World of Lalique

Before it became a world renowned brand name, Lalique was the name of a genius craftsman and an amazing artist. The name Lalique still evokes transparency, enchantment and French refinement. read more...

He brought new techniques and new materials evolving in an extensive iconographic repertoire. His astounding work that rivals inventiveness and audacity made him the creator of modern jewellery and decoration.
Born in 1860, René Jules Lalique is known for his creations of glass art, jewellery, perfume bottles and vases. A genius artisan taking inspiration from Japanese art and symbolist references, he revolutionized many fields, including jewellery, in their shape, theme and material. Lalique created a unique art form mixing applied arts, graphic arts, poetry and fashion design.

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French Crystal Brands

French Crystal Brands If you want a luxury glassware collection, you simply can't go wrong with french crystal brands. Like porcelain tableware, crystals are known to be delicate yet elegant, fragile yet exquisite. In terms of looks and value, they are virtually timeless. Crystals have been prized by many for decades, but only select manufacturers [...]
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Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone

Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone Each of us at least once was invited to celebrate with friends or relatives their moving to a new apartment or buying a first house. This occasion is really special cause a gift you will present will be the first step for them to adjust their new home with [...]
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Lalique Crystal Vases

Lalique Crystal Vases Lalique crystal vases amaze with their beauty and are true masterpieces. The originality and uniqueness of style are the key definitions that can characterize the creations of the legendary Rene Lalique, who founded this brand and became famous all over the world thanks to his unique craftsmanship. Lalique Crystal Vases: Supreme Symbol [...]
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Lalique Crystal Creations

Lalique Crystal Creations For over a century, Lalique crystal creations have been synonymous with luxury, elegance, and artistry. René Lalique, the founder of the brand, was a visionary artist who pushed the boundaries of crystal craftsmanship. His creations have stood the test of time, captivating collectors, connoisseurs, and admirers worldwide. The name Lalique still evokes [...]