Best Luxury Porcelain Brands

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Best Luxury Porcelain Brands

Today, in the production of best luxury tableware, several brands occupy the front position all around the world. These companies have been successfully developing in the porcelain tableware market for many years and are specialized in the production of porcelain not only for special occasions but as well for everyday use.

Each creation maintains the individuality and dissimilarity of each brand, characterising the utmost quality and centuries-old traditions.
logo hermes
Hermès is a French manufacturer of high quality porcelain tableware known throughout the world.

Hermès tableware collections

Each collection is an exclusive story associated with some significant events, which is reflected in the name.

It is a true example of style and luxury.

Thanks to the different elements in hand painting and the recognizable eye-catching design of each product, Hermès tableware is in great demand by beauty connoisseurs all over the world.

By choosing Hermes tableware, you will have the opportunity to bring a piece of canonical French style and sophisticated luxury into your home.

The unique shape and original design of Hermes porcelain will create a cozy atmosphere, full of beauty and exclusive details.

hermes home collection
logo ginori 1735
Ginori 1735 formerly called Richard Ginori is another luxury porcelain brand this time from Italy for anyone who appreciates opulence and elegant style.

Its story begins in 1735 when the young enterprising Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori decided to bring the Medici traditions back to Italy and opened a factory near Florence.

The first products that the factory produced were sold out successfully.

In 1896 the Ginori manufactory merged with the Milanese brand “Richard” of the ceramic industrialist Augusto Richard.

The two companies formed the Richard Ginori which then turned into a large company that combined 8 factories.

The company was so successful that still exists today, producing high quality handmade tableware.

oriente italiano richard ginori plates

A Perfection itself

Ginori 1735 Italian porcelain tableware has long been a model with a perfect design that continues to embellish the most important tables around the world.

Its porcelain tableware combines simplicity, minimalism, functionality and, at the same time, the extraordinary high quality of the product.

lladro logo
Lladro is the successful story of the legendary Spanish porcelain brand, a unique combination of talent and meticulous attention to detail to achieve perfection.

Lladro is a spanish world leader in the design and manufacture of artistic luxury porcelain.

From small figurines to collectible porcelain sculptures, Lladro is a brand that has embodied a modern, elegant and exclusive lifestyle for more than half a century.

Its story begins from the passion for porcelain of three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente Lladro that made it become a way of life and managed to build a business empire with their own hands.

The symbiosis of constant artistic and technological research creates a unique and distinctive style with soft lines, thanks to which Lladro’s work becomes famous all over the world.

Elegance & Style

Demonstrating the mastery in handling matter, the Lladro artists create increasingly complex and dynamic works, defying the laws of gravity.

Its distinctive and recognizable style lies in the exceptional restraint, aristocratic elegance and sensuality of the works. Lladro figurines are a true message of love and peace in sensual compositions.

  • Lladró

    Lladrò Atlas Figurine


    Size: 26 x 27 cm h 56 cm

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    Lladró Just You and Me Eternal Love Porcelain Figurine

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    Lladró Just You Me Porcelain Figurine is an amazing sculpture that masterfully captures a couple in a warm and passionate embrace. It means eternal love.

    Sculptor: José Luis Santes
    Size: H 49 cm, W 19 cm, L 16 cm

  • Lladró

    Lladró Owl mask Fierce Portraits

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    Lladró Owl Mask – Fierce Portraits
    Designer: José Luis Santes
    Size: Height 35 cm, Width 32 cm, Length 14 cm

    A piece of glazed porcelain, decorated with a bold design of black lines on a white background and details of golden luster. The mask is loaded with symbolism and expressive force and is perfect to give or decorate all kinds of environments.

  • Lladró

    Lladró The Essence Of Life Porcelain Figurine

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    LLADRO THE ESSENCE OF LIFE family porcelain figurine with gift box. Sculptor: Ernest Massuet, Release year 2011 Size: 23 x 25 cm This amazing The Essence of Life matte porcelain piece depicts a wonderful sitting family. A protective and loving father is embracing the mother as they admire their new born baby that she cradles in her arms. Every part of their matte white bodies expresses closeness, their arms touch naturally and just like the way the new born baby is nested in his mother’s arms the woman is nested in her man’s embrace. This piece would be a perfect gift for a baby shower.

logo bernardaud
Bernardaud is a French brand famous for its impeccable Limoges porcelain.

The history of the old French Bernardaud manufacture begins in 1863.

It is an example of a family business that has survived in Europe and has stood the test of time.

The ancestor of a glorious dynasty in porcelain production was Michel Bernardaud, whose innovative technologies for firing raw materials laid the foundation for a whole host of innovative solutions.

At each stage of the development of the manufacture, Bernardaud porcelain reaches a standard of the highest quality.

Bernardaud luxury tableware is a vivid confirmation of the brand’s philosophy with constant development that overcomes the usual forms.

bernardaud votives
  • Bernardaud

    Bernardaud Rim Soup Twist Gold

    Original price was: 186,00€.Current price is: 172,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 172,00.

    Bernardaud Twist Gold Rim Soup in Limoges porcelain, refined with gold. Gift box included.

    Diameter: 22,5 cm / 9″

  • Bernardaud

    Bernardaud Service plate Twist Again

    Original price was: 195,00€.Current price is: 180,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 180,00.

    Bernardaud Service plate Twist Again in Limoges porcelain. Gift box included.

    Pretty and practical, the service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

    Diameter: 29,5 cm / 11½”

  • Bernardaud

    Bernardaud Service Plate Twist Gold

    Original price was: 299,00€.Current price is: 276,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 276,00.

    Bernardaud Twist Gold Service Plate in Limoges porcelain, refined with gold. Gift box included.

    Diameter: 29,5 cm / 11.6″

  • Bernardaud

    Bernardaud Service Plate Twist Platinum

    Original price was: 259,00€.Current price is: 239,00€.

    Previous lowest price was 239,00.

    Bernardaud Twist Platinum Service Plate in Limoges porcelain, refined with platinum. Gift box included.

    Pretty and practical, the service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

    Diameter: 29,5 cm / 11.6″

Rosenthal is a one of the most renowned German porcelain brand that, has been creating fine luxury porcelain for more centuries.

Rosenthal is synonym of great and impeccable quality, modern but classy style.

It is a tradition combined with an excellence of products that is intertwined with timeless beauty.

The design, style and history of this brand’s luxury porcelain production can amaze true connoisseurs of luxury tableware.

Rosenthal porcelain is perfect for everyday use with a comfortable, ergonomic and simple design.

Elegance and refinement is what distinguishes this brand from the rest.

rosenthal porcelain brand
logo versace

The Rosenthal Versace collections are characterized by extravagance and a rich inimitable style combined with uniqueness.

This collaboration began at the end of the last century in 1993.

Unique luxury porcelain tableware collections, combining the bright and expressive style of Versace and the blend of tradition and innovative methods of the Rosenthal brand, have not lost their popularity to this day.

Versace’s symbol, the head of Medusa, has been featured in all collections since the late 1970s.

The union of these two well-known brands Rosenthal and Versace has combined traditional and innovative forms, classic and modernity.

versace medusa plates

Swarovski for Rosenthal is a brand new collaboration of German porcelain brand and one of the most important crystal manufactures in the world.

The collection took a name Signum and it was created thanks to the imagination of the Swarovski creative designer Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert and the supreme craftsmanship of Rosenthal masters.

The series was released in four amazing and bright candy colours:

  • green
  • yellow
  • rose
  • light blue.
swarovski tableware collection

Special embellishments

An important decorative element that embellish some of the piece of this collection is an hexagonal crystal Swarovski.

The whole series may be perfectly used both indoor and outside, especially for bright summer table settings.

logo herend
Herend is a luxury porcelain brand admired by the connoisseurs and collectors of elite luxury porcelain for over two centuries. The peculiarity of its products is that they are created exclusively by hand and are real works of art. The main emphasis in the production is on overglaze porcelain painting.

Herend Manufactory was founded in Hungary in 1826, which immediately attracted the attention of connoisseurs of classical porcelain.

Since 1839, the Herend brand has been producing porcelain products that reflect the best traditions of Chinese art in style, shape and pattern.

In 1851 the most famous Herend motif was presented in London, realized in the floristic theme.

It included images of peonies and butterflies in bloom in pleasant bright colors.

The name of the Herend decors is reminiscent of the names of many prominent porcelain customers, notably Apponyi, Queen Victoria or Rothschild.

herend espresso cup

Herend Supreme porcelain

Now the manufactory’s products are featured in museums and private collections, and the brand itself is associated with supreme porcelain of the highest quality.

The luxury porcelain tableware from the famous German manufacturer Sieger by Furstenberg has gained popularity far beyond the borders of Europe.

The fine snow-white porcelain with bright details, used for making tableware is simple, yet concise at the same time.

The embodiment of it in a well-thought-out form helps to create lightness and sophistication.

The design is made in a modern style and all the products of the brand can be combined without problems.

Sieger by Furstenberg is a German porcelain brand that combines luxury, functionality and particular attention to detail.

sieger by furstenberg porcelain
hermes passifolia dinnerware
oriente italiano malachite plate

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