Versace Cutlery Sets

versace cutlery set

Versace Cutlery Sets

Versace Cutlery Sets are “must” collections of design flatware crafted by Rosenthal meets Versace, from luxurious and glamorous Medusa  or the newest Me-Deco to simple and daily Greca Cutlery.

This incredible symbiosis between two well-known manufacturers, Rosenthal and Versace, has always been synonymous with supreme design and quality for all luxury lovers. The solid and practical German craftsmanship combined with the modern Italian design concept generates extraordinary luxurious and incredible artworks.

Versace Cutlery Sets are not just simple flatware used only for serving. Still, they can become, together with one of the Versace dinnerware collections, a natural decoration of your kitchen or living room.

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Versace Cutlery Set Me-Deco

The latest addition to Versace’s amazing cutlery offerings is the brand new Versace Me-Deco Cutlery collection.

The series is available in both silver plated and gold plated finishes.

Inspired by the glamour and sophistication of Art Deco design, these stunning pieces feature sleek lines, geometric shapes, and bold accents that exude modern luxury.

versace cutlery set me deco new

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa is an avant-garde flatware collection from Rosenthal and Versace.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa is contemporary and traditional at the same time. Its unique design with its delicate ornaments highlights the guaranteed quality and traditions of the Rosenthal Versace brand.

The embossed design is focused mainly on the head of Medusa in the center of each handle, a recognizable eternal symbol of Versace Maison.

A wavy greek key texture perfectly enriches Medusa cutlery, adding a unique adornment in Greek antique style.

versace medusa gala dinnerware

Benefits of Versace Cutlery Set Medusa

Even though the beauty of this luxury Versace Cutlery Set Medusa is undiscussable, there are some apparent benefits of silver-plated and gold-plated coating:

1. Silver-plated and gold-plated cutlery looks similar to the flatware made of solid and precious metals but at a more affordable price.

2. Thanks to electrolyte coating technology, it is uniform, high quality, and strong.

3. The coating and base alloy are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and have a disinfecting effect.

4. It’s resistant to abrasion and mechanical stress.

versace cutlery medusa silver plated

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold-plated or silver-plated?

versace medusa cutlery silver plated handle

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa is presented in two versions of coating applied on the core from the base metal that is Medusa Cutlery silver plated and Medusa Cutlery gold plated.

The thickness of the Rosenthal Versace Cutlery Set Medusa coating varies from three micrometres and more, depending on the product, following the German quality standards.

The applied layer retains all the characteristics of Gold and silver.

versace medusa cutlery gold plated set
Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold Plated

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold has an overall gold-plated coating that dazzles everyone with its beauty.

The noble metal used to coat this magnificent flatware collection is fine gold 999.

The Gold is applied using a galvanic bath technique.

Gorgeously adorned forks and spoons, knives, and ladles can transform your ordinary meal into a royal diner with a majestic atmosphere.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold is dishwasher safe. Still, it’s more desirable to wash it by hand to prevent accidental damage.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold: 24 pieces and 30 pieces Flatware Gift Set

The Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Gold has beautifully organized Gift Sets of 24 or 30 pieces.

If you prefer to have complete home cutlery for six persons, one of these Versace Cutlery Gift Sets will be the right solution.

For six people, 24 gold–plated Versace Cutlery Set includes six dinner knives, six dinner forks, six dinner spoons, and six coffee spoons.

In addition to these items, a 30 pieces Gift set includes six cake forks to compliment your delightful desserts.

The 24 or 30 pieces Versace Cutlery Set from Medusa Gold Flatware will be perfect for those who want to add a peculiar opulent accent to their own Rosenthal Versace Collection or as a gift for your beloved ones.

  • Versace

    Versace 24 pcs Gift Set Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated

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    Versace Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated 24 pieces flatware gift set is a perfect match of elegance and style. Gift box included.
    For six people 24 pieces Versace Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated includes:

    • 6 dinner knives
    • 6 dinner forks
    • 6 dinner spoons
    • 6 coffee spoons
  • Versace

    Versace 30 pcs Gift Set Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated

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    Versace Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated 30 pieces flatware gift set is a perfect match of elegance and style. Gift box included.
    For six people 30 pieces Versace Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated includes:

    • 6 dinner knives
    • 6 dinner forks
    • 6 dinner spoons
    • 6 coffee spoons
    • 6 cake forks
Versace Cutlery Set for Dinner Medusa Gold, a Perfect Match for a Single Person

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa with the gold-plated coating is a cutlery dinner set for one person that is a 4-Piece or 5-Piece Place Setting.

4 pc Place Setting includes one each of the dinner spoons, dinner fork, dinner knife, and coffee spoon.

Five pc Place Setting comprises as well a dessert fork. It contains everything a person needs for one guest’s full dinner service.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver Plated

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver is a delightful flatware collection from Rosenthal and Versace.

The noble material used for coating this stylish cutlery is sterling silver 925, which is applied as well with a galvanic bath technique.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver is dishwasher safe, but it’s preferable to handwash it avoids any damage.

The knives of this Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver have a hollow handle.

This peculiarity permits achieving a high-quality level due to the subdivision of the knife structure into two parts.

The blade is made of special steel, which is sharper than a blade from ordinary chrome steel, and the handle is silver plated.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver: 24 pieces and 30 pieces Flatware Gift Set

Complement your Versace dinnerware with a beautiful Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver Gift that includes 24 or 30 pieces each.

For six people, 24 silver–plated Versace Cutlery Set includes six each dinner knives, dinner forks, dinner spoons, and coffee spoons.

Thirty pieces Gift set includes six cake forks to delight your dessert dishes.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver will add a sophisticated, glamorous touch with its silver finishing, creating a traditional festive feel for all your parties this season.

Its incorporating style and elegance will perfectly harmonize with every Versace table setting.

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa Silver: a Dinner Set for whom Prefer More Conservative Design

Versace Cutlery Set Medusa with the silver-plated coating is not so flared a version of this elegant flatware.

A 5 pc Place Setting consists of 1 dinner fork, one dinner knife, one dinner spoon, one dessert fork, and one coffee spoon.

4-Piece Place Setting includes the same cutlery items except for a dessert fork. Each set contains everything one person needs to make your table setting even more exquisite.

Versace Cutlery Set Greca: a New Stainless Steel Flatware

Versace Cutlery Set Greca is an absolute novelty created by Rosenthal and Versace brand.

Greca Cutlery is the first flatware that is made of solid stainless steel, becoming in such a way a very affordable branded Versace Cutlery set.

Its elegant but straightforward design with embossed Gorgon Medusa in the middle of each handle conveys a symbolic structure of every Versace creation.

In addition, the greek key pattern that beautifully frames each item adds a touch of an iconic antique atmosphere.

The Greca Cutlery Collection is not only affordable for everyone, but it can fully satisfy all the requests during your everyday table routine.

You can find a table fork or a tablespoon, utensils for fish, or your dessert like a dessert knife. Dessert spoon or dessert fork.

Thanks to its material, it won’t run out of time and will maintain its appeal after many years of use.

The Versace Cutlery Sets will undoubtedly amaze all the enthusiasts of glamourous Versace style and Rosenthal German quality. Whether you choose Versace Cutlery Set Medusa silver-plated or Gold plated or stainless steel Versace Cutlery Set Greca or the newest Versace Cutlery set Me-Deco, each of these delightful collections will become an excellent decorative detail for your unique table setting.

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