Fabergé Heritage Collection

faberge heritage collection

Fabergé Heritage Collection

Fabergé Heritage collection is an outstanding series of jewellery artworks that takes its inspiration from some of the important historical masterpieces created by Fabergé.

The brand continues to preserve centuries-old traditional methods and techniques like a guilloché enamelling and hand-engraving and the usage of special materials that add a particular flair to this colourful yet sumptuous collection.

The phrase

“Fabergé Eggs”

became a Synonym of Luxury


the Emblem of Majestic Wealth.

faberge egg pendant light blue large heritage collection

Fabergé Egg History

The Fabergé Maison was founded in Russia in 1842 and immediately distinguished itself for creation of jewellery masterpieces and especially of famous eggs.

Peter Carl Fabergé, a well-known jewellery designer was the first one who had an idea of an egg shaped object that he started creating for various members of the royal court.

Tsar Alexander III as an Easter surprise gift for his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna commissioned the first egg called “the Hen Egg”.

It was a precious egg, covered with a dense layer of white enamel, across which there was a golden stripe. Inside the egg there was a yolk made entirely of gold where set a golden hen.

faberge pink rose hen egg pendant surprise locket

The tradition of giving the Fabergé Egg

All the details were made with a highest precision, one could see the scallop, and round eyes, and even feathers.

The golden hen also had a surprise. Inside of it there was a ruby ​​egg and an imperial crown.

The Empress was so delighted with this gift that Alexander III decided to present a new surprise gift to his wife for every Easter.

This tradition was continued by Nicholas II, the son of Alexander III, who gave precious eggs to his mother and wife for the Easter holidays.

Fabergé Heritage Collection & Imperial Rosebud Egg

The egg with a rosebud was created by Michael Perkhin under the guidance of Peter Carl Fabergé in 1895 for Nicholas II, who presented it to his wife, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

It was the first egg presented by Nicholas to Alexandra.

The Easter egg was made in the neoclassical style, as opposed to the Art Nouveau style popular at the end of the XIX century.

The egg opened like a bonbonniere, revealing a yellow-enamelled rosebud hidden inside.

The petals of the bud parted to reveal a golden crown set with diamonds and rubies and a pendant with a star cabochon ruby.

faberge rosebud egg

A source of inspiration for Heritage Collection

The crown was an indication of the new title of Alexandra Feodorovna as Empress of the Russian Empire. The design of Rosebud Fabergé Egg became a source of inspiration when creating the Heritage collection.

Fabergé Heritage Egg Pendant is one of the most iconic artwork ever created by the brand that conveys the spirit of imperial luxury and aristocracy.

Each pendant is created with the usage of historical but complex techniques like hot enamelling in accordance with the traditions of the jewelry brand.

The Fabergé Heritage Egg Pendant is a symbol of infinity, eternal life, a jewel that will perfectly harmonize with any evening dress, a business suit, and will become an elegant decoration for any special occasion.

Fabergé Heritage Egg Pendant with Turquoise Guilloché Enamel in 18kt Yellow Gold or Petite Egg Pendant made in 18 kt white gold with blue guilloché enamel and round white diamonds will become a perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

faberge heritage egg pendant large light blue

Fabergé Heritage collection includes not only classic egg pendants but as well openable variations with locket that repeat the glorious custom of Fabergé Eggs.

Made with the same technique of hot enamelling, it may be easily opened revealing a beautiful surprise inside.

You may find a heart or a polar bear, a clover or a an elephant that amaze with their fascinating and charming beauty.

Fabergé Heritage Egg pendant with Locket may become an excellent gift that will bring joy and happiness for many years, a sign of boundless love and respect towards your beloved person.

faberge turquoise clover egg pendant surprise locket

Fabergé Heritage collection couldn’t omit the earrings and this time the beauty of these artworks is superb.

They convey the charm of aristocracy and exquisite chic.

Fabergé Heritage earrings are released in two different models with similar details. The first one is a classic egg shaped pendant earrings with guilloche enamel and diamonds.

Another one with a name Tsarskoye Selo is a pair of hoop drop earrings in 18 karat rose gold, adorned with coloured enamel and round cut white diamonds.

Brilliant enamel obtained through the utmost Fabergé craftsmanship together with diamonds make these jewels achieve a delightful effect of iridescence of the enamelled surface and gloss.

faberge heritage earrings light blue

Fabergé Heritage ring have always been and remain the highest level of beauty, a symbol of the uniqueness and belonging to the upper society.

Each detail is refined by the talented artisans that try to make each item become a real perfection.

Fabergé Heritage ring is available in two versions. The first one is a classic ring with a single enamel egg adorned with round cut diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold.

The second one is a crossover ring with two small intertwined guilloché enamel eggs and white diamonds.

faberge heritage ring dust pink

Fabergé Heritage bracelet combine a unique cocktail of history, art and fine jewelry craftsmanship.

It comes in a variety of colours and has 3 different designs inspired by art and history.

The first one is a rigid bangle crossover bracelet that may be adorned with one gold and one enamel egg or both enamel eggs.

Another bracelet is a tender version of the first one with chain in 18 karat yellow gold, adorned with a guilloché enamel egg and diamonds in the middle and two smaller gold eggs from both sides.

Fabergé Heritage bracelet is a gift with a story and its own unique character.

Such a jewel will be a perfect surprise not only for your beloved person, but also for a mom, grandmother, daughter and beloved friend.

faberge heritage and colours of love collection

Fabergé egg shaped Charm pendants

Fabergé Heritage collection includes also charm egg shaped pendants with diamonds and guilloché enamel that may adorn a bracelet from Treillage collection.

A perfect symbiosis of beauty and elegance will become a symbol of love and fidelity, a real memorable talisman that conveys a piece of your warmth to beloved ones.

A jewel is a perfect gift idea, always welcome and everlasting.

What is better than a refined jewel to mark an occasion or simply to tell your loved ones what they mean to you?

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Fabergé has created the series of Palais Red Lockets, designed for the gifting season.

There is innate beauty in the way Peter Carl Fabergé’s joy for surprise is embedded in each piece, as the egg opens to reveal a different zodiac animal.

Each of these beautiful lockets is crafted in 18k yellow gold.

faberge chinese zodiac dog heritage collection
Year of the Ox
Year of the Goat
Year of the Rooster
Year of the Rat
Year of the Dog
Year of the Monkey
Decorated with diamonds and delicately hand-painted
with vibrant red guilloché enamel for luck and prosperity,
the Fabergé Heritage egg pendants are beyond words.
Year of the Horse
Year of the Tiger
  • Fabergé

    Fabergé Egg Pendant Year Of The Tiger with Necklace Heritage

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    The Heritage Yellow Gold Diamond and Red Guilloché Enamel Year Of The Tiger Surprise Locket features red guilloché enamel and round white diamonds, set in 18 karat yellow gold. The locket opens to reveal an 18 karat yellow gold tiger with diamond set eyes, in honour of Chinese Year of the Tiger. The locket is 22mm and comes with an 18 karat yellow gold chain.


    18K Yellow Gold 17 round brilliant diamonds total weight 0.29cts, G/VS

Year of the Rabbit
Year of the Snake
  • Fabergé

    Fabergé Egg Pendant Year Of The Snake with Necklace Heritage

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    The Chinese New Year Tsarskoye Selo Yellow Gold Red Enamel Locket with Rose Gold Snake Surprise features red guilloché enamel and round white diamonds. The 22mm 18 karat yellow gold locket opens to reveal an 18 karat yellow gold snake with ruby eyes, in honour of Chinese Year of the Snake.


    18kt yellow gold 17 round white diamonds total weight 0.29cts (G VS+) 18kt yellow gold chain total length 50cm

Year of the Pig
Year of the Dragon

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