Taitù: a Colour Explosion on Your Table

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Taitù: a Colour Explosion on Your Table

Taitù is more than just porcelain, it’s an Italian luxury lifestyle. Taitù allows you to be surrounded by bright colors!
Decorate your table with colours, nature and the charm of a holiday in Italy.
Taitù tableware is suitable for everyday use and for special occasions.
These are new emotions every day.
Meet the precious revolutionary beauty of Taitù!
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Taitù Milano & Ethiopian Princess

Taitù is named after the Ethiopian princess, who was considered a descendant of the legendary queen of Sheba.

Translated from the Ethiopian Taitù means “I am color, light, beauty and freedom”.

A proud princess with such a wonderful name gave the amulet to an Italian traveler who explored Africa in the late 19th century.

According to legend, a stone with the name of a princess was supposed to bring luck to one of its owner’s descendants.

The heir of the relic was the grandson of a brave Italian Emilio Bergamin, founder of an Italian brand with a mysterious name for all Europeans Taitù.

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Taitù Individual Style

Taitù Milano is synonymous with the excellence and luxury of the Italian lifestyle in the world.

Thanks to the Italian designers and its innovative concept that combines with the use of the most expensive materials, it easily achieved its popularity.

Taitù was the first to bring colors to the table, presenting surprising collections capable of evoking strong emotions.

Each of them conveys optimism and joy both in everyday life and on special occasions.

Inspired by Japanese design, Emilio Bergamin realized his idea of small porcelain collections full of color, light, beauty and freedom.

The Taitù style is the individuality of each item, designed to bring joy to the home.

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Taitù Mix & Match Concept

Taitu’s unique design is taking shape in a whole new creative dimension.

The Taitù Mix & Match is an original approach of mixing styles that opens to everyone a new prospective of seeing the porcelain and table setting.

It expresses a sense of compositional freedom: a kaleidoscope of shapes, a variety of subjects and a bold mix of colours.

This innovative concept allows you to combine collections and bring new emotions to the table.

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Taitù Innovation

The beauty of Taitù porcelain items is also given by the extensive use of the smallest decorative elements.

A distinctive feature of Taitù plates is that the drawings are applied not only on the outside of the product, but also on the inside part.

Taitù brand is constantly striving for innovation. It was the first one to:

  • bring bright splash of colours to the table;
  • to invent a mixing concept.
taitu emotion bowl
Taitù Fil Rouge is an expression of love, vitality and passionate energy.

Taitù Fil Rouge is an explosion of passionate red, vivid green and melodic black and white colours.

It consists of 4 collections united by a common detail that is a red thread that helps to combine them in a perfect way.

Taitù Fil Rouge consists of:

  • Taitù Fil Rouge Foglie or Leaves;
  • Taitù Fil Rouge Bacche or Berries;
  • Taitù Fil Rouge Musica or Music;
  • Taitù Fil Rouge Nodi or Knots.
taitu dinner plate
Taitù Fil Rouge is able to reveal a deep sense of beauty in everyone.

Inspired by so endlessly immense, incredible and cherished world of the Sea, Taitù created an amazing porcelain collection with a name Mare. It represents its mystery, peace and freedom.

The design of this collection reflects the charming beauty of the sea flora and fauna. The collection consists of 18 pieces decorated with corals and fishes in bright red orange, yellow and blue colors.

The Taitù Cactus Collection is a triumph of optimism and a joyful Mediterranean lifestyle. This time the Cactus plant becomes the main motif of the decorative design, where nature and infinity come together.

The collection presents the latest technical innovation of the finest porcelain decorated with an enamel effect. The collection includes 16 pieces in which an incredible aesthetic effect is guaranteed.

The Taitù Emotion is another vivid collection that is inspired by nature and expresses joy, happiness and beauty. Taitù plates are decorated with snails, tulips, butterflies that give pleasant emotions. The series includes 21 pieces each of which will not leave you indifferent.

The Mediterranean diet of Taitù is the perfection of nature and its colors, unique design and a new way of tasting. The designer of this series Silvia Cabassa has managed to bring the Italian lifestyle to the table. The collection includes three series: Taitù Mediterranean diet Vegetables, Taitù Mediterranean diet Fruits and Taitù Mediterranean diet Fish. 

The Taitù Forever is one of the most luxurious and classy collections of the brand. This time its designer Silvia has decided to bring jewels to the table. She took inspiration from colored gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and, of course, diamonds and mixed them with the simplicity of porcelain. The collection includes 17 pieces each of which embraces elegance and beautiful style.

The Taitù Ferri has a very refined and simple design. The series is decorated with abstract black and white elements that reflect the contemporary spirit of Taitù. Its design was inspired by iron, a very resistant material that was used since ancient times. The Taitù Ferri expresses an undeniable conceptual vision of the evolutionary beauty of the Italian brand.

The Taitù Freedom is an expression of coloured nature in bright colours. The collection is decorated with vivid leaves and trees, green grass, red, yellow and white flowers, fruits and vegetables. It conveys the free spirit of these natural elements that highlight the mastership of brand’s artisans.

The Taitù Red is an explosion of passion on white porcelain. Geometric abstractions of roses and chillies, butterflies and cherries, lollypops and strawberries, poppies and tomatoes decorate this beautiful collection. The snake appears in some pieces of porcelain to add a hint of temptation to the whole composition.

The Taitù Wild Spirit is an open door to the world of wild animals. Designed in a monochrome black and white palette, the collection conveys the true spirit of animals and their perception of freedom. The porcelain items are decorated with giraffes, zebras, tigers and leopards, revealing the individual character of each animal.

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