Versace Dessert Spoon Medusa Cutlery Gold Plated

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Versace Medusa Cutlery gold plated dessert spoon is a perfect match of elegance and style. Gift box included.
Gold plated: 24 carat
Lenght: 18,0 cm

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The Versace Gold Plated Medusa Cutlery is a spectacular flatware collection created from the collaboration of two famous brands Rosenthal and Versace Maison.

This exceptional solid gold plated Medusa Cutlery adorned with the head of Medusa will perfectly match with any of Rosenthal Versace Tableware Collection. Beautifully decorated spoons, forks and other utensils useful in everyday life will bring a luxury touch to your ordinary meal. All parts are lavishly gold plated. It’s more advisible to wash it by hands in order to prevent any kind of accidental damage.

The Versace Medusa Cutlery will admire all the conoisseurs of Rosenthal german quality and virtuous glamour taste of Versace, giving a special accent to any table setting. It is perfect not only for home, but will also be a great idea as a gift for any occasion.