Fabergé Luxury Jewels

Fabergé jewellery egg pendants encapsulate the iconic symbol of Fabergé in a contemporary way. Handcrafted from 18k gold, these pendants are set with colourful gemstones, diamonds and guilloché enamel. Inspired by the Imperial Eggs, some designs open to reveal a miniature surprise hidden inside.

white gold jewellery

White Gold Jewellery

White Gold Jewellery White gold is a cool sheen of metal, sophistication and one of the most beautiful alloys to create jewelry. Literally 100 years ago, the word gold was associated only with yellow. Today in the jewelry industry, in addition to classic colors, silver and platinum, there are unusual options for lovers of fashionable [...]
faberge emotion collection

Fabergé Emotion Collection

Fabergé Emotion Collection Fabergé luxury jewellery brand is synonymous with sophistication and unsurpassed craftsmanship. Everyone has mostly heard of the Easter egg collection, but the legendary brand is famous not only for that but for the high jewellery. Faberge exclusive products are timeless elegance and style. Buying earrings or pendants of this brand today, you [...]
faberge diamond ring for her

Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Her

Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Her As Marilyn Monroe said: "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and it is absolutely true. Diamond jewelry is always more than just a piece of jewelry. It is the play of light that can be observed for hours, the stories associated with important moments and the unique ability to transform [...]
chinese zodiac faberge egg pendants

Chinese Zodiac Fabergé Egg Collection

Chinese Zodiac Fabergé Egg Collection Chinese Zodiac Fabergé Egg Pendants are dedicated to the Lunar New Year that has a special meaning for Chinese culture. Taking part of Faberge Heritage Jewellery collection these beautiful artworks combine age-old oriental wisdom and modern knowledge. A festive red guilloché enamel adds a sense of symbolism to each of these [...]
faberge eggs

Fabergé Eggs: Jewels of Imperial Crown

Fabergé Eggs: Jewels of Imperial Crown Fabergé eggs are one of the most exclusive pieces of jewellery in the world that continue to amaze with their mesmerizing beauty together with the history that surrounds these outstanding masterpieces. Peter Carl Fabergé, one of the most talented jewellers, turned the traditional attribute of Easter into a jewellery [...]
faberge logo gold

Fabergé Empire & Its History

Fabergé Empire & Its History Fabergé's name gives rise to images of the brilliant world of the last Russian tsars and priceless treasures made by talented artisans who did their best to create imperial gifts for special occasions. And behind the legend was a man of supreme talent and his name was Peter Carl Fabergé. [...]
55th emeral wedding anniversary

55th Emerald Anniversary Gift Ideas

55th Emerald Anniversary Gift Ideas 55 years of marriage is a beautiful date that awaits some of your beloved ones and is called the "Emerald Wedding". The precious emerald is not accidentally chosen as a symbol for such a round and special date and there are several reasons for that. Although the golden wedding is [...]
faberge heritage collection

Fabergé Heritage Collection

Fabergé Heritage Collection Fabergé Heritage collection is an outstanding series of jewellery artworks that takes its inspiration from some of the important historical masterpieces created by Fabergé. The brand continues to preserve centuries-old traditional methods and techniques like a guilloché enamelling and hand-engraving and the usage of special materials that add a particular flair to [...]