Luxury Sushi Plates

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Luxury Sushi Plates

Sushi has become a ubiquitous cuisine around the world. It is no longer confined to Japan but is loved and enjoyed by people of all nationalities. Sushi is not only famous for its flavours but also for its presentation.

One of the most glamorous ways to serve sushi is on luxury sushi plates and in this article we will discover the most popular above all.

Sushi plates come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple and utilitarian, while others are incredibly luxurious and ornate.

Luxury sushi plates are typically made of high-quality materials like finest porcelain.

These plates are designed to elevate the sushi experience, making it an even more enjoyable and sophisticated affair.

One of the most striking features of luxury sushi plates is their intricate design.

Luxury sushi plates are hand-painted with intricate designs that may vary greatly, from minimalist and modern to traditional and ornate.

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Luxurious Sushi Plates: not for Average Sushi Lover

Luxury sushi plates are not just about aesthetics.

They are also designed to enhance the dining experience as they become a symbol of status and sophistication.

They are often displayed prominently in homes and restaurants, as a testament to their owner’s taste and appreciation for luxury goods.

As well, many people collect these plates as works of art or as a way to showcase their love for sushi.

Some plates are even considered to be investment pieces, as their value can increase over time.

Luxury sushi plates are a unique and beautiful way to serve sushi.

Whether you are a sushi lover or a collector of beautiful objects, luxury sushi plates are a must-have item.

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The history of Hermès goes back almost a century and a half.

During this period Hermès became a symbol of extravagance all over the world, since it started opening its stores in different countries.

Even though Hermès preserves its traditions, it has become an internationally recognized brand.

That is why more and more elements of different cultures penetrate its collections.

Many traditionally local foods have become internationally popular, an integral part of our lives.

Hermès could not stand aside and while remaining traditional it has always kept up with all the changes that have taken place around it.

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Luxury Sushi Plates Hermès: When the Dish is Served with Splendour

Despite being a luxury lifestyle brand, Hermès wants you to actually use your finest dinnerware and not save it for some really special occasion.

That’s why you can find a special plate for most of your favorite dishes among the Hermès tableware collections.

This is also why Hermès sushi plates are there for all connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

Now you can serve your favorite sushi with the brilliance of Hermès.

Hermès sushi plates are some of the most exquisite sushi plates available on the market.

Each plate is crafted from the finest porcelain and is decorated with an elegant and distinctive design.

The Soleil d’Hermès sushi plate is a stunning piece of tableware that combines the luxurious craftsmanship of the French fashion house with the delicate beauty of Japanese cuisine.

Created by the renowned French luxury brand Hermès, this sushi plate is part of their Soleil d’Hermès collection, which is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and bold, colorful designs.

The sushi plate features a hand-painted design that is inspired by the sun in a vibrant yellow colour with delicate pattern of rays in various shades of yellow.

The design is both modern and classic, making it a perfect addition to any table setting.

The plate is designed specifically for sushi and other small Japanese dishes, with a slightly raised lip that helps to keep food in place. The plate measures 16 cm, making it a perfect size for individual servings or for sharing with a small group.

Whether you’re a sushi lover or simply appreciate beautiful design, the Soleil d’Hermès sushi plate is definitely worth considering.

A fantastic fusion of art, architecture and tableware, this Hermès sushi plate, part of the Mosaique au 24 collection.

This series is a tribute to a very special place for Hermès, the place where the history of the now world famous brand began: 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, the first Hermès store.

The splendid art deco mosaic carpet with references to Greek culture gives the impression of an ancient treasure hidden in the depths of the sea that sparkles under the rays of the sun.

This gorgeous Hermès sushi plate will light up your table with its exceptional elegance and serve your sushi in royal style.

Another hidden treasure, this delightful Hermès sushi plate is a real eye-catcher.

The decor is dedicated to the laconic Greek mosaic – one of the sources of inspiration for the legendary French craftsmen.

The easily recognizable symbol of the Hermès fashion house is decorated with 24k gold.

This captivating Hermès sushi plate seems to radiate the sun and is able to illuminate even the most gloomy winter evenings with its brilliance.

Keep this jewel for yourself or let your guests admire its beauty too.

Whichever way you choose to use it, this Hermès sushi plate will captivate onlookers with the sophistication of its style.

Balcon du Guadalquivir plate for sushi represents a pure energy, the joy and sunshine of Spanish Andalusia.

It’s a piece of sunlit Spain on your table.

There is the tireless guitar playing at night and a charming flamenco dancer who captivates the spectators and a cruel but charming matador who plays his dangerous game.

All of this fits into this Hermès sushi plate in a small detail: a piece of Spanish wrought iron from the balcony railing taken from Hermès and improved to perfection;

This Hermès sushi plate will add energy to your table and will impress your guests with its Spanish style.

The Hermes cake platter Hippomobile features a whimsical design inspired by a horse-drawn carriage.

While this platter was designed for desserts, its versatility allows it to be used for other foods such as sushi.

The platter’s long and narrow design with a stable surface is perfect for laying out a variety of sushi rolls.

Using the Hermes cake platter for sushi adds a unique and unexpected touch to any dining experience.

The combination of the platter’s luxurious design and the simplicity of the sushi creates an interesting contrast that is sure to impress guests.

The Hermes Platter Chaine d’Ancre Platinum is a stunning piece of tableware that would be perfect for showcasing sushi.

The platter is part of the Chaine d’Ancre collection, which features the iconic Hermes chain link pattern in a range of tableware and home decor items.

Crafted from fine porcelain, the platter has a delicate and elegant appearance, with a glossy white finish that is accentuated by the platinum chain link pattern.

The platinum chain link pattern adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the platter, elevating the presentation of the sushi and making it a statement piece on the table.

The Versace Oval Platter is a stunning tableware item that would make an elegant and luxurious serving platter for sushi.

Versace is known for its whimsical designs and the oval platter is no exception.

It is part of the Versace Home collection, known for its bold and opulent decor that draw inspiration from classic art and mythology.

It’s large enough to hold a generous amount of sushi, making it perfect for serving at dinner parties or enjoying a special meal at home.

The platter’s smooth, glossy surface is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

versace oval platter
  • Barocco Mosaic

    Versace Platter 33 cm Barocco Mosaic

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    Versace Platter 33 cm Barocco Mosaic in finest porcelain is a brand new Rosenthal Versace tableware collection.
    Richly embellished patterns combined to the magnificence of gold and multicoloured shades bring sophistication to your table setting. Gift box included.
    Size: Ø 33 cm

  • Versace

    Versace Platter 38 cm Virtus Gala Black

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    Versace Platter 38 cm Virtus Gala Black in finest porcelain is a new Rosenthal Versace collection.
    Richly decorated elements combined to the gold glory and multicoloured shades bring an elegant glamorous touch to your table setting. Gift box included.
    Size: Ø 38 cm

  • Versace

    Versace Platter 33 cm Virtus Gala White

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    Versace Platter 33 cm Virtus Gala White in finest porcelain is a new Rosenthal Versace collection.
    Richly decorated elements combined to the gold glory and multicoloured shades bring an elegant glamorous touch to your table setting. Gift box included.
    Size: Ø 33 cm

  • Prestige Gala

    Versace Platter 34 cm Prestige Gala Bleu

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    Versace Platter 34 cm Prestige Gala Bleu in finest porcelain is perfect for those who wish to bring home the magnificence of gold and blue combined to the sophistication of the Versace patterns. Gift box included.
    Size: Ø 34cm x 24,5cm

When it comes to serving sushi, Ginori 1735 is a great option due to its high-quality craftsmanship and unique design.

One of the most popular Ginori plates for serving sushi is the Oriente Italiano collection.

Each plate is hand-painted with a unique pattern  with bold colors and intricate details.

The larger plates can be used for presenting an array of sushi rolls, while the smaller plates are ideal for individual pieces of sushi or sashimi.

Another popular Ginori plate for serving sushi is the Labirinto collection.

These plates feature a minimalist design with a bold geometric pattern that is both modern and sophisticated.

The Labirinto plates are available in various sizes, including a square plate that is perfect for serving sushi rolls.

The square shape provides a contemporary twist on traditional round plates and allows for a creative presentation of sushi.

ginori oval platters

Taitù Milano collection of platters is particularly noteworthy, as they feature beautiful designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

These platters would be ideal for serving sushi, as they are designed to enhance the presentation of the food while also adding a touch of elegance to the table.

The delicate plate patterns makes it a perfect choice for formal dinners or special occasions.

Even if Taitu plates feature bold and eye catching design, it still allows the sushi or other types of food to take center stage.

Its sleek and modern appearance makes it a perfect choice for contemporary interiors, while its high-quality ensures that it will last for many years to come.

taitu milano platters

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