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For over 150 years, Bernardaud has been constantly at the forefront of production techniques and decorations of splendid porcelain. A typically French taste that reveals itself through shapes and decorations of the most genuine tradition, flanked by innovative and contemporary porcelain services. Furthermore, the Bernardaud company is famous all over the world for the beauty of its lithophanes.

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Historical Litron Bernardaud cups

Historical Litron Bernardaud cups The Historical Litron Bernardaud Cups Collection boasts 32 stunning tea sets, each featuring a cup and saucer. These sets are inspired by iconic historical designs crafted by Bernardaud's Ancienne Manufacture Royale in Limoges during the 18th and 19th centuries. These porcelain pieces showcase traditional French artistic styles, with their distinctive ornamental [...]
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Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone

Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone Each of us at least once was invited to celebrate with friends or relatives their moving to a new apartment or buying a first house. This occasion is really special cause a gift you will present will be the first step for them to adjust their new home with [...]
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Bernardaud Porcelain Lithophanes

Bernardaud Porcelain Lithophanes Bernardaud stands as a symbol of timeless elegance and innovation. For over a century, this renowned French porcelain manufacturer has captivated art enthusiasts and collectors alike with their exquisite creations. Among their many artistic accomplishments, one particular gem stands out—the Bernardaud porcelain Lithophanes. These delicate porcelain artworks are more than just decorative [...]