Lalique Crystal Panther Sculptures – The call of the crystal forest

lalique crystal panther sculptures

Answer the call of the forest by following the Lalique panther

This wonderful brand figure embodies the image of strength and at the same time of feline grace with the power of the crystal. The panther Zeila designed by Marie-Claude is tangible proof of Lalique craftsmen exceptional mastery.

People with strong personality, instinctive and elegant, recognizes itself in felines and their nature. Not everyone loves them, for this reason only those who feel within themselves a bond with these animals fall in love with these crystal sculptures that Lalique dedicates to panthers. A noble animal that embodies many sensual characteristics. Follow the Lalique’s panther…

Triumphant, elegant and superb, Lalique crystal panther sculptures are the queens of luxury

Lalique Panther Trasparent Small

The class of René Lalique’s crystal creations represent the maximum expression of the beauty of the decorative arts in French liberty style. Today Lalique is one of the most important luxury brands thanks to the tradition and experimentation that it has carried out since the end of the nineteenth century, creating high quality creations.
In each Lalique crystal resides the craftsmanship of the French family, expressing its strength and charm through refined decorations and refined details.

If there is a figure that can reflect its identity, it is certainly Lalique crystal Panther Zeila.

Black Large Lalique Panther

With agile and sensual lines, the Lalique crystal panthers are depicted in a tactical pose, as if these beautiful creatures were sneaking up, ready to attack the prey. Lalique crystal panthers are enhanced by their tapered silhouette with a visibly strong musculature. The decorations are performed on the crystal and simulate a velvety fur that is sculpted by an infinity of small bright spots, as if these figures are panthers with a starry mantle.

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    Lalique Zeila Panther Large Sculpture Black


    Nimble and sensual, she approaches stealthily, preparing for her attack. Her slim silhouette is enhanced by powerful muscles covered with crystal fur sculpted by thousands of luminous spots. Designed by Marie-Claude Lalique, the Zeila Panther embodies the feline strength and grace.
    Black crystal
    Dimensions: H 4.33″ x L 14.37″ x W 2.95″ (H 11 cm x L 36,5 cm x W 7,5 cm)
    Weight: 5.73 lbs (2,60 kg)
    Handcrafted in France