Swarovski for Rosenthal Signum Collection

swarovski for rosenthal signum collection

Swarovski for Rosenthal Signum Collection

Signum Collection is a trendy summer tableware in bright colours that was born thanks to the collaboration of the two well known luxury brands Swarovski and Rosenthal.

One of the most important and leading specialists in crystals and jewelry Swarovski teamed up with renowned German porcelain expert Rosenthal to create a stunning collection of tableware with a name Signum.

The collection is inspired by 19th century Art Nouveau from Vienna with its contemporary approach to art of living.

Both brands are not afraid to experiment with design, and in collaboration they let their imagination run wild.

This helped the series look like a table setting from some fairy tale.

The Signum collection is colorful with details that resemble a retro style.

swarovski signum green and pink collection

As one would expect from such a powerful alliance, the collection is equally sophisticated, whimsical and luxurious.

Shining porcelain of the highest quality,

juicy colours and elegant design made this series

become absolutely fantastic.

swarovski rosenthal logo

The World of Swarovski Rosenthal

The Signum collection is definitely one of the biggest Swarovski news that was presented by the brand during Swarovski press release in summer 2022.

The global creative director of Swarovski group Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert imagined a fabulous tableware that consisted of various decorative elements, while Rosenthal porcelain craftsmen conceptualized and finalized the designs.

The collection sought to combine the recognizable style, heritage and craftsmanship of both brands.

Shapes, planes and edges characteristic of Swarovski decorations were transformed into silhouettes that may be seen in the design of tableware elements.

swarovski rosenthal designer

An important decorative element so typical for Swarovski figurines is a large crystal that decorates some of the dinnerware pieces like a lid of a coffee pot, a mug, a covered vegetable bowl and a sugar bowl.

Swarovski Partner Rosenthal

The traditional German brand Rosenthal is one of the most renowned elite porcelain manufactures that has been known since 1879.

It is famous for its classic and cutting-edge design ideas that combine classic shapes and colors with contemporary design solutions.

After various collaborations with famous brands like Versace and designers like Andy Warhol, Rosenthal became an official Swarovski partner.

The new born collection Signum is an amalgamation of two distinctive identities that convey the highest craftsmanship of Rosenthal and the creative vision of the Swarovski band.

swarovski signum pink collection

The Signum has avant-garde style but it may be used for various special festive occasions both in the open air or inside the house.

swarovski rosenthal yellow plates
swarovski rosenthal green dinner set
swarovski rosenthal azure presentation
swarovski rosenthal pink collection

The collection consists of 62 pieces and is available in four different candy colours:

  • Tender Pink “Rose”
  • Vivid Yellow “Jonquil”
  • Bright Green “Fern”
  • Light Blue “Azure”.

Azure is the first variation of colour for Swarovski Signum for Rosenthal collection.

Azure is one of the shades of blue, the color of the sky on a clear day, the color of the mineral azurite.

The Azure collection includes 10 pieces necessary for a dinner set and for drinking tea or coffee.

The elaborated branded Swarovski crystal on the top of the lid has hexagonal form that perfectly completes the monochrome design of the series.

The collection includes not only dinnerware but some decorative pieces as well like a small vase of 15 cm.

swarovski signum blue collection

Swarovski for Rosenthal Fern is a green shade of this beautiful series.

The fern is a special plant that is considered as a symbol of light and the sun.

The fern represents the flower of life and the color of soul.

It is said that it illuminates the path of its owner, protecting from all the evil.

Swarovski for Rosenthal Fern is the biggest dinnerware series from the four existing variants.

It consists of 32 pieces and this time it includes various types of bowls, oval platters, sauce boat and porcelan spoon.

The Fern collection has three types of vases of different height.

swarovski rosenthal fern decoration

Swarovski for Rosenthal Jonquil is an amazing collection released in bright yellow colour.

Jonquil is translated as a narcissus or daffodil, a beautiful yellow flower that symbolizes new beginning, rebirth and the arrival of spring.

This charming flower denotes pride and vanity and it is believed that the bouquet of daffodils brings good luck.

Swarovski for Rosenthal Jonquil series is a vivid colour explosion that consists of 10 pieces including a teapot, a coffee pot, 4 types of plates, mug with and without lid and others.

It will definitely bring joy and happiness to any table setting with its summer spirit.

swarovski rosenthal yellow dinner set

Swarovski for Rosenthal Rose is the last variation of colour for Signum collection released in bright pink with precious details.

The name of this series was taken from the most beautiful flower in the world and that is the rose.

The pink colour symbolizes the imprint of romance and tenderness, it expresses sympathy and admiration.

Swarovski for Rosenthal Rose collection is a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

It includes only 10 pieces but they will be enough both to compose a dinner set for a person or to enjoy tea or coffee in beautiful cups or mug.

swarovski signum pink collection
swarovski signum green plates
swarovski signum pink plates
swarovski rosenthal azure collection

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