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“Elegance has no excess, no frills, no illusions. Elegance is purity, it is essential and perfect lines.
It is sophisticated color able to get noticed for delicacy.”

The history of Venini and its designer vases is the result of a fascinating art itinerary and passion for Murano glass which has enchanted and captivated artists, designers, collectors from all over the world. read more...

Founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappellini, Venini is still known today for its great attention to detail and style in the creation of its design vases in Murano glass. Many important designers, such as Gio’ Ponti, Vittorio Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa, Tapio Wirkkala, Gae Aulenti, Alessandro Mendini, Fulvio Bianconi, Ettore Sottsass have contributed at one time or another. Thanks to them, many artefacts in Murano glass, blown glass and hand-worked masterpieces can be found in international museums. A gift which will no doubt gain value in time: vases, centrepieces, lamps, chandeliers and many other items have always been prey to collectors fascinated by glass and its transparency.

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Murano Glass Vases

Murano Glass Vases: Authentic Made in Italy Why Venini is the most important manufacturer of Murano blown glass in the world? It is the only brand that became famous and has attracted the attention of many artists, designers, collectors and connoisseurs of unique objects. Murano glass, unique in beauty and quality, is associated with the [...]
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Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone

Best Luxury Housewarming Gifts for Everyone Each of us at least once was invited to celebrate with friends or relatives their moving to a new apartment or buying a first house. This occasion is really special cause a gift you will present will be the first step for them to adjust their new home with [...]
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Venini Versace Vases: an Exclusive Novelty 2021

Venini Versace Vases: an Exclusive Novelty 2021 in Limited Edition   Venini Versace Vases is an exclusive triumphant resulting from the collaboration of two renowned and prestigious Italian brands Versace and Venini. Released for the very first time in 1997, the V.V.V. collection of decorative vases was a pure success for both. After almost 14 [...]
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Venini New Colours 2021 – 100 Year Anniversary

Venini New Colours 2021 - 100 Year Anniversary Venini 100 Year Anniversary is celebrated with countless artists and designers who have historically contributed to the prestige of Venini and its master glassmakers, giving life to the glass. Since 1921, colour has been one of the qualities of VENINI, and a reason for their absolute prestige. [...]
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Design Vases: Expression of Grace and Contemporary Beauty

Design Vases: Expression of Grace and Contemporary Beauty Every object can become the guest of the show, in the design field. The creation and the design of some objects, in whatever aesthetically valid shape or substantial functionality, nowadays is a contemporary and consolidated process. Design Vase as a Precise Art Vases, cutlery services, silverware, crystal [...]
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Venini Masterpieces

Venini Masterpieces Venini Masterpieces tell an all-Italian story. Venini is like a powerful incandescent stone from which an invincible material is born. It moves in the lines of time to amaze, creating an emotional and sensorial experience. Each step confirms the unmistakable identity of this great Made in Italy reality. Now we tell it to you [...]
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Venini New Colors 2020 Spring Summer Collection

Venini New Colors for 2020 are: warm amber and horizon with white. Venini presents new colors every year and its collectors all over the world can't wait to admire the new creations. The manufactory produces all its vases in blown glass with intense and inimitable pastel colors. Various colors blend on the perfect shapes blown [...]
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Merry Christmas with unique Venini Red Vase

Christmas Collection Christmas is the most magical time of the year! Precious design objects blown and shaped by hand. Collectible objects perfect for your presents. Venini gorgeous Hourglass Count the hours that divide you from Christmas... In Stock Add to cart Venini Venini Clessidre Hourglass 420.06 grape/red 945,00€ Venini Clessidre Hourglass Murano Glass 420.06 grape/red [...]
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Venini Murano

Venini Murano The Exclusive world of Venini Specials, Prestigious Treats for Style lovers Venini Murano Collections Venini collections feature a variety of products sought after by experts, art enthusiasts or simply design lovers. However, there is more to that, a secret treasure only known by few, almost a sacred Graal for collectors and art dealers. [...]