Puiforcat Cannes Flatware Collection

puiforcat cannes flatware

Puiforcat Cannes Flatware Collection


Puiforcat Cannes Flatware is one of the most important iconic collections from the whole assortment of the cutlery that was ever released by the famous French brand. Each piece of this series is carefully shaped by the hands of the skilled craftsmen.

Thanks to painstaking work, strict adherence to secret methods of work and elaborating technologies, the scrupulousness of each master, forks, knives and other accessories turn into real work of art. The design of Puiforcat Cannes Flatware can certainly be called timeless, as after so many years it still looks relevant.

The Puiforcat brand is a well-known silversmiths manufacturer from France, whose name is associated with elegance and unsurpassed quality of products.

Puiforcat Cannes flatware that was released by the brand in 1928 is an amazing series of sterling silver cutlery like the Elysee collection.

It has a strong personality with simple design.

Its author was Jean Puiforcat, a legendary silversmith who headed the Puiforcat manufactory.

Puiforcat Cannes flatware is a sign of high status and impeccable taste of its owner.

It is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and is not just a piece of sterling silver, but it’s a real work of art.

puiforcta story brand
Puiforcat Cannes flatware has an eloquent name as its form resembles the façade of the famous Martinez Hotel situated in Cannes.

The place was one of the favourites of Jean and that is why he was particularly in love with this collection and chose it for his own wedding with Maria Estevez.

Puiforcat Cannes flatware was always admired by the enthusiasts of the luxury way of living and used for various important dining establishments.

Forks, knives, spoons and other serving items made of the noble material will successfully complement any dinnerware, whether it is classic white or bright porcelain collection.

All products, regardless of style and purpose, are very durable and ergonomic.

puiforcat cutlery cannes

Puiforcat Cannes 45 Pieces Cutlery

Puiforcat Cannes Flatware collection is the epitome of conciseness and elegance.

The perfectly smooth surface of the sterling silver creates a beautiful play of light and emphasizes the noble origin of the cutlery.

The neutral design of the items goes well with any kind of table setting and looks equally harmonious both in everyday home serving and on some special events.

The collection has all the necessary items needed for table decoration, regardless of the composition and the type of the serving dishes.

puiforcat cannes cutlery set
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One of the most important elements from the Puiforcat Cannes collection is of course the cutlery used for dinner.

It includes a dinner fork, a dinner knife and of course a dinner spoon.

The design of these pieces is plain with no extra decorations that consists of five fluted rings on the top of the geometrical handle.

The spoon, the knife and the fork with 3 tines is intended primarily for the individual consumption of cold and hot appetizers, first and second hot courses.

puiforcat cannes dinner spoon

The Puiforcat Cannes collection includes of course a set for the dessert purposes.

It consists of a dessert fork, a dessert spoon and a dessert knife.

Each of these pieces is usually used for different kinds of sweets and dessert dishes.

The fork is smaller than dinner fork with three tines. The spoon has the same lengths of the fork of 17,5 cm.

puiforcat cannes flatware

The Puiforcat Cannes collection includes 4 elements that can be used for fish. First of all, it includes the fish fork and fish knife that are used for eating hot fish dishes and as well it has a fish serving fork together with a fish serving knife that are used properly to serve main fish courses.

The fish knife has a very interesting form that slightly resembles a spatula, while the fish fork has shorter tines in comparison with the dinner fork.

The serving fork and spoon from Puiforcat Cannes collection is a perfect all-purpose set that is used for serving many dishes.

Their special form was designed properly for easy serving of different types of food like legumes or various kinds of roasted vegetables and sliced meat.

Made of sterling silver 930, both of these serving elements have an optimate weight that guarantees the easy handling.

The Puiforcat Cannes serving fork has three tines and a very long handle.

Puiforcat Cannes Carving Knife and fork were designed properly to cut the meat.

The tapered and extremely sharp stainless steel knife blade is designed with the aim of easily dealing with cooked meat of varying consistency.

Puiforcat Cannes Carving Knife is 29,5 cm with a very long blade that permits to cut in different ways all types of meat.

Puiforcat Cannes collection includes a cheese knife that has a very special form.

Its curved blade helps to cut the cheese in portions, to prick it or to spread it on the plate.

As for the cold meat fork from Puiforcat Cannes collection, it has a flat form with 4 pointed tines.

It is very useful in serving cold meat, French toasts, slices of cheese of vegetables, waffles, ecc.

The Puiforcat Cannes collection includes a salad fork, a salad serving spoon, a rice server and asparagus tongs. Each of these pieces of cutlery has their own proper usage. For example, the salad fork has elongated shape and is used of course for eating and mixing salad. The serving spoon accompanied by the serving fork makes easier to serve various types of salad courses.

The rice server is very useful for hot rice dishes as its form prevents the food from falling down. The asparagus tongs is flat bladed utensil that is made for serving dishes with asparagus and not only.

Puiforcat Cannes collection includes four different types of ladles: a gravy ladle, a cream ladle, a soup ladle and a fat and gravy ladle. The form of this utensils resembles a small deep spoon with a round shape that helps to serve these particular types of dishes.

Puiforcat Cannes Flatware for Special Dishes

puiforcat cannes oyster fork

While eating some specific or exotic dishes, you may need the usage of individual tools that will facilitate this process.

Puiforcat Cannes collection has such type of cutlery and it includes a caviar spoon, a lobster fork, a snail fork and an oyster fork.

puiforcat cannes lobster fork

Within the whole variety of cutlery pieces, Puiforcat Cannes collection includes an individual sauce spoon and a round soup spoon.

The rouns soup spoon is used for hot liquid dishes and is quite small. Its length is only 16,5 cm.

The individual sauce spoon is even smaller.

It length is 17 cm and it is used by a person for different kinds of sauces.

Puiforcat Cannes Flatware for Tea & Coffee

The Puiforcat Cannes collection couldn’t but include cutlery piece that are used during tea and coffee drinking ceremonies. The series has a small espresso or a so called mocha spoon, a coffee spoon and a tea spoon. As well, there is a pair of sugar tongs with an inverted U shape that are perfect for cubed sugar and may be put on the side of the sugar bowl.

The sugar spoon has two design variations that is the classic version and the pierced sugar spoon.

Both are maid in sterling silver and are used to serve granulated sugar.

The spoons are easy to use and does not cause allergies.

Thanks to the sterling silver, the spoon has a beneficial effect on human health.

Utensils used for pastry take a special place in this Puiforcat Cannes collection. It includes a cake server  wide spade like blade, a cake knife of 27 cm and a cake fork with three tines.

As well, there is a butter spreader that is used to cut off a portioned piece of butter and put it easily to a bread plate.

The collection of Puiforcat Cannes has absolutely everything you need. The most uncommon cutlery pieces that you may not easily find everywhere else that has this series is a fork and knife used for cocktails, as well as an ice cream spoon, together with a long drink spoon.

Puiforcat Cannes collection includes two types of dinner sets.

The first one that is suitable for one person only is 5 piece place setting.

It consists of a dinner fork, a dinner knife, a dinner spoon, a dessert fork and tea spoon.

The second dinner set includes 24 pieces and it will be absolutely suitable for 6 people as it includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner spoons and 6 tea spoons.

The cutlery dinner set for 6 or just for one from Puiforcat Cannes collection will be perfect for the lovers of both classic and modern style.

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