Baccarat Crystal News

The city of Baccarat gave its name to the crystal that has been manufactured there since 1764. The manufacturing technique was created by Aimé-Gabriel d’Artigues. read more...

Since then, the company has continued its search for pleasure by offering its savoir-faire to passionate connoisseurs. This marvelous crystal has conquered over time the major European and world courts, having its affirmation with the French court of Louis XVIII. Immediately afterwards he managed to establish himself as incomparable up to the Ottoman Empire, passing through Russia, India, Japan and the Arab countries.
Over the years it has become the indispensable reference point in the art of tableware. Among its crystal collections there are those dedicated to bars, tables, decorations and lighting.
Present in many museums of the world, Baccarat crystals are absolutely contemporary with the most successful designs.
Great names have worked and created for the manufacture, including Ettore Sottsass.
Then we have added big names like Andrée Putman, Marcel Wanders and in particular the acclaimed Parisian architect and designer Philippe Starck.

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