Hermes Dinner Set

hermes dinner set

Hermes Dinner Sets: An Icon of Luxury Dining

Porcelain tableware from the French brand Hermes is a symbol of luxury and well-being. The collections of the famous brand, whose history dates back almost two centuries, are an example of refined artistic craftsmanship and original design. Since the beginning of its production, talented ceramic artists and designers have taken part in the creation of Hermes dinner sets.

Hand-painted, the Hermes plates are decorated not only with high-quality colored enamel, but also with precious metals. In the Hermes collections, you can find classic tableware in soft colors and neutral decorations, as well as bright sets made in a variety of styles.

Hermès Dinner Set: Luxury and Elegance since 1837

The French fashion brand Hermes is known not only for its scarves and accessories but also for its unique porcelain tableware.

The history of the brand began in 1837 when the Frenchman Thierry Hermes opened a small workshop for making leather equipment for horses.

It was during those times that the famous company logo, depicting a horse harnessed to a carriage, was invented.

As the brand developed, it introduced a multitude of designer items that have since become classics.

Thus, at the end of the last century, the French brand Hermes launched the production of utmost tableware made from the finest porcelain.

hermes h deco tableware

Hermès Dinner Set: a Harmonious Combination of Details

The image of graceful horses and harness elements is juxtaposed with the silhouettes of other animals and plants.

Hermes luxury tableware is a true work of art; it can confidently serve as a decoration for the kitchen or dining room.

Any of the items would make a beautiful gift for a loved one, and a complete dinner set would be a stunning addition to a festive table.

Bold, vibrant color combinations of Hermes dinner set harmoniously complement the beautiful shapes of the items.

Very often, instead of traditional round silhouettes, designers opt for non-standard oval and rectangular outlines for plates and dishes.

hermes balcon du quadalquivir place setting

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Hermès Dinner Set Collections 

Hermès Dinner Set Soleil d’Hermès

The Soleil d’Hermès porcelain tableware collection by Hermès takes us to the Mediterranean, where the gentle summer sun warms and the air smells of salty sea water.

Various geometric patterns made of yellow and gold enamel are inspired by ancient architecture, on which the bright rays of the sun “fall” in a bizarre way, creating numerous shadows and reflections.

Each element of the ornament is delicately outlined by a thin golden line: the shine of the precious metal focuses attention on the intensity of the sun’s rays.

This surprising kaleidoscope of shapes and rhythms enchants and fascinates.

The line includes 24 items designed for lunch, dinner and tea/coffee. This Hermes dinner set combines the whiteness of porcelain with an intense yellow hue, highlighted by fine lines, creating a fascinating kaleidoscope effect of palm fronds.

hermes soleil dinnerware

Hermès Dinner Set Mosaique au 24

The Hermes Mosaique au 24 dinnerware sets feature designs that originate from the mosaic displayed at the iconic Faubourg Saint-Honoré store.

The central piece of the ornament invariably features the Hermes emblem or the H abbreviation.

Subdued colors of ochre and pale gray, combined with gold, lend sophistication and nobility to the tableware.

Such adornments harken back to the art of Ancient Greece, which found reflection in the later Art Deco style.

French elegance of style and meticulous attention to detail imbue the Hermes Mosaique au 24 dinnerware sets with a particular aristocratic flair.

The pieces are crafted from fine porcelain and evoke a desire to touch them and to revel in the beauty of the tableware.

hermes dinnerware gold mosaique

Hermès Dinner Set Mosaique au 24 platinum

The Hermes Mosaique au 24 Platinum dinner set brings a festive and noble atmosphere to any setting.

Made from finest porcelain and decorated with mosaic patterns, it radiates elegance and embodies French sophistication.

The Hermes dinner set Mosaique au 24 Platinum particularly comes to life when lighting changes, as its matte grey tones sparkle with the shine of platinum under the sun’s rays.

Each item in this dinner set features the signature Hermes motifs – the initial letter “H” and identical details.

This exclusive tableware is made in France, using original technologies that have been preserved for decades.

hermes dinnerware platinum mosaique

Hermès Dinner Set Balcon du Guadalquivir

The Hermes Balcon du Guadalquivir tableware evokes the intricate Arab-Andalusian motifs of the 15th to 17th centuries: vibrant, rhythmic, and symmetrical arabesques set against pristine white spaces.

This amazing and bright dinner set comprises a wide array of items for various purposes, ranging from soup spoons to vases.

The pieces from the “Balcon du Guadalquivir” Hermes dinner set feature a striking design: bold red patterns contrast against a crisp white backdrop, creating a sophisticated ornamentation.

Each piece in this Hermes dinner set boasts a unique and one of a kind design.

hermes balcon du guadalquivir tableware

Hermès Dinner Set H Déco

The Hermes Déco dinnerware set is crafted in a striking black-and-white color scheme.

Despite the monochrome palette, the painting is executed with such skill that there is no hint of gloominess or heaviness.

Instead, the items in the collection evoke the elegance of engravings, with intricate patterns that are small, symmetrical, and rhythmically repeating in an apparent order.

The Hermes Déco collection is multifaceted, offering a variety of different items, from sugar bowls to cake plates.

Each piece exudes a sense of refinement and sophistication, making it an exquisite addition to any dining table or setting.

hermes h deco tableware

Hermès Dinner Set Cheval d’Orient

The Hermes Cheval d’Orient dinnerware set is designed with an Eastern flair.

Different motifs adorn various pieces of the set, ranging from traditional ornaments to landscapes, animals, and plants.

Despite the diverse array of decorations, they all share a common theme inspired by the East.

This cohesive approach creates a sense of rich variety rather than chaos. Additionally, the brand emblem “Hermes” is applied with precision, seamlessly blending into the overall aesthetic and appearing organic.

hermes horse collection

Hermès Dinner Set Carnets d’Equateur

The Hermes Carnets d’Equateur porcelain dinnerware collection features motifs inspired by nature, adorned with images of birds and animals.

The collection includes two types of peces: those with a “sketch” design, featuring a light sketch-like pattern applied to the surface, and those with a “finished” design, showcasing completed multicolored illustrations.

The main background for the patterns is either white or gray-blue.

The inner part of some porcelain pieces is painted in gold.


Hermès Dinner Set Hippomobile

The Hippomobile is a porcelain Hermes dinner set of original design, introduced by the brand in 2021.

The collection earned its unusual name due to the whimsical decoration of the dishes.

The tableware features illustrations by Gianpaolo Pagni, a French designer of Italian origin.

The artist explained his playful work by imagining a horse with an incredibly long back, on which many riders could sit at once.

The horse, adorned in bright, multicolored attire resembling a limousine, became, in a sense, a new interpretation of the famous Hermes logo.

hermes hippomobile tableware collection

Hermès Dinner Set Passifolia

The Passifolia is a luxurious porcelain dinnerware set from the brand, created in collaboration with ceramic artist Nathalie Rolland-Huckel.

This vibrant tableware of imaginative design invites you on a captivating journey through the tropical forest.

Here, exotic flowers immerse themselves in lush palm leaves, while vivid colors and incredible detailing create a sense of realism in the artwork.

Passifolia is a timeless design that will delight generations of tableware owners. Undoubtedly, this Hermes dinner set will remain relevant for years from now.

hermes passifolia dinner set

Hermès Dinner Set Saut Hermes

The Saut Hermès porcelain collection is inspired by the annual showjumping competitions traditionally held by Hermes in Paris. The renowned French artist and comic book author, Jochen Gerner, participated in the creation of the dinnerware set.

hermes saut collection

After attending the races, the artist created a series of vibrant illustrations featuring elements of equestrian gear.

Against the backdrop of pristine white porcelain, one can discern images of saddles, horseshoes, rider helmets, horse silhouettes, and other recognizable elements of horseback riding.

This spirited dinnerware set, where each piece is unique, will adorn your breakfast or tea party gatherings with friends.

Hermès Dinner Set A Walk in the Garden

The Hermes A Walk in the Garden dinnerware set tells the story of an English garden, a place where flowers of remarkable shapes bloom. It’s a mysterious corner where flowers engage in informal conversations, like old friends.

The “A Walk in the Garden” Hermes dinnerware collection is the magic of spring and all the shades associated with it. The palette consists of four refined shades: bright orange, leaf green, cornflower, and Prussian blue.

The hand-drawn designs by artist Nigel Peake, using recurring floral motifs, are equally whimsical and contemporary.

Hermès Dinner Sets that have been discontinued

Hermes from time to time discontinues certain collections to make way for new designs and innovations. Among the discontinued Hermes dinner sets are there are Rythme Rouge, Egeé, and Circus, each leaving behind a legacy of elegance and sophistication.

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