Caviar Serving Set to Present and Serve Caviar


Caviar Serving Set to Present & Serve Caviar

Choose your favorite luxurious Caviar Serving Set and enjoy in style.

Why is caviar so special? What makes it appear on the most exquisite tables of the world? Why is it considered “tsars’” food, meaning that its elaborate taste can be savored in the most classy rooms?

Originally, caviar only referred to the fish roe of wild sturgeon from the Caspian and Black sea. Recordings of consuming caviar date as far back as the Persian empire. As early as the 10th century the delicacy appeared on the tables of the nobles and aristocracy in Greece. And a certain legend says that Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci gave the Milanese duchess Beatrice d’Este a sturgeon’s egg in a box encrusted with precious stones. Thus caviar has travelled the most noble tables throughout the history till present day when we can enjoy savouring this delicacy with due ceremony.

Caviar and Luxury

There are two types of people when it comes to caviar: those who can’t stand it and those who simply love it, there are no half shades in this question. Since you are here looking for a sophisticated caviar set to embellish your table and to impress your guests, you definitely belong to those who regularly enjoy the perfect taste of caviar, which by the way differs from person to person. Some say it reminds of the salty sea, others describe it as having a nutty flavour, while still others call it reminiscences of childhood, whatever this might mean.

Most people nowadays consider caviar bowls and caviar serving set as a luxury, one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world cuisine. It is a real treat to incorporate luxurious food items into every occasion to make them special.


Luxurious Caviar Serving Set

A real caviar lover’s delight, this Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Caviar Serving Set will turn an ordinary evening at home into a private Empire style soiree. The royally exquisite Malmaison pattern is one of the most historic of Christofle’s, named after the Chateau de la Malmaison, a favored Parisian residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. Malmaison caviar serving set consists of an elaborately ornamented outer dish with two stylized eagle handles, and a delicate inner crystal caviar bowl with a lid crowned by a refined lotus blossom. This fabulous caviar set while being a marvelous centerpiece of the table setting will make you think of arranging a fancy-dress ball straightaway.

  • Malmaison

    Christofle Malmaison Silver Plated Caviar Serving Set


    The two-piece Malmaison Silver Plated caviar serving set contains an outer presentation dish, bordered by an empire style frieze and enriched by two stylized eagle handles, and a crystal caviar container elegantly nested on a bed of ice so as to serve the caviar at the right temperature. The lid of the crystal bowl is crowned by an elaborate lotus blossom.
    Material: Silver Plated
    Dimensions: Ø 17 cm

The best way to serve Caviar

From basic to extravagant, the options of savouring and serving caviar are endless. The right answer to the question of the best way to serve caviar is that it depends on the situation, whether you want to savour caviar in its purest form, or you are hosting a party or a special event with a large number of guests… In any case the visual perception of the caviar set, of the way it is presented on your table is an essential component of caviar savouring anticipation.

You can use carved bowls, crystal plates with engraved silver lids, a multitude of variations that range from the tins caviar is sold in to caviar sets that are beautiful works of art. Whichever way you decide to have your caviar, choosing the right caviar set can absolutely enhance the experience, as classy serving style is an important part of appreciating and enjoying caviar.

caviar serving set

Elegant Caviar Serving Set

Another classics, simple yet functional, bearing the main features of Christofle, Albi Silver Plated Caviar Serving Set is a piece of exceptional table art. A perfect example of European caviar serving tradition, Albi Silver Plated caviar serving set consists of an outer mirror polished presentation dish to be filled with crashed ice in order to keep the contents of the inner crystal container chilled while served. A silver lid is used to keep the shiny, firm and round beads of caviar away from oxygen access ensuring its longer freshness. This eye-catching caviar set, an ideal elegantly stylish element of Christofle tableware, will embellish your table and make you and your guests enjoy caviar at its best.

Caviar Serving Set Vertigo

And here is some inspiration for your next romantic cocktail hour: Christofle Vertigo Caviar Set . Designed by Andrée Putman, this two-piece silver plated caviar serving set in the Vertigo pattern will embroider your table with its fancy elegance. This caviar set is purely Andrée Putman’s “the beautiful in the useful”, unconditionally beautiful in its stylish grace, it remains highly useful when it comes to caviar serving and savouring.

  • Christofle

    Christofle Vertigo Caviar Serving Set

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    Christofle Vertigo silver plated Caviar Set. Gift box included.
    Large ø: 14 cm, 125 gr.

    The two-piece silver plated caviar serving set in the Vertigo pattern contains an outer presentation dish for ice and a lidded bowl that can hold 4.4 oz. of caviar. Vertigo’s bold motif — a subtly asymmetrical, thick ring often placed playfully askew — can be found on every piece in the collection designed by Andrée Putman.

Versace Caviar Serving Set

One of the most classic examples of a special bowl for caviar serving is naturally Versace Caviar serving set.

This neat Caviar set in silver plated stainless steel is enriched with a gold-tone Medusa accent. A drop of sheer elegance of Versace on your table.  Silver-plated by hand, just like the entire Medusa bar and dining line, this caviar set, crafted from superb stainless steel, will rule the roost of the whole table setting with Versace dignity.

Baccarat Crystal Caviar Serving Set

This is a real treat even for the most jaded caviar lover, Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set. 13 kilos of luxurious crystal perfection. A gift that can surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur. Created by Thomas Bastide, the resident designer of Baccarat, this Caviar Set is the result of real understanding of caviar and its taste. The best way of serving caviar Russian style is to pair it with vodka. In the food world this pairing is considered ideal. A high-quality vodka served straight and chilled is impeccable. And in Baccarat Harcourt Abysse Caviar Set this union of two products has been upgraded to perfection, both served chilled in one marvelous caviar set, vodka and caviar make you look or long for nothing else and just to enjoy the astounding company.

Different ways to serve Caviar

The traditional Russian and European ways of serving caviar usually differ by tableware and beverages that can be paired with this product. The Russians serve caviar in porcelain, metal or glass bowls without ice. The European tradition of serving caviar diverges from the Russian one, they use different caviar serving sets, as caviar here is commonly served in a special caviar bowl that is put on a bed of crushed ice in a certain vase. It is also preferable to use the mother of pearl, glass or wooden spoons, obviously, not metallic. It is the most recommended way to taste caviar, because in this case its taste will not be impaired by metallic elements a bowl or a spoon consists of, and you will have an opportunity to feel the real bouquet of caviar flavour.

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