Best Luxury Brands for Home

best luxury brands for home

Best Luxury Brands for Home

When it comes to decorating and furnishing our homes, many of us want to invest in high-quality, luxurious pieces that will stand the test of time.

Fortunately, there are many luxury brands that specialize in home décor and furnishings, offering a wide range of exquisite and sophisticated products. So, these elements will make any home more luxurious.

Therefore, in this article we would like to present to you some of the best luxury brands for the home:

Hermès brand offers a huge assortment of luxury home creations ranging from tableware to furniture.

Certainly, their products took inspiration from the brand’s unmistakable style together with timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail.

As a result, the artisans of the brand use high quality materials in order to create amazing items with functional and elegant design.

hermes home collection

The French luxury brand Baccarat is known for its crystal glassware and home decor all over the world.

Their elegant and sophisticated products often feature intricate designs and patterns.

As well, Baccarat’s creations are highly sought after by collectors and those who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

baccarat home collection

Ginori 1735, an Italian luxury home brand is known alla over the world for creation of a high-end porcelain products. For instance, it includes tableware, home decor and various decorative accessories.

The brand was founded in 1735 by the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori in Doccia, a small town near Florence, Italy.

Since its inception, Ginori 1735 has been renowned especially for its exceptional craftsmanship attention to detail and artistic design.

ginori home brand

Over the years, Ginori 1735 has worked with some of the most famous artists and designers in the world, including Gio Ponti, Paolo Venini and the celebrated Italian architect Piero Fornasetti.

Consequently, these collaborations gave life to some of the most iconic porcelain designs of the last century. For instance, the ‘Catene or Chains’ collection created by Gio Ponti, feature intricate gold and platinum chains.

Today, Ginori 1735 continues to uphold its legacy of luxury and artistry, with a range of products that satisfy the most demanding tastes. Inspired by italian’s rich cultural heritage, the porcelain collections celebrate the country’s natural beauty, art and architecture.

Versace brand is known for its bold and luxurious designs. It is one of the most glamorous luxury brands for Home.

Its Home collection offers a range of home decor and furnishings that are sure to make a statement.

Their creations often feature the brand’s signature Medusa motif, combined with bright colors and unmistakable prints.

versace home decoration

Saint Louis is a French luxury brand that specializes in crystal glassware.

Its products are known for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, as well as their elegant and modern designs.

As a result, Saint Louis’ creations are considered the finest crystal glassware in the world.

saint louis home collection

Lladró is a Spanish luxury brand that is best known for its porcelain figurines.

Its products are handcrafted and often feature intricate details and patterns.

Also, some of Lladró’s creations are collector’s items.

Moreover, they are highly sought after by those who appreciate fine art and craftsmanship.

lladro home collection

Herend is a Hungarian luxury brand that produces a high-end porcelain.

Its products are handcrafted and hand-painted, often featuring intricate designs and patterns.

Herend’s products are known for their high quality and attention to detail, consequently making them a popular choice for luxury tableware and home décor enthusiasts.

herend queen victoria

Christofle is a luxury brand that specializes itself in silverware and tableware.

In particular, French manufacturer is renowned for its craftsmanship and elegance.

It offers a wide range of flatware sets, each crafted from high-quality silver or silver-plated materials.

Their designs are classic and timeless, making them a great investment for any fine dining lover.

christofle mood asia flatware

Bernardaud is one of the leading porcelain manufacturers in the world and is known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

It offers a wide range of porcelain products, including for example dinnerware, decorative pieces, and custom-made porcelain for prestigious clients.

The brand collaborates with famous designers and artists so that to create unique and elegant porcelain pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

bernardaud votives

Puiforcat is a French luxury silverware brand founded in 1820 by Emile Puiforcat and it is known for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and timeless elegance.

Moreover, the company’s silverware products are made using the finest materials and traditional techniques, such as hammering, chasing, and engraving.

Each piece is crafted by skilled artisans who have mastered the art of silversmithing.

puiforcat phi collection

As well, Puiforcat’s silverware collections include everything from tableware, flatware, and serving pieces to decorative objects and giftware.

Lalique was founded in 1888 by René Lalique, a renowned French glassmaker and jeweler.

This crystal brand produces a wide range of crystal products, in particular vases, bowls, perfume bottles, and sculptures.

As a result, Lalique’s crystal pieces are known for their delicate beauty and intricate designs.

lalique blue collection

Many of the company’s pieces feature nature-inspired motifs, such as flowers, animals, and birds. Lalique’s crystal is also known for its satin finish, which gives it a soft, matte appearance.

Venini is a glass company founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappellin.

The brand specialises on producing various types of art glass originated in Murano, an island in the Venetian lagoon off the coast of Italy.

Moreover, Venini quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality glass art, and their vases became particularly popular among collectors and art enthusiasts.

new murano glass vases pink venini

One of the reasons for their popularity is the company’s commitment to innovation and experimentation, which led to the development of many unique and distinctive styles of Venini vases over the years.

Furthermore, some of the most notable styles of Venini vases include the Fazzoletto (or handkerchief) vase, which has a unique shape that resembles a crumpled handkerchief, and the Bolle (or bubbles) vase, which is made by trapping air bubbles in the glass during the blowing process to create a textured surface.

Daum founded in 1878 by Jean Daum, a French glassmaker produces a wide range of crystal products, including vases, bowls and sculptures.

Daum’s crystal pieces are known for their vibrant colors and bold designs.

As well, many of the company’s pieces feature abstract shapes and patterns, as well as nature-inspired motifs.

daum centerpiece palm beach

Luxury brand of silverware and home decor items Buccellati creates its masterpieces with precision and care since the 1920s.

The owner family has been in the silver business for over a century. As a result, their silverware is known for its supreme designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

buccellati silver dishes

Buccellati silverware is handcrafted using traditional techniques, which makes each piece unique. Its artisans are highly skilled and trained to produce intricate designs using techniques such as chasing, engraving, and filigree work. As a result, the designs are often inspired by nature, with motifs such as leaves, flowers, and fruits adorning the handles and bodies of the silverware.

Buccellati silverware is made from high-quality silver, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The silver is often plated with gold or other precious metals, which adds to the luxuriousness of the product. In addition to silverware, Buccellati also produces other home decor items such as picture frames, candlesticks, and vases.

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