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Ginori Oriente Italiano Rubrum Collection

Immerse yourself in the charm of the Ginori Oriente Italiano Rubrum collection, a harmonious combination of tradition and innovation. Crafted from stunning porcelain in deep red tones and pure gold accents, this dinnerware set creates a rich and vibrant picture reminiscent of an opulent garden in full bloom. It exudes an unusual charm, evoking the atmosphere of a lively celebration on a sunlit meadow.

Inspiration Behind Oriente Italiano

At the core of Oriente Italiano lies a fearless blend of elements from Italy’s artistic heritage. Drawing inspiration from the Antico Doccia Ginori collection’s elegant lines and the delicate charm of the Garofano, a floral motif from Faenza ceramics, Oriente Italiano weaves a tapestry of colors that breathe life into porcelain plates, cups, and every piece within this exquisite collection.

An Artistic Journey

Embark on an artistic journey through a fantastical oriental garden with the Oriente Italiano Rubrum collection. Each piece bursts with an explosion of vibrant reds, capturing the essence of this magical setting. Beyond mere tableware, it is a visual symphony narrating a story of elegance, tradition, and daring innovation.

Pure Gold Accents

The Oriente Italiano Rubrum collection challenges norms, beckoning you to dare. By adorning your table with these opulent pieces, you transform a simple dinner into an extraordinary experience. The addition of pure gold accents introduces a touch of decadence, creating a dining atmosphere that is both refined and audaciously luxurious.

Transform Your Table

Visualize a dinner table adorned with Oriente Italiano Rubrum, where each piece becomes a captivating conversation starter. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail exemplify Ginori’s dedication to delivering tableware that transcends mere functionality to become a true work of art.

Embrace Luxury Every Day

While Oriente Italiano Rubrum exudes sophistication, it is crafted for everyday use. Embrace the luxury of fine dining on a daily basis by seamlessly incorporating these pieces into your routine. Elevate your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to a level of refinement synonymous with the legacy of Ginori.

A Symphony of Elegance, Luxury, and Artistry

Ginori Oriente Italiano Rubrum surpasses the realms of a mere tableware collection; it extends an invitation to partake in the extraordinary. With its rich tapestry of colors, pure gold accents, and a daring fusion of artistic elements, this collection stands as a testament to Ginori’s commitment to transcending the boundaries of traditional tableware.