Luxury Board Game Sets

baccarat luxury board game sets

Luxury Board Game Sets

Luxury board game sets are something many people wish they had. All people generally have passions and interests that they pursue. If someone is obsessed and in love with something, they will be the happiest person in the world if your gift is in line with their interest.

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Baccarat Chess Set by Marcel Wanders Studio

There is nothing more beautiful than giving a chess enthusiast a chest dream set.
The real luxury in a chess set comes from the workmanship or design and materials it is made of. In this Baccarat chess set you will find them all: the most luxurious Baccarat crystal and Marcel Wanders Studio design. You will have the clearest crystal that serves as the base for your luxurious crystal chess set.

Which game do you play?

Baccarat Domino Game by Marcel Wanders Studio

This hilarous Domino game is an exclusive collector’s item designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Baccarat. The dominoes game box is made from inlaid marble and 28 gilded pieces.

Transform your home into the immaginative playground and enjoy your time with friends.

Baccarat Backgammon game by Marcel Wanders Studio

Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games. Its history can be traced back nearly 5,000 years to archaeological discoveries in Mesopotamia. It is a two-player game where each player has fifteen pieces that move between twenty-four triangles (points) according to the roll of two dice. The objective of the game is to be first to bear off, i.e. move all fifteen checkers off the board. This is the most luxurious Baccarat Backgammon game by Marcel Wanders Studio with its board made in inlaid marble and the dice, doubling cube and pieces made in crystal.

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    Baccarat Backgammon game by Marcel Wanders Studio

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    Baccarat Backgammon game by Marcel Wanders Studio with its board made in inlaid marble and the dice, doubling cube and pieces made in crystal.
    It is a luxurious gift for him for any kind of occasion. Gift box included.
    Height: 3 cm, Length: 62 cm, Width: 42,4 cm

Baccarat Poker Card Game

This unique Baccarat design piece combined to the poker card game adds a touch of joyous magic to your home. Functional and accessible, it is the perfect gift for any occasion.
The Baccarat Crystal Catch All, designed by Thomas Bastide, references the Art Deco-era with its lavish diamond cut surface and vertical inside cuts which interact with the light and scatter reflections creating an incredible, almost psychedelic, optical effect that scintillates brilliantly and shimmers radiantly. The name Louxor is inspired by the famous Egyptian archaeological site and its architecture.

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