Christofle Caviar Serving Set Albi Silver Plated


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Albi Silver Plated Caviar Serving Set. Gift box incuded.

The Albi two-piece Silver Plated caviar serving set contains an outer mirror polished presentation dish that can be filled with ice and a crystal container with a lid for the precious delicacy.

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Diameter: 14 cm

Capacity: 125 g

The luxury Albi two-piece Silver Plated caviar serving set by Christofle is a must-have for anyone who loves caviar

Christofle Albi pattern was created in 1968. It quickly became a new Christofle classic; today it is the pattern that offers the largest selection of items.
It takes its name from the French town of Albi, located between Toulouse and Bordeaux.
The clean, straight lines and single nave in the famous fortified Albi cathedral inspired the design.