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“Simplicity is often the hallmark of beauty”

Founded in 1830, Christofle  is the most renowned name in French flatware.
Whether contemporary or classic, whether its contours are rounded or architectural, Christofle flatware  is a luxury lifestyle brand manufactured to exacting standards. read more...

Every piece of  Christofle flatware, produced at its workshops in Yainville in Normandy, must pass through 52 people, an impressive process known as “100 hands.” The clientele can be confident that they are taking home pieces of outstanding quality that will be the delight and pride of generations to come. Each Christofle pattern and design has a fascinating story behind and an extremely rich heritage.

christofle coloured cutlery l ame

Christofle L’Ame coloured flatware NEW

No matter the color, 'L'Âme de Christofle' will always have a perfect line! Pure, Essential, Vibrant! Christofle and designer Eugeni Quitllet, present the newest additions to the L'Âme de Christofle collection that embodies elegance, mystique and timelessness. It is designed in a way that emulates the reflection of a mirror. “Quintessentially modern, “ L’Âme de [...]
yacht decor collections

Luxury Yacht Tableware

Luxury Yacht Tableware Luxury Yacht Tableware. Accessories are vital to completing the overall look, finish and feel of a yacht interior. We rappresent the world’s finest collection of interior decor. If you walk around any boat show you’ll notice that yacht decor and interior design are evolving fast. This evolution is influenced by both shifting [...]
mood by christofle

Mood by Christofle

Christofle Mood Discover the surprise inside Mood Christofle Egg! Add to basket Mood Christofle Mood 24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set € 1.250,00 Christofle Mood 24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set with Storage Capsule – For Six People. Gift box included. Add to basket Mood Christofle Mood 24-Piece Precious Flatware Set € 1.700,00 Christofle Mood 24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware [...]
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Christofle Collections

Since 1830, Christofle, the Parisian silversmith, has devoted its talent to creating, with elegance and know-how, exceptional pieces for the table, sophisticated jewelry, and stunning home accessories and furniture. Beyond the excellence in silversmithing that forged the illustrious house’s reputation and success, Christofle’s research into shapes and a culture steeped in the rarest materials are [...]
christofle flatware collection

Christofle Flatware

Christofle Flatware Collections Christofle Flatware in your home! The dining table is regarded by many people as the center focus of the house, it's the place where family gets together to enjoy a meal in each other's company. The importance of adorning the dining table cannot be understated.  With over 190 years of history, Christofle [...]