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Wedgwood China

The English brand Wedgwood is renowned worldwide for its incredibly beautiful bone china. Wedgwood’s unique, original, and premium products captivate hearts permanently.

The English royal family and other monarchs, including Russian Empress Catherine II, once used Wedgwood porcelain tableware. Today, lovers of beautiful dishes can purchase sets and individual pieces from this renowned factory in various countries.

Wedgwood China Company Since 1759

The Wedgwood factory is a national pride of the United Kingdom. Founded in 1759, it gained the status of royal supplier by 1765. Over the past two centuries, the brand has been admired by prominent world leaders, from Catherine the Great to Theodore Roosevelt.

Josiah Wedgwood, the founder and a hereditary potter, invented unique ceramic compositions and innovative porcelain processing methods. To master these technologies, all Wedgwood artisans undergo 10 years of training.

The production of porcelain at Wedgwood combines craftsmanship, centuries-old heritage, elegant beauty, unique technologies, and innovative developments.

These qualities have made Wedgwood a leader not only in the UK but also worldwide. The English factory Wedgwood has been one of the most renowned porcelain manufacturers in the world for over 260 years, known for its impeccable quality and diverse designs.

wedgwood butterfly bloom collection

Wedgwood Jasperware

Another significant professional achievement for the hereditary potter came in 1775 with the invention of “jasperware,” a ceramic material named for its resemblance to the durable natural stone.

Josiah Wedgwood valued this creation above all his other achievements. Jasperware became an ideal medium for applying portraits or classical white reliefs made from the same material. It was used to create cameos, vases, candlesticks, figurines, tea sets, and even frames and flower pots.

However, Wedgwood offered not only miniature items but also large plaques for interior decoration. Many experts consider the discovery of this material’s formula a milestone in ceramic production, second only to the Chinese invention of porcelain. Jasperware pieces are uniform in color throughout, even when broken. Wedgwood described it as a “white porcelain biscuit of elegant beauty and delicacy.”

The ceramist was proud of this material, as he achieved it only after many long and unsuccessful attempts. Today, as in the 18th century, the color palette of jasperware is diverse. It includes several shades: blue, gray, grayish-blue, lilac, yellow, green, dark red, black, and brown.

wedgwood intaglio plates

Where is Wedgwood China Made?

Wedgwood China like jasperware is made in England using traditional techniques and proven materials. Skilled craftsmen from the village of Barlaston continue to create captivating masterpieces.

Each dish or cup made from fine porcelain requires 36 hours of work by four people, and the entire process—from a shapeless piece of clay to the enamel coating—takes over three days.

The most fascinating aspect of this legendary tableware is the artwork:

  • The images are applied using lithographic printing, meticulously transferred onto the piece before firing.
  • Further decoration is done by hand. Liquid gold is used to create reliefs, along with paints in various shades and enamel coatings.
  • The most renowned themes include garlands of foliage, floral patterns, and mythical creatures.
wedgwood celestial gold sfeer

Wedgwood China: One of the Best British China Brands

Today, as always, Wedgwood tableware is distinguished by its unique design. The brand regularly collaborates with renowned designers and other brands. Among the most notable collaborations are those with Vera Wang, Jasper Conran, and The Royal Mint.

You can choose English Wedgwood porcelain from the Vera Wang wedding collection, as well as elegant tableware by J. Conran, decorated with platinum accents. Fans of themed decor will surely appreciate Wedgwood’s Christmas-themed porcelain.

None of the items in these refined collections can be called outdated or mediocre. By combining respect for the past with a bold vision for the future, the manufacturer finds the delicate balance between daring and elegance.

The primary material in the hands of English artisans is elegant bone china. Bone ash is added to the mix for strength, allowing the pieces to be fired at lower temperatures.

The result is light, delicate, yet remarkably strong items with a milky, almost translucent hue. Thanks to their resistance to chipping and impact, all porcelain collections are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

wedgwood vera wang grosgrain

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Wedgwood China Collections 

Wedgwood Chinaware Intaglio

Intaglio possesses an incredible magic. This collection offers an amazing tactile experience that makes you want to touch it!

The patterned embossing transports you to Ancient Rome and Greece, giving your table a timeless classical atmosphere.

Elegance, lightness, and refined, balanced proportions are designed to provide a contemporary perspective on a bygone era.

White bone china with delicate embossing reminiscent of traditional Ancient Roman or Greek decor adds a touch of grandeur to any table setting.

The Intaglio collection offers a modern take on the past: elegance and lightness, harmonious symmetry of details, and balanced proportions.

It is an essential classic for table settings, reimagined by the Wedgwood chinaware brand.

wedgwood collection intaglio
Wedgwood Chinaware Peonia Blush

Paeonia Blush is a bold, Oriental collection, perfect for afternoon tea.

The vibrant pieces are adorned with peonies and birds. Enjoy your tea and sweets with these beautifully decorated items.

The lush peonies symbolize romance, prosperity, and are believed to bring good luck and a happy marriage.

The initial inspiration for this collection came from historical Wedgwood pattern books dating back to the 18th century.

wedgwood paeonia blush teapot and mugs set
Wedgwood Chinaware Butterfly Bloom

Butterfly Bloom will transform tea time into a colorful and romantic experience. Charming butterflies and vibrant floral compositions embody the tea parties of bygone eras.

The design of the Butterfly Bloom collection is based on 19th-century sketches from the archives of the British Wedgwood china company.

Intricate patterns with lace and butterflies in the Chinoiserie style evoke the painting of antique Chinese porcelain. Gold accents highlight the smooth contours of the handles and rims.

The collection includes tableware with various patterns for serving tea in a trendy eclectic style.

Teacups and saucers, teapots, dessert plates, and dishes in signature boxes make a perfect gift for a lover of English bone china.

Each piece in this collection, made from fine bone china, is crafted to the highest standards and adorned with gold trim, adding a special charm.

wedgwood butterfly bloom cake stand presentation
Wedgwood Chinaware Cornucopia

Cornucopia draws inspiration from the mythical ‘Horn of Plenty’ and features designs with mythical creatures like unicorns and satyrs.

Made from fine white bone china, the collection includes wide bands of ivory parchment, dark navy ribbons, ochre accents, and 22-carat gold rims.

Designed at the Wedgwood Studio in Barlaston, Staffordshire, in central England, the collections reflect a blend of traditional English heritage and modern influences.

Since 1759, Wedgwood chinaware has combined old and new styles, drawing from its rich archives and the contemporary creative world. Wedgwood products are always well-proportioned, thoughtfully designed, and meticulously detailed.

Crafted from the finest materials with skills passed down through generations, all Wedgwood collections are made to add luxury and joy to everyday life and to last for years.

wedgwood cornucopia tea cup collection
Wedgwood Chinaware Vera Wang Lace Gold & Lace Platinum

Inspired by the colorful corsages in Vera Wang’s famous bridal collection, the Lace collection exudes simple elegance.

It features a delicate design of lace bands and floral patterns, with a touch of gold or platinum adding a luxurious feel to any meal.

Vera Wang, a renowned figure in bridal fashion, is known for blending traditional beauty with modern style.

wedgwood vera wang lace table
Wedgwood Chinaware Vera Wang Grossgrain

The Grosgrain collection offers exquisite fine bone china with elegant design features.

The platinum-trimmed borders resemble delicate needle lace, adding a touch of sophistication and sensual elegance to any dining setting.

Introduced in 2005, the Grosgrain collection is made from fine bone china and is dishwasher safe.

Wedgwood Chinaware Wonderlust

Wonderlust is a collection for those with a passion for wonders.

These eclectic pieces are inspired by travel impressions and pay homage to both European and Asian influences.

These motifs bring a modern twist to the famous floral prints and patterns of Wedgwood china. Transport yourself to the farthest corners of the world without leaving home.

  • Wedgwood

    Wedgwood Set of 2 Mugs Wonderlust


    Wedgwood Set of 2 Mugs Wonderlust in fine bone china is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Gift box included.

    The set consists of Camellia and Crimson Jewel mug from Wonderlust collection.

    Size: H 8,5 cm, W 7,2cm, C.ty 200ml each

  • Wedgwood

    Wedgwood Set of 2 Mugs Wonderlust Large


    Wedgwood Set of 2 Mugs Wonderlust Large in fine bone china is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Gift box included.

    The set consists of Yellow Tonquin Mug and Blue Pagoda Mug from Wonderlust collection.

    Size: H 8,3 cm, W 8,5 cm, C.ty 300ml each

Wedgwood Chinaware Sweet Plum

The classic English plum orchid has inspired many Wedgwood china designs over the years, but never as vibrantly as now.

The Sweet Plum pattern blends 18th-century plum motifs with modern ceramics, creating dinnerware that is lively, romantic, and timeless.

White, fine bone china features delicate floral pastel designs highlighted with a shiny gold trim.

Wedgwood Chinaware Jasper Conran Chinoserie Green

Jasper Conran Chinoserie Green Wedgwood Chinaware reflects the 18th-century British love for Eastern patterns.

Beautifully reimagined with a stunning design of exotic flowers, leaves, and birds, this stunning dinnerware has a richly colored background with platinum edges.

This modern look is perfect for formal dining when paired with a wooden table, colorful flowers, silver cutlery, and white linens.

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