Puiforcat Cannes 5 Piece Sterling Silver Cutlery Set

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Puiforcat Cannes Cutlery set – 5 ppc

5 piece Puiforcat Cannes Cutlery set Sterling Silver contains the dining essentials for one diner including:

  • table spoon
  • dinner fork
  • dinner knife
  • salad fork
  • tea spoon

Puiforcat Cannes cutlery set sterling silver is a strikingly classic design with clear lines. The famous cutlery was designed by Jean Puiforcat for his own wedding in 1928 and consequently revolutionized the conventional shapes of cutlery common at the time.

Puiforcat Cannes Cutlery set Features:
  • High percentage of 930/1000 Sterling Silver
  • Entirely Handmade
  • Suitable for dishwashers (except knife blades)

The Cannes Sterling Silver cutlery set is free from superfluous ornamentation and features no extraneous embellishments beyond the five fluted rings on their handles. Puiforcat Cannes cutlery collection’s strong personality highlights a blend of concise geometry while making powerful use of volume. Thus creating a disciplined silhouette that is sometimes compared to the Art Deco facade of the Martinez Hotel in Cannes.

Puiforcat loved this place dearly, which is one of the reasons the collection stole the heart of the silversmith-cum-designer, who chose this cutlery set to grace the tables of his wedding when he married Maria Estevez.

What was new then was the three-pronged fork, which can be traced back to the style of Louis XIII.

Unity of Puiforcat Cannes Design

In order to emphasize the unity of the design, the fork handle was manufactured from one piece of metal, thus producing a nice, solid piece of cutlery.

A novelty in the design of the spoon was the perfect oval shape of the bowl. The overall concept of the knife was also revised: The entire handle is now the same width as the blade.
Very nice detail of the Cannes cutlery design includes the five rings adorning the handles.

If Cannes pattern is not your favorite, let’s find other of the most famous Puiforcat cutlery collections:

  • ROYAL: The Royal pattern is a classic design that features an intricate, regal motif on the handles. The pattern is characterized by its ornate detailing, with scrolling vines and delicate leaves adorning the handles. The Royal pattern is available in sterling silver.
  • ELYSEE: The Elysée flatware is characterized by its minimalist style, with straight, unadorned handles and a simple, elegant shape.
  • ANNECY: Annecy is a sterling silver flatware inspired by Art Deco style and stands out for its forceful austerity. The Puiforcat Cutlery Annecy displays simple forms with postmodern look.

Discover ALL Puiforcat cutlery patterns!

How to care about Puiforcat Cannes cutlery set?

Sterling silver cutlery is beautiful, lustrous and sublime, it will change the look of your table, but it is necessary polish it regularly to avoid oxidation and store it carefully to avoid scratches.

Old silverware is fragile. For this reason, many still assume that silver plated cutlery should not be put in the dishwasher. In fact, modern silverware is dishwasher safe in most cases as long as it doesn’t have any special lacquers or coatings. The best care for your new silverware is simply regular use.
Only when storing silver for a longer period of time should caution be exercised. When silver is not used, it will tarnish eventually as black sulphur compounds develop on its surface.

To get the best results in the dishwasher, the following tips are helpful:

  • Remove coarse food residues in advance and wash cutlery quickly.
  • Use gentle programmes with temperatures below 50 °C.
  • Do not wash together with aluminium or stainless steel utensils.
  • Open the dishwasher door immediately after washing to avoid water stains.
  • The best experts in handling sterling silver cutlery are the manufacturers themselves. Therefore, always follow the care instructions of the respective manufacturer for your sterling silver cutlery.


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