New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735

new oriente italiano gold by ginori 1735

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735

Ginori 1735, renowned for its centuries-old tradition of creating exquisite porcelain masterpieces,  continues to captivate connoisseurs with its innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

The latest addition to its illustrious repertoire is the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection, featuring two opulent variations: Aurum and Rubrum. Ginori 1735’s New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection unveils a captivating duality in the form of these two mesmerizing variations.

Each piece in this opulent collection serves as a testament to the brand’s timeless craftsmanship and the fusion of Italian and Eastern design influences.

Established in 1735 by Marquis Carlo Ginori in Doccia, Italy, Ginori 1735 has stood the test of time, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.

The Oriente Italiano collection, inspired by the Far East, has been always a hallmark of the brand, showcasing a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Eastern aesthetics.
The introduction of the Gold Collection elevates this legacy to new heights.

The Aurum version in creamy white together with Rubrum in  bold red are both hand-decorated with pure gold.

The Oriente Italiano Gold collection defines tableware, home decorations and scented gift items that can be mixed and matched with the other colors of the Oriente Italiano collection in many combinations, where each composition is unique.

new oriente italiano gold by ginori 1735

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735: Aurum Collection & the Radiance of Gold

Aurum, in latin for gold, embodies the essence of opulence and sophistication.

The New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection by Ginori 1735 in Aurum seamlessly integrates the richness of gold accents with the timeless patterns that characterize Ginori 1735’s Oriente Italiano series.

The outstanding detailing in gold enhances the porcelain’s inherent elegance, creating a visual symphony that is both lavish and refined.

The interplay of golden motifs against a backdrop of classic Italian colors creates a sense of grandeur, making these pieces a statement of luxury and taste.

ginori oriente italiano aurum soup plate pure gold

In contrast to the golden brilliance of Aurum, the Rubrum variation of the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection by Ginori 1735 is an ode to the timeless allure of red.

Rubrum, meaning red in Latin, infuses passion and vibrancy into the Oriente Italiano series.

The rich red hues, complemented by delicate gold accents, create a striking visual contrast that captures the eye.

The Rubrum collection pays homage to the artistic traditions of Ginori 1735 while pushing the boundaries of design. E

Each piece is a harmonious blend of form and function, embodying the brand’s commitment to creating objects as pieces of art.

new ginori oriente italiano gold rubrum plates
“I am honored to partner with Ginori 1735, a company that values both tradition and innovation. Their deep dedication to craft is inspiring.  Our partnership aims to express the importance of slowing down, enjoying life and appreciating the beauty of art.
I am thrilled to be a part of this project and grateful for the wonderful experience of being able to film the campaign in the Ginori’s timeless factory, alongside their skilled artisans. We had a wonderful time making this.”
Jake Gyllenhaal
oriente campaign jake gyllenhaal

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735: Coffee or Tea Time?

The tea and coffee sets for two in both Aurum and Rubrum variations elevate everyday rituals into moments of refined luxury.

A teapots, saucers, cups, mugs, a super refined coffee set for two fully capture the essence of luxury.

Both collections invite tea and coffee enthusiasts to savor their favorite beverages in an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance.

Adorned with gold accents, these exceptional pieces give a unified and luxurious touch.

ginori oriente italiano aurum tete a tete

A Luxurious Experience for Two with a Coffee Set from New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735

For all the coffee lovers, Ginori 1735 presents a coffee set that redefines the art of coffee appreciation. It embarks on a sensory journey, where the ritual of coffee becomes a moment of indulgence and refinement.

The coffee set for two is a harmonious ensemble of cups, saucers, and a lids, each adorned with exquisite gold accents.

The coffee cup, with its graceful silhouette becomes a focal point for coffee lovers who appreciate not just the taste but the visual aesthetics of their favorite brew.

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Teapot: a Symphony of Elegance

The teapot in the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection by Ginori 1735 is an embodiment of refined taste, transforming tea time into a moment of luxury.

The intricate patterns, meticulously applied to the porcelain surface, create a visual symphony that elevates this teapot beyond mere functionality.

The Aurum teapot with its delicate gold accents, transforms the simple act of brewing tea into a refined ritual. The slender spout and gracefully curved handle add to its charm, making it a centerpiece of sophistication for any tea lover.

In contrast, the Rubrum teapot captivates with its rich red hues and intricate gold detailing. It stands as a bold statement piece, infusing passion and opulence into the tea-drinking experience.

The subtle opulence of Aurum and the bold statement of Rubrum teapots in the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection by Ginori 1735 invite individuals to indulge in the sensory pleasure of brewing and sipping tea.

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Vase

The Aurum and Rubrum vases are sculptural masterpieces, each telling its own story of beauty and grace.

The Aurum ming vase, with its slender form and golden flourishes, becomes a striking centerpiece, while the Rubrum Potiche vase, with its deep red hue and intricate gold detailing, commands attention in any room.

These vases transcend their utilitarian purpose, transforming spaces into showcases of artistry.

ginori oriente italiano aurum and rubrum products
“A world of elegant and original shapes. 
We bring art and beauty into everyday life and everyday life into art through our pure porcelain creations..”
Ginori 1735
ginori rubrum oriente italiano difusser holder vase

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Change Tray

Aurum and Rubrum change trays serve as versatile accessories, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

The Aurum change tray features golden patterns on its surface, creating a visual narrative of timeless beauty.

In contrast, the Rubrum change tray stands out with its rich red backdrop and gold detailing, making it a stylish accent for any room.

These trays invite individuals to love the luxury of organization and display.

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Diffuser

Ginori 1735 extends its commitment to refined living beyond tableware with the introduction of luxurious home diffusers.

Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as its porcelain collections, the diffusers in the Aurum and Rubrum variations invite a sensory journey.

The Aurum diffuser exudes a subtle opulence, blending into any interior with its golden accents, while the Rubrum diffuser adds a touch of boldness with its rich red hues.

Each diffuser serves as an olfactory masterpiece, transforming living spaces into aromatic havens.

ginori oriente italiano aurum diffuser sphere

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Diffuser vase

The New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Collection introduces an exquisite decorative element that elevates the ambiance.

A diffuser holder large vase becomes an absolute innovation of this series.

The diffuser holder adorned with delicate gold patterns, cast a warm and enchanting glow, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

It infuses spaces with a sophisticated but passionate aura, embracing the richness of its bright colours and gold.

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Small Box: A Treasure of Elegance

For those seeking a blend of functionality and aesthetics, the small box in the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection by Ginori 1735 offers a perfect solution.

With its gold detailing, the Aurum box becomes a treasure trove for storing cherished keepsakes or jewelry.

The Rubrum box, with its rich red hue and gold accents, is a statement piece in itself, providing both practical storage and an element of decorative flair.

These small boxes are reflections of refined taste.

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