Coffee Mug Guide: How to Choose the Perfect One

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Coffee Mug Guide: How to Choose the Perfect One

The coffee drinking culture is very rich and interesting in its rituals. One of the peculiarities is to serve various coffee drinks in dishes that differ in volume and shape.

The purpose of special mugs and cups is to maintain the temperature, taste and aroma of the coffee composition.

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It would seem that choosing a coffee mug should not cause any particular problems. However, everything is not as simple as it is.

In this article we will try to give you some useful tips on how to choose the right coffee mug to fully enjoy your drink.

Coffee Mug or Cup? Some Characteristic Differences

A cup is a relatively small vessel for drinking, usually up to 90 ml with a semi-circular shape and a ring handle on the side.

The main purpose of the cup is to taste hot drinks such as espresso or classic coffee.

The mug though is a tall cylindrical vessel with a similar side handle and the average volume that goes from 250 to 500 ml.

You can drink both hot and cold drinks from it.

In general, a cup without a handle is a bowl, and a mug without a handle is more like a large glass.

In addition to shape and volume, cups and mugs have different wall thicknesses.

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The walls of the cup are usually thin, while those of the mug are thick and strong. The handle of the cup is often small and delicate, while the handle of the mug is thick, durable and comfortable.

Mugs, unlike cups, are also sometimes made with a lid.

Volume and Purpose

The volume of the cup everyone chooses for himself. However, this parameter directly depends on the purpose of the cup.

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An Espresso Cup

To preserve the freshly roasted espresso beans’ qualities, it is better to serve the coffee in compact porcelain cups.

The correct espresso cup has a diameter and height not exceeding 5 cm, the suitable capacity varies between 35-90ml.

The material used for the cup is able to retain heat for a long time.

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A Mug suitable for Americano

The Americano is a drink that should be enjoyed in generous portions.

Even if it is not characterized by significant strength, however, with regular consumption, the stocks of coffee powder run out quickly.

Most often, the volume of the drink is set up to 300 ml.

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A Coffee Cup suitable for Classic or Turkish coffee

Coffee prepared according to an oriental Turkish recipe is even stronger and richer than espresso.

The drink is poured into small ceramic cups and it also has more caffeine.

Such a drink is bitter, has a thick consistency, which is why you need to drink water after every sip.

Does the Material Matter When Choosing a Coffee Mug or a Cup?

Porcelain is the most elegant and expensive material for cups.

It will not only improve the taste of the drink, but also keep its aroma and temperature longer without overheating from the outside.

Thanks to this, the cup is very comfortable to hold and is considered to be the best.

In addition, porcelain cups often have a refined and expensive design.

Such dishes allow you to enjoy the exquisite taste of your favourite drink and make every coffee moment special.

However, it must be taken into consideration that porcelain cups must be treated with great care, as they are a rather fragile material.

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Coffee from a Beautiful Mug can Cheer you up in the Morning

and can be a Great Gift

or just a Lovely Decoration for the Kitchen.

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Irreplaceable Attributes of Coffee Cups and Mugs

A standard set of espresso or coffee cups includes several irreplaceable attributes that make drinking more comfortable.

It includes a saucer which is most often made in the same style as a cup to complement it harmoniously.

A coaster is most often used for the mug, allowing you to hold a hot drink in your hands and place it whenever you want.

Another attribute is the lid which allows you to keep the hot temperature of the drink longer.

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Ginori is one of the most famous and oldest Italian porcelain manufacturers whose history begins in 1735.

The young Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori decided to open a production near Florence and it was immediately successful.

After the merger with another major manufacturer Richard, the company expanded progressively.

Richard Ginori mugs made of the finest porcelain are functional with an extraordinary design that differs according to the series.

For example, the mug from the Arcadia collection is made in soft colors with floral decorations, while the Totem mug comes in a bold design with bright details.

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The Swarovski brand is known worldwide for its outstanding crystal.

This year the company has decided to collaborate with Rosenthal and create a collection of porcelain dinnerware in candy colors with a name Signum.

Swarovski creative designer Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert imagined a bright table full of summer fantasies just like the one in Alice in Wonderland.

That’s why she decided to choose vivid and lively colors:

  • green
  • yellow
  • rose
  • light blue.
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The Swarovski cup is available in all four colors with or without a lid. The lid is embellished with a small crystal decoration with a swan engraving.

Hermes is definitely the ultimate luxury brand.

The French manufacture is known worldwide for its supreme and recognizable premium product.

Hermes mugs have a unique shape and original design full of beauty and exclusive details.

Thanks to the different elements present in the painting and the precious details, Hermes mugs are in great demand.

For example, the mugs from the brand new Rocabar collection are released in bright colors that highlight the elegance of the product.

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The Versace brand is an emblem of glamour.

Together with Rosenthal, the brand has created a myriad of exceptional collections of porcelain tableware with an original and so recognizable design.

A great symbol of the brand Medusa is presented in almost every series.

Versace mugs combine a different style that includes neoclassical and oriental motifs.

The design of the cups varies according to the collection and this helps to have a wide choice for all tastes.

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Taitù Milano is an Italian brand of porcelain tableware characterized by the innovative concept of its design.

It has an original approach that brings Italian style to life combined with luxurious beauty and creativity.

Taitù collection comprises various types of mugs with cheerful, unusual but elegant design.

The individuality of these pieces permits to make amazing combinations, bringing joy to your table.

If you prefer colours, than Taitù mug is definitely the best choice to cheer you up in the morning.

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