Ginori 1735 Totem Collection & Its Animal Kingdom

ginori totem collection

Ginori 1735 Totem Collection & Its Animal Kingdom

Ginori 1735 Totem collection is the representation of the Animal Kingdom. The manufactory took its inspiration from the decorations of the interiors from the XVIII century when everybody used bright and saturated colours.

Ginori 1735 Totem collection is one of the most outstanding collections of the brand that is dedicated to animals.

The masters decided to take images of representatives of flora and fauna, each of which had a special symbolic meaning.

From ancient times many peoples believed that animals and people were spiritually connected by an invisible thread.

At the same time, each individual was characterized by his own unique animal, a totem that protected the person, giving him strength and energy.

And the collection indeed was named Totem, cause every single animal illustrated on the pieces of this collection hided its own message.

ginori 1735 totem monkey
The Richard Ginori 1735 Totem collection of tableware will immerse you into the fantastic and marvellous world of nature.
ginori totem collection

The Richard Ginori Totem collection is truly unique with bold combinations of shades where appear graceful drawings of squirrels, penguins, monkeys, camels, elephants in the spirit of old graphics or engravings.

Each of these elegant plates, bowls, boxes and vases represent the brand’s traditional color scheme with smooth nuanced transitions and dramatic contrasting combinations.

The porcelain Richard Ginori Totem pieces are embellished with bright colors and color combinations inspired by the natural world.

The bizarre combinations of colours are interwind with dozens of natural symbols, revealing the true essence of both.

Totem collection is a spirit, a guardian, that saves and protects. It is a special gift with emblematic connotation.

ginori totem presentation plate

Ginori 1735 Totem presentation plate is of course the protagonist of the whole series.

Its outstanding design is really unique cause it resembles the patchwork method of combining different decorative elements together.

The plate has 8 different colour blocks each of each is taken from other items of the collection.

The size of the plate is 33 cm and it may become both a colourful centerpiece or a decorative wall plate.

Ginori 1735 Totem presentation plate may be personalised in gold colour with a beautiful phrase on the white part of its décor.
ginori totem presentation plate customized
ginori coasters totem

The collection of Ginori 1735 Totem includes a set of 4 porcelain coloured coasters.

One of them is made in bright blue colour with a decorated seashell, the other one depicts a pineapple on red and yellow background.

The left two coasters illustrate yellow leaves mixed with light green colour and a scene of an ancient library on bright blue.

Each coaster is 1o cm in diameter and may become a housewarming gift for a friend or a couple.

The elephant is the first animal to whom Ginori 1735 dedicated a part of its collection.

The elephant represents sacred wisdom, royal dignity, invincible power and prudence.

It became an emblem of power and symbolizes such qualities like patience, fidelity, peacefulness, longevity, prosperity and happiness.

In the countries of Asia and Africa, the elephant plays the same symbolic role like eagle or lion in the countries of Europe and America.

The elephant will attract harmony and positive energy as its presence on the décor objects promised good memory and wisdom to the inhabitants of the house.

ginori 1735 totem elephant round box
ginori totem elephant mug with lid

The elephant is in every sense a favourable animal and a symbol of stability.

With the help of a trunk, it can attract good luck and prosperity to your home.

It is not surprising that the Elephant totem is also one of the most powerful symbols for protecting the house from negative energy and gaining what you want.

ginori totem elephant round box customizable
ginori totem elephant mug customizable
ginori totem elephant low box customizable
Ginori 1735 Totem elephant collection includes a high bowl, a mug with and with lid and two types of boxes. The design is made with a usage of red, light green, gold, black and white colours.
Each of these pieces from Ginori 1735 Totem elephant collection may be customizable.
ginori totem elephant high bowl customizable
  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Totem Elephant Bowl Customizable


    Ginori 1735 Totem High Elephant Bowl Customizable. Gift box included.
    h cm 10 (in. 4)
    Made in Italy.

    Customize this amazing box with your own phrase and mention it in the “Order notes” section during checkout. You may insert up to 73 characters including spaces.
ginori totem elephant high bowl customizable

The next animal depicted in Ginori 1735 Totem collection is a Squirrel.

It represents the harmony of nature and balance in life, symbolizing good luck, fortune and happiness.

Even the indigenous peoples of North America considered these creatures to be positive spirits that bring good luck, prosperity and good fortune.

Another meaning given to them is the balance between thoughts, action, instinct and luck, which is always necessary for survival.

That is why squirrels are also considered a symbol of survival.

People like this animal for her intelligence, cute appearance and quick reactions.

ginori totem squirrel collection
ginori totem squirrel square tray customizable
ginori totem squirrel mug customizable
Ginori 1735 Totem squirrel collection includes a square tray, a scented candle, a mug with lid and a simple mug in porcelain.
The colours used for decorations are pale green, grey with gold and burgundy details. The customization is made in gold colour as well.

Ginori 1735 Totem collection devoted a special place to penguin.

This animal is a symbol of popularity and a great ability to behave in a crowd.

It is a symbol of dexterity and resourcefulness.

A penguin must be in his environment to feel good and confident.

The endurance and success of a penguin is ensured by his ability to be part of a team, part of one whole.

Therefore, his image is interpreted as love for one’s home and the desire to be among beloved ones.

Its image is devoid of aggression and can contribute to life changes.

richard ginori totem penguin
ginori totem penguin bowl
ginori totem penguin vase
Ginori 1735 Totem penguin collection consists of a high bowl, a vase, a square tray and a scented candle that may be customizable.
This totem symbol is suitable for a self-confident person who succeeds in his choses. The image symbolizes secureness, resistance to insults and the inability to accumulate evil.
  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Totem Penguin Bowl Customizable


    Ginori 1735 Totem High Penguin Bowl Customizable. Gift box included.
    h cm 10 (in. 4)
    Made in Italy.

    Customize this amazing bowl with your own phrase and mention it in the “Order notes” section during checkout. You may insert up to 73 characters including spaces.
  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Totem Penguin Vase Customizable


    Ginori 1735 Totem truncated cone shaped porcelain Penguin vase Customizable. Gift box included.
    h cm 30,5 (in. 12)
    Made in Italy.

    Customize this amazing vase with your own phrase and mention it in the “Order notes” section during checkout. You may insert up to 38 characters including spaces.
  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Totem Penguin Squared Valet Tray Customizable


    Ginori 1735 Totem Penguin Large squared vide poche Customizable. Gift box included.
    Diameter: cm 30 ( in. 12 )
    Made in Italy.

    Customize this amazing vide-poche with your own phrase and mention it in the “Order notes” section during checkout. You may insert up to 21 characters including spaces.

Monkeys occupies a special role in Ginori 1735 Totem collection.

This exotic animal from distant lands enjoys its life, playing vividly among the leaves illustrated on the bright yellow and green porcelain.

The symbol of monkey have been common around the world since the early Middle Ages.

This animal is a universal symbol of enterprise, determination, readiness to go to all sorts of tricks in order to achieve what you want.

The monkey is diplomatic, full of optimism and a little bit stubborn.

It represent the importance of having friends and maintaining good relationships with family.

ginori totem monkey collection
ginori totem collection

Monkey symbolizes a period of active development, conducive to initiative and a lot of new beginnings.

It was one of the symbols of the Rococo era and reminded that life is too fleeting to take it seriously without letting yourself to deviate from generally accepted rules.

Each of these porcelain creations by Ginori 1735 may become a totem of an independent person, that won’t follow dictating laws but only her own.

ginori totem monkey box customizable
ginori totem monkey tray customizable
ginori totem monkey mug with lid
Ginori 1735 Totem Monkey collection includes 5 porcelain pieces: a mug with lid, a vase, a round box with lid, a mug without lid and a square tray.
ginori totem monkey box customizable
If you want to make a special present for your beloved person that symbolizes fun, easy life and joyfulness, you may customize one of these pieces in gold colour.

The camel is another graceful animal from Ginori 1735 Totem collection.

The camel is an authentic symbol of the desert that slowly moves along the waves of dunes from one oasis to another.

So unpretentious and phlegmatic, indifferent to everything in the world, except for his camel’s thorn, he patiently carries a heavy load on his hunchbacks

The camel became a symbol of power, independence and dignity for all the people from Middle East and especially for Arabs who feel a lot of sympathy for this indispensable assistant.

ginori 1735 totem camel
ginori totem camel box customizable
ginori totem camel valet tray customizable
ginori totem camel bowl customizable

Ginori 1735 Totem camel collection consists of 3 items: a low box with cover, a square tray and a high bowl.

The camel totem symbolizes reliability and strength and is was illustrated in a dance of joyful pineapples.

Each piece is released with the usage of dark orange, red and some bright elements in black, white and green colour.

With a help of customization, these pieces may become really unique.

  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Totem Camel Bowl Customizable


    Ginori 1735 Totem High Camel Bowl Customizable. Gift box included.
    h cm 10 (in. 4)
    Made in Italy.

    Customize this amazing bowl with your own phrase and mention it in the “Order notes” section during checkout. You may insert up to 38 characters including spaces.
ginori totem camel box customizable

Ginori 1735 Totem collection added a rat totem animal to this series. This little creature is known to everyone for its ability to survive even in the harshest conditions.

Its symbolic value is directly related to appearance and has changed over the centuries. In some cultures, rats were idolized, while in others they were despised. For some people, the rat is a symbol of innocence, and for others, diseases and dark magic.

The décor of these pieces is so unusual as it illustrates one of the parts of ancient library using dark red, blue and gold colour.

ginori totem rat collection

Ginori 1735 Totem Rat collection includes only a mug with lid and a square tray. The rat represents intelligence, resourcefulness, versatility, kindness and grace.

Is a perfect example of how being small doesn’t always means being weak. So it may become a perfect gift for such kind of person.

ginori rat mug with lid

Ginori 1735 Totem couldn’t but include the cat totem.

The cat is a symbol of intuition, independence, grace and strength.

From ancient times it was a sacred animal for many nations.

The cat illustrated by Ginori 1735 Totem fully represents attentiveness and sensual beauty.

ginori totem cat collection

The porcelain collection Ginori 1735 Totem that illustrates this graceful animal includes a mug with lid, a round box with cover and a deep bowl.

The colours chosen for the decoration are rose, black and blue with some golden embellished elements.

Each of these pieces represents secureness, gracefulness and the ability to avoid difficulties.

ginori totem cat box customizable

Ginori 1735 Totem collection this year added another graceful animal and that is a tiger.

The tiger represents health, vitality and physical strength.

Sometimes he appears secretly to make us realize on how to deal with strong emotions.

He praises us for strength, for overcoming obstacles that once seemed difficult and threatening.

In addition, it can symbolize a sudden transformation of our feelings and emotions. Especially if it is a feeling of anger or fear.

ginori 1735 totem tiger

Ginori 1735 Totem Tiger collection includes a squared tray, a round box and a mug with lid.

The tiger as a totem animal also represents the unpredictability of events in our lives. The bright orange colour highlight the beauty of this animal depicted in white and black colour.

The bold blue adds a special accent to the whole composition.

A customizable porcelain piece by Ginori 1735 will become a ideal gift for those who show strength and reliability at the same time.

ginori totem camel collection

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