Ginori Oriente Italiano

ginori oriente italiano tableware

Ginori Oriente Italiano

(Ginori East Italian Collection)

Ginori Oriente Italiano hand painted tableware is exuberant, exotic, enticing! A stylized flower, known in italian as the “garofano” — carnation — in the tradition of Florentine ceramics and reinterpreted by Gio Ponti in 1946, evokes distant memories in the Ginori East Italian Collection.

The graceful, delicate hues of dawn and dusk glisten on porcelain like a symphony. This is the scenario of the Oriente Italiano tableware on the Antico Doccia shape, where the airbrush technique and the inventiveness of colour converge to create a magnificent pattern.

10 Colors of Ginori Oriente Italiano

The evocative floral decorations of Oriente Italiano tableware (East Italian) combine Far Eastern charm with the Italian tradition of porcelain. The playful palette of 10 colour combinations makes the collection perfect to add a personal touch to your home.

Oriente Italiano Plates with Gold Rim

Only the 4-color version (out of 10 existing) of this fantastic tableware features a gold rim. These colors are: Azalea, Iris, Periwinkle (Pervinca) and Purple (Porpora), so you can see them here next to each other:

Oriente Italiano Plates without Gold Rim

The rest of the Ginori Oriente Italiano 6-color versions are simple, without a gold rim, just amazing colors hand-painted with the airbrush technique.

These colors are: Albus, Bario, Cipria, Citrino, Malachite and Vermiglio.

You can see them here next to each other:

Let’s take a better look at all the colors of the Oriente Italiano collection!
ginori oriente italiano tableware

Ginori Oriente Italiano is most famous for its vivid colors, but pay attention at this simple and elegant Albus color (black on white) in the East Italian collection!

It adds such an interesting layer to a tablescape.

When it comes to this gorgeous pattern, it’s really hard to pick a main color for your table!

Hence, the Albus pattern can be a great base to blend easily with any other color in the collection.

oriente italiano albus collection

Part of the Oriente Italiano Collection, the distinctive Azalea color of this romantic dinnerware will enrich with eclectic allure and exuberant colors any interior.

The porcelain surface of each piece is graced with a pink background on which are applied dark blue decorations using the airbrush technique.

This ethereal and sophisticated effect, that mixes western and eastern esthetics, is completed with a gold profile.

Combining this set with other items in the same series or Oriente Italiano Porpora pattern, will create a striking final effect.

oriente italiano azalea table presentation

Oriente Italiano Bario features dull color shades.

The color setting is particularly suitable as a companion for prominent colors such as Oriente Italiano Iris Gold.

However, this color certainly does not lead to a shadowy existence. The table set up with Oriente Italiano Bario will be very elegant and simple, ideal for people who do not like glamor.

oriente italiano bario coffeecup with saucer

Powder color gives its name to the Cipria Oriente Italiano tableware.

The sketchy design by the old master of Italian architecture, Gió Ponti, has a completely different effect in autumn shades than flashy pink or malachite.

These tableware are kept in their modern style and constantly invite to company among friends.

ginori collection oriente italiano

This Ginori 1735 Oriente Italiano Citrino porcelain dinnerware is hand painted with yellow and blue colors.

The Antico Doccia profile features evocative floral decoration in a playful colour palette.

The signature carnation blooms are said to represent fascination, distinction, and love – three things this plate brings in abundance.

The color of the dinnerware is perfect for a beautiful luxurious spring table setting, where this color will have its maximum in combination with beautiful spring yellow flowers.

oriente italiano citrino plates

A superb addition to any elegant decor, Oriente Italiano Iris dinnerware will imbue with delicate charm and timeless allure any special occasion.

These porcelain plates can be displayed with the other items in the same series for a splendid effect.

It will enliven a table with its exotic allure, delicate color combination, and precious gold accents.

ginori oriente italiano iris collection

Ginori Oriente Italiano Malachite dinnerware has a green pattern background embellished with an elegant motif boasting a delicate landscape.

The design is rendered using the airbrush method and boasts clear Far Eastern influences, enclosed in a floral frame around the edge.

oriente italiano malachite plates presentation

Italian Orient Pervinca in the outline looks like a morning fog with a decoration of white splashes on a light violet blue background.

The foggy pattern is highlighted by a gold border, which contrasts the fine pattern with its sheen.

This contemporary design has its roots in the creative period of the great artist Ponti.

oriente italiano pervinca charger plate

Scarlet and pink blend in the ancient form of the Antico Doccia to form scenarios of the Far East.

The striking color combination is refined with the powerful gold rim, which gives the service a festive vibe.

It is a strong color dinnerware, perfect to emphasize the joy of living. Can be ideal to mix with Bario or Albus color, that will enhance more its beauty.

oriente italiano porpora service presentation

Red shades faded on dark pink, a sunset with fiery colors on the classic shape of the Antico Doccia, whose design is already far away in the history of manufacturing.

Recovered in the 1940s by Gió Ponti, who designed the enchanting semi-transparent decoration in shades that complement each other.

With lightly sketchy scenes and the ever-recurring motif of carnation bloom gives the dishes a joyful ease.

oriente vermiglio plate collection

To enjoy the tea, you need a special cup.

Ginori Oriente Italiano lends itself with its four tea cups with gold rim for various tea flavors.

So, for your green tea you can use Azalea, for white tea Iris, for earl grey tea would be perfect Porpora and Pervinca would suite the black tea.

oriente azalea tea cup presentation

But, if you prefer simple pattern without gold rim, you can make your own tea set from all these 6 beautiful colors.

A single design with 6 different shades will make the tea break a beautiful ceremony.

If you love coffee, there will be a lot of choice for you among the different coffee proposals of the Oriente Italiano table service.

You can have the coffee cup in 10 different colors (4 with gold rim and 6 without gold rim).

Then you can have the coffee cups without handles, the so-called Arab coffee cups, also available in 10 different colors.

Furthermore, as the best of the experience, Ginori East Italian table set offers the famous tête-à-tête (set coffee cups for 2 persons) in all ten colors. The choice is yours!

ginori oriente italiano coffee cups with lid

If you like gold rim, choose the most beautiful color of Ginori Oriente Italiano Set for two persons with lid and gold edge:

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