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Luxury Espresso Cups

Can you imagine your morning without a cup of coffee that awakens all your senses and gives you positive attitude to the adventures of the new day? If you are a true coffee lover, then you know how important it is to have the perfect cup for your espresso.

Luxury espresso cups are an essential accessory for coffee lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. These cups not only provide an elegant way to enjoy a cup of espresso but also add an extra touch of sophistication to any kitchen or coffee bar. In this article, we will explore the various luxury espresso cups and why they are worth the investment.

Espresso Cup to Start the Day from the Good Vibe

Coffee is a lively and rich drink, but its taste depends heavily on the type, roast, freshness, preparation and serving.

At the same time, our perception is much more complex than it seems, and coffee for us is more than just signals from receptors on the tongue.

It’s a ceremony that kicks off the day for many of us, and like any ceremony, it has to be beautiful.

bernardaud historical cup with birds

Espresso Cup: a Work of Art to Enjoy your Coffee

A coffee cup is by no means an ordinary thing and its role in coffee drinking is simply enormous.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the shapes, each espresso cup is a light and airy work of art, with a perfect and exquisitely hand painted details.

Just as there is a whole individual universe in every human being around us, so are luxury espresso cups.

They are complex and diverse, original and traditional at the same time, a huge world in every single cup.

A perfect cup can influence your mood for the whole day, a cup with a character of its own.

versace medusa cup

Hermes is the worldwide luxury brand known for its exquisite designs and high-quality products.

The Hermes espresso cups are a work of art, crafted from fine porcelain and adorned with intricate designs inspired by the brand’s signature patterns.

What sets these cups apart from others on the market is their attention to detail.

Each cup is meticulously crafted, with a base and a perfectly curved shape that allows the espresso to be sipped slowly, savoring every drop of the rich, aromatic brew.

hermes espresso cup soleil

A perfect gift for Any Coffee Lover

If you are looking for the ultimate espresso experience, then the Hermes espresso cups are a must-have. Not only are they functional and practical, but they are also incredibly stylish and elegant.

They make a perfect gift for any coffee lover, and will add a touch of luxury to your daily coffee routine.

You can choose your Hermès cup according to your mood when you feel like having a coffee and let your emotion deepen with the cup you take in your hands. Or you can take a Hermès cup matching your dinnerware and leave it influence your mood with its decor, though making it dreamier, calmer and livelier.

A brand new and magnificent Hermès Soleil d’Hermes espresso cup is an explosion of colors on your table.

The Soleil espresso cup is like a musical improvisation, when new themes intertwine against the background of well-known melodies. Sometimes it changes the main outline of the work to the point of making it unrecognizable by filling it with bright colors.

Soleil is an elegant pattern with lines and colors intertwined in an imaginative way, resulting in an intricate interweaving of images and shapes.

When you pick up this Hermès espresso cup, you can actually see the music in its motif and feel the enchanting power of the sun with every sip of your coffee.

The Hermès espresso cup with a fiery Spanish temperament Balcon du Guadalquivir is a jolt of energy and sunshine.

This Hermès cup inspired by Andalusian balcony grills reminds us that there is an art and beauty everywhere around.

Starting your day with this Hermès cup let you to keep an open mind to new ideas and points of view.

It will broaden your horizons and unlock the hidden potential of the ordinary things around you.

The extraordinary whiteness of Limoges porcelain accentuated by the brightness of the decoration will attract all eyes, adding a touch of refined elegance to your coffee ritual.

The original and refined Hermès Cheval d’Orient espresso cup will bring a note of passionate wild nature to your table.

Bright colors of wild flowers, a touch of gold and beautiful horses, all this combines in a beautiful Hermès espresso cup that will radiate good vibes every time you use it.

The bright colors will cheer up even the dullest mornings.

The oriental motifs will tinge the taste of your coffee with a delicate and unique flavour, a pinch of pleasant memories and a hint of future adventures.

An exceptional Hermès espresso cup for true wildlife lovers Carnets d’Equateur will steal your heart.

The sheer elegance and grace of the incredibly naturalistic images of wild animals and birds in their habitat will convey the right mood.

Calm and peaceful, dangerous and ready to pounce on their prey, the animal characters of Hermès Carnets d’Equateur seem so real that you really expect them to breathe and come alive.

This Hermès cup will give your table a peaceful atmosphere of hidden energy ready to come to life at any moment.

Ostentatious, elegant and laconic, Hermès Espresso Cup Mosaique au 24 platinum is inspired by the mosaic floor of the first Hermès store at 24 Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

An ancient sunken city seen through the depths of the sea, this Hermès espresso cup exudes calm and confidence thanks to its understated colors and delicate decorations.

It will be a real pleasure for the eyes on the most elegantly laid table, giving you the tranquillity and certainty you need for the whole day.

Very similar but not the same, the Hermès Mosaique au 24 Gold Espresso cup is infused with sunlight and potential energy.

The same mosaic from the Platinum collection gets a completely new look and a different perception thanks to the addition of the gold decoration.

This Hermès espresso cup brings a fresh feeling of the endless sunlit sea waves, the magnificence of ancient Greek architecture and the contemplation of this wondrous grandeur.

All of this is at your fingertips in a small Hermès Mosaique au 24 Gold espresso cup.

The charming Hermès Espresso cup H Déco is part of the charming classy collection.

The eye-catching contrasting pattern of the intertwined chain links, mesh patterns and numerous ligaments combine in a stunning example of Art Deco style inspired by late 19th century Parisian culture.

This Hermès espresso cup is an exponent of the sophistication and impeccable taste of the guest.

Signed with the signature Hermès style enclosed in a double H this time, this Hermès espresso cup is bound to catch the eye of your guests and delight you with its elegance.

An explosion of summer in your hands, the Hermès Passifolia espresso cup will bring a whole universe of the real rainforest to your table.

This small Hermès creation holds a shower of raindrops in a wild forest, birds singing and the rustle of wings, luminous fluttering butterflies and fluttering leaves.

An entire forest of trees and bushes of every shade of green and flowers of all colours, sizes and shapes await you for your coffee.

Encapsulated within this small piece of porcelain art is an incredible passion for wilderness, a passion that it shares with you with every sip of coffee you drink.

Puiforcat espresso cups are a luxurious and elegant addition to any coffee lover’s collection.

These cups are designed with a focus on exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them stand out from other espresso cups.

One of the most distinctive features of Puiforcat espresso cups is the elegant and understated design.

The cups often feature simple, clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the quality of the porcelain or glass and the attention to detail in the design.

Puiforcat espresso cups also often feature design accents, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall composition.

  • Coffee & Tea Time

    Puiforcat Espresso Cup Phi Silver Plated

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    Discover the epitome of refined indulgence with the Puiforcat Espresso Cup Phi. Meticulously designed with perfect proportions, this silver-plated masterpiece transforms your coffee ceremonies into moments of opulence, simplicity, and supreme elegance.

    Gift box included.

    Height: 3,7 in (9,398 cm) , Ø 4,7 in (11,938 cm)

    Capacity: 7 cl

    Designed by Normal Studio.


  • Coffee & Tea Time

    Puiforcat Initiales Coffee Cup and Saucer Cercles

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    Puiforcat Initiales Coffee Cup and Saucer Cercles in Limoges porcelain  is a truly exceptional entirely handmade item just perfect for your table setting.

    Gift box included.

    Capacity: 0,08 l

    Suitable for the dishwasher but not for the microwave.

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Versace is known for its bold and whimsical designs, which often incorporate the brand’s Medusa signature.

The Medusa head motif is a symbol of power that adds a touch of extravagance and sophistication to the cups.

The Versace espresso cup is crafted from fine porcelain and is designed to offer a comfortable and luxurious drinking experience.

They’re a popular choice for those who want to make a bold statement with their coffee.

The patterns and colors used in the design are often daring, making these cups a special piece in any kitchen or bar.

versace espresso cup

Ginori espresso cups are a must for anyone who appreciates classic Italian design and exceptional quality.

These cups for espresso are made from high quality porcelain and designed to withstand daily use.

The elegant and timeless patterns are characterized by delicate details and exclusive motifs.

Providing a luxurious and comfortable drinking experience, these cup will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any coffee setup.

Ginori espresso cups are worth the investment for those who appreciate exceptional design and quality.

richard ginori espresso cups

Herend, a Hungarian luxury brand offers a range of elegant and sophisticated espresso cups.

Their cups often feature classic, understated designs, as well as high-quality materials like porcelain.

The cups often depict delicate floral or animal motifs, hand painted with a unique technique.

Herend cups are perfect for those who appreciate traditional and refined style.

herend espresso cup

Bernardaud is a French luxury brand that has been producing Limoges porcelain since 1863.

Their espresso cups are known for exceptional design and hand-painted details that are made to last, with a focus on durability and functionality.

Bernardaud espresso cups are a popular choice for those who appreciate traditional design and exceptional craftsmanship in an elegant contemporary French style.

bernardaud espresso cups

The historical espresso cups from the Ancienne Manufacture Royale are a beautiful and functional addition to any coffee lover’s collection. Their attention to detail, high-quality materials, and exquisite designs make them a standout product in the world of coffee.

Whether you are enjoying a quick morning espresso or taking the time to savor a special blend, these cups are sure to enhance your coffee experience.

  • Historical Cups

    Litron Cup Paysages a la Barque A.M.Royale

    Original price was: 441,00€.Current price is: 389,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 389,00.

    The litron cup Paysages a la Barque was presented in 1778. Original is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
    The painter Pierre-Joseph Rosset, who created this cup in the Sèvres workshops, returns to a style that was fashionable at Versailles. A talented floral painter before he began pursuing landscapes, he worked in the Sèvres workshops for forty years. The base of the cup is characterized by a “partridge eye” design, thus marking the era and underlining the unique cachet of this cup. The original belonged to Mrs. Adolphe Thiers, who bequeathed it to the Louvre Museum in 1880.

  • Historical Cups

    Litron Cup Aux Perroquets A.M.Royale

    Original price was: 327,00€.Current price is: 288,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 288,00.

    The original of the litron cup Aux Perroquets is housed in the National Ceramics Museum in Sèvres, France.
    Armand Sr. specialized in the depiction of live birds by painting them while in their birdcages in the Garden of Plants in Paris. He imbued his subjects with human-like qualities.
    This approach was contrary to the approach of his contemporaries who painted from etchings done by natural scientists. This cup with its image of embroidered silk is typical of the Sèvres workshops during a period when the search for material effects is favored.

  • Historical Cups

    Litron Cup Fantaisies Cantharide A.M.Royale

    Original price was: 403,00€.Current price is: 355,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 355,00.

    The litron cup Fantaisies Cantharide was presented in 1789. Original is housed in the National Ceramics Museum in Sèvres, France.
    Purification rituals that occured every five years in Rome inspired the design of this cup, created in the Sèvres workshops. Fruits and fragrances are prevalently represented, but also “cantharide” powder and its aphrodisiac effects and connection to the Bacchus festival. The color palette recalls the golden green body of the “cantharide” insect which when dried and ground was made into this powder.

  • Historical Cups

    Litron Cup Aux Aigrettes A.M.Royale

    Original price was: 423,00€.Current price is: 373,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 373,00.

    The original of the litron cup Aux Aigrettes is housed in the Ile-de-France Museum in Sceaux, France.
    Here again, a natural design created by Etienne Evans, the unsurpassed master painter of insects and birds, who worked in the Sèvres workshops for over fifty years.
    The almost scientific execution of the tufted herons makes no allusions: an aesthetic sentiment prevails in such an idealistic relationship with nature, similar to the work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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