Puiforcat Royal Flatware: a Majestic Sophistication on Your Table

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Puiforcat Royal Flatware Sterling Silver


Puiforcat Royal Flatware Sterling Silver is one of the oldest collections manufactured by this renowned French brand and which exceptional quality allowed to gradually conquer the whole world.

Puiforcat Royal Collection is like a visit card of the brand that confirms in every single detail that the supreme craftsmanship and the undiscussable talent of its artisans continue to maintain the uniqueness and the highest quality of its products through centuries.

The Puiforcat Royal workshop was opened in 1820 in the Parisian quarter of Marais and over the years has earned a reputation of one of the finest silversmiths in France.

At the very beginning, a such widespread recognition seemed to be just a fantasy for the brothers Emile and Joseph-Marie Puforcat together with their cousin Jean-Baptiste Fuchs. A small shop-workshop of silver cutlery in the third arrondissement of Paris did not count on approval of high society thus becoming one of the most demanding silversmiths of the 19th century.

From the very first silver collections, Puiforcat workshops have been focused on the production of luxury products. Today, unique exhibits, like many years ago, serve as prototypes for modern models, thanks to which Puiforcat has earned a reputation of being the best in silverware craftsmanship.

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Puiforcat Sterling Silver Exceptional Quality

Puiforcat sterling silver Royal cutlery set is all about traditions, heritage and modernity.

Puiforcat has succeeded by innovating different aspects of manufacturing while remaining true to its origins.

Over 200 years of its existence, the brand has become famous thanks to the unique skill of craftsmen in working with silver.

puiforcat royal flatware

Puiforcat Royal Flatware: An Everlasting Time-Honoured Collection

Puiforcat Royal sterling silver cutlery is a collection of time-honored know-how, the quality that reached perfection and, moreover, virtuosity in constant development and movement.

This achievement allowed the Puiforcat Maison to embody the art of silversmithing in its exquisite nobility and to become a significant part in France’s cultural heritage.

Strong attention to each detail and the highest level of craftsmen’s skills, makes this collection be so unique and crafted with the highest precision.

Puiforcat Royal Flatware is a truly exceptional collection that for centuries dressed the finest tables of all the connoisseurs of the finest objects at the whole world.

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Puiforcat Royal Flatware: A Grace and Refinement in Every Single Piece

Puiforcat Royal collection of finest flatware was designed in the 18th century by a talented silversmith of those times Nicolas Cornu.

The design was out of common and attracted the attention of many because of its eye catching details and true-to-life lines that accentuated the sophistication, finesse and embellishment of every single piece.

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Puiforcat Royal Flatware: a Supremacy to the Utmost Degree

Puiforcat Royal Flatware was drenched by nobility, expressing the exceptional quality and refinement to the highest degree.

Its helix shaped handles are decorated with delicate curved floral motifs that perfectly demonstrate the greatest ability of the Puiforcat silversmiths.

Not surprisingly, Puiforcat Royal Flatware became the favourite one of Madame de Pompadour and the King Louis XV.

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Puiforcat Royal Cutlery Set of 42 pieces for All Your Needs

puiforcat royal cutlery

Puiforcat Royal Flatware is handcrafted in sterling silver and enriches each table setting with its magical elegance.

Every single piece, would be a fork or a knife or a spoon is filed, chased and polished by hand and are crafted in an extremely precise and perfect manner, dedicating a special attention to its details.

Puiforcat Royal Flatware & Exotic Dishes

The Puiforcat Royal Flatware Collection consists of 42 pieces that can satisfy each of your surprising demands and special dining exigencies.

Within the classic collection of cutlery pieces like dinner fork, salad spoon or serving ladle, there are as well special items that will definitely emphasize the taste of your delicious and exotic dishes like snails, oysters, lobsters or caviar.

puiforcat royal jam caviar fork

Puiforcat Royal Flatware: it’s Time for Dessert!

A special part of this Puiforcat Royal Flatware Collection is dedicated to sweets, like for example a cake server, a cake knife or a dessert spoon. You can find as well an ice cream spoon or sugar tongs, richly embellished with beautiful opulent decorations.

Puiforcat Royal 5-Piece Place Setting Flatware is a dinner set in sterling silver suitable for one person’s needs for a full dinner service.

This Puiforcat Royal set includes 1 each of the dinner spoon, dinner fork, dinner knife, coffee spoon and a dessert fork.

This Puiforcat Royal 5-Piece Place Setting Flatware can become a perfect gift for your beloved ones, enabling to add a special majestic accent to your table.

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    Puiforcat Royal 24 pcs Gift Set Sterling Silver

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    Puiforcat Royal 24 pcs Gift Set Sterling Silver is a perfect blend of elegance and style. Gift box included.
    Sterling Silver: 930. Suitable for dishwasher.

    For six people 24 pieces Puiforcat Royal Sterling Silver includes:

    • 6 dinner knives
    • 6 dinner forks
    • 6 dinner spoons
    • 6 tea spoons

Puiforcat Royal Flatware Collection includes a lustrous 24 pieces gift set, just perfect to enrich your home collection and to surprise your guests with its supreme quality.

This Puiforcat Royal Gift set is perfect for 6 persons and includes 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner spoons, 6 coffee spoons to complete your delightful dining ceremonies in an ideal way.

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