain and glass. Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle and a special aesthetic feeling. A sense of tradition coupled with the avant-garde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading porcelain company. Experience gathered over 130 years of company history.

Hence Versace and Rosenthal, two brands synonymous of excellence and high quality blend together creating sublime luxury. Rosenthal, icon of German tradition and innovation, has an international reputation for fine and simple craftsmanship, while Versace, the extravagant Italian Fashion House, has its own world famous and glamorous style where it brings together the historical and the ultra-modern, to arrive at timeless yet totally contemporary designs. Together they have developed elegant, refined and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration derives from different historical periods and cultures.

hermes sushi plate

Luxury Sushi Plates

Luxury Sushi Plates Sushi has become a ubiquitous cuisine around the world. It is no longer confined to Japan but is loved and enjoyed by people of all nationalities. Sushi is not only famous for its flavours but also for its presentation. One of the most glamorous ways to serve sushi is on luxury sushi [...]
new versace tableware

Versace New Collection 2023 for Home

Versace New Collection 2023 for Home Versace is a name synonymous with luxury and opulence, and the brand's latest collection for 2023 is no exception. The Italian fashion house has recently unveiled a stunning new collection of tableware and home decor items that are sure to impress even the most discerning of interior design enthusiasts. [...]
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How to Set a Table with Versace

How to Set a Table with Versace Many of you have had at least one festive occasion in your life where you had to set a formal table and had absolutely no idea what it should be like. In this article we would like to give you some traditional advice on how it is the best [...]
versace home collection

Versace Home Collection

Versace Home Collection Versace Home Collection is a series of fascinating masterpieces that were born from a perfect blend of two well known brands Rosenthal and Versace. Since 1993 each piece created from this collaboration is characterized by extravagance and rich details, inimitable style and uniqueness. The inspiration for Versace Home Collection was of course [...]

New Versace Virtus Gala Collection

New Versace Virtus Gala Collection New Versace Virtus Gala collection is one of the most genuine masterpieces released recently from the collaboration of the two well-known worldwide brands Rosenthal and Versace. In 2022 the Virtus Gala series was successfully expanded and now has all the elements needed to create both the perfect table setting and [...]
new versace dinner sets

New Versace Dinner Set: A Real Glamour on Your Table

New Versace Dinner Set: A Real Glamour on Your Table New Versace Dinner set is another amazing outcome of this famous and luxurious brand. Each year Versace tries to astonish its lovers with something really incredible. Its talented designers take their inspirations from various epochs and every time they manage to convey that thin characteristic [...]