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Herend Handpainted Porcelain

You are at amazing online shop of Herend handpainted porcelain art pieces! Enjoy our luxury shop online and receive in wonderful original box your favorite item with gorgeous gift-wrapping!

Even to this day, the Herend porcelain is completely hand-crafted and hand-painted, just like it was two centuries ago. Symbol of beauty and renowned all over the world, the Herend porcelain has become part of Europe’s Cultural Heritage.
The two-centuries-long history of the factory has moved forward hand in hand with the accomplishments at World Exhibitions and many prominent figures, thus paving the way for its worldwide reputation.

The Porcelain Museum of Herend, in Hungary, hosts about 100.000 visitors every year. In the museum you can discover the secrets of porcelain manufacturing. You can take a closer look at the fine porcelain masterpieces of the last two centuries that are showcased with remarkable historical accuracy. Every single one of the decorative motifs, such as leaves, flowers or garnishes, are hand-painted by one the 800 painters of the factory. It’s their extraordinary ability that makes these porcelain objects unforgettable masterpieces in the eyes of all lovers of beauty.

Since Herend starts the manufacturing procedure at the time the order is placed, delivery times can be slightly slowed down. In Italy, we are an official dealer, and we can guarantee extreme transparency and seriousness in offering you such incredibly beautiful objects. On our website some items are shown as already available and ready to be delivered, but for the majority of our items the waiting time is about two months.
Herend items can be also Personalized with initials or a date. Call us to find out more.

“Beauty will save the world” – Dostoevsky