Ginori 1735

new oriente italiano gold by ginori 1735

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735

New Oriente Italiano Gold by Ginori 1735 Ginori 1735, renowned for its centuries-old tradition of creating exquisite porcelain masterpieces,  continues to captivate connoisseurs with its innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship. The latest addition to its illustrious repertoire is the New Oriente Italiano Gold Collection, featuring two opulent variations: Aurum and Rubrum. Ginori 1735's New Oriente [...]
oriente italiano home collection

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Home Collection

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Home Collection Italy, renowned for its rich heritage of art, culture, and craftsmanship, has given birth to countless iconic design movements. Among these, the Oriente Italiano Home Collection shines as a true embodiment of Italian elegance and refined aesthetics. This exceptional collection merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design, resulting in exquisite home [...]
hermes sushi plate

Luxury Sushi Plates

Luxury Sushi Plates Sushi has become a ubiquitous cuisine around the world. It is no longer confined to Japan but is loved and enjoyed by people of all nationalities. Sushi is not only famous for its flavours but also for its presentation. One of the most glamorous ways to serve sushi is on luxury sushi [...]
oriente italiano plates

Oriente Italiano Plates

Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Plates Oriente Italiano plates by Ginori 1735 are among the most highly sought-after pieces of porcelain in the world. With their delicate beauty, intricate designs, and long and storied history, Ginori plates have captured the imagination of collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Oriente Italiano: Unique Example of Italian Craftsmanship The history [...]
ginori oriente italiano place setting

Oriente Italiano Place Setting by Ginori 1735

Oriente Italiano Place Setting by Ginori 1735 When it comes to hosting a luxury and elegant dinner, the table setting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance. The Oriente Italiano collection by Ginori 1735 is an excellent choice for those looking to create an opulent and refined atmosphere at their dinner party. This [...]
ginori oriente italiano tableware

Ginori Oriente Italiano

Ginori Oriente Italiano (Ginori East Italian Collection) Ginori Oriente Italiano hand painted tableware is exuberant, exotic, enticing! A stylized flower, known in italian as the “garofano” — carnation — in the tradition of Florentine ceramics and reinterpreted by Gio Ponti in 1946, evokes distant memories in the Ginori East Italian Collection. The graceful, delicate hues [...]
ginori totem collection

Ginori 1735 Totem Collection & Its Animal Kingdom

Ginori 1735 Totem Collection & Its Animal Kingdom Ginori 1735 Totem collection is the representation of the Animal Kingdom. The manufactory took its inspiration from the decorations of the interiors from the XVIII century when everybody used bright and saturated colours. Ginori 1735 Totem Tableware: A Bright Portal to the World of Nature  Ginori 1735 Totem collection [...]